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Aaah the , what a beauty! I am finally reviewing this palette after promising it for weeks on my I am pretty new to Zoeva shadows. I have seen them EVERYWHERE but never took the plunge and tried them, I am pretty fussy with eyeshadows, you have probably seem me pick and pull apart every eyeshadow that I review, but this is our money, our hard work and our time so I want you guys to spend that money on good stuff! My fav shadows are Makeup Geek, Lorac and Tarte. There are many others that I enjoy too but these are the ones that everything else has to live upto if I am going to recommend it. KEEP reading to see if the Zoeva shadows make the cut or should be left on the shelf!


This palette contains 15 shadows and a nice warm range of shades. I actually LOVE this palette. I love the feel of the shadows, most provide BEAUTIFUL pigmentation and I experience nearly no fall out. These blend beautifully and it’s just a no fuss palette, it ticks all of the boxes. I have ONE problem with the palette. As you can see in the palette there are 4 shades that look almost identical, in my opinion there are way to many canvas shades. WR130 and WR140 are nearly identical on the lid. WR110 has a subtle shimmery satin finish so I could definately keep this one. WR100 is a little peachier than the other shades. If i had my way I would definately Ditch WR140 for a medium browny peach shade or another crease/transition shade. Though WR140 actually works well for a Undereye setting powder as its slighlty translucent.

WR040, WR100, WR010 & WR070

WR150, WR030, WR090 & WR060

(these photos of swatches on my finger tips are taken AFTER I had rubbed shadow soon my arm for swatches, show how pigmented they are when this is whats left on my fingers!!)

The mattes in this palette are not dry and they blend Amazingly. The black WR030 is definately not as pigmented as MUG corrupt but it is evenly pigmented and not chalky, so this shade is actually a little easier to go in with because you don’t have to stress so much about using a really light hand. The Metallic shades in this palette are HEAVEN. WR070 is BEAUTIFUL it’s a beautiful peachy coral shade with a gold shimmer, the same sort of thing as NARS blush Orgasm. WR050 is the shade I have been searching for, it’s the perfect cranberry shimmer. Overall I am so happy with this palette. One thing I don’t quite understand is that the Zoeva 10 pan palettes are $38 AUD making them $3.80 per shadow yet the Spectrum palettes offer 5 more shadows and are $75 AUD a palette making them $5 a shadow. Still I am happy with the price and the size of the eyeshadow pans.


WR130, WR100, WR070, WR040, WR010

WR130 is a really pigmented cream shade, great to put all over your eye as a canvas. WR100 is basically the same but a peach shade, I prefer to us WR100. WR070 is AMAZING its a coral peachy shade with a gold shimmer, beautiful Duo Chrome shade. WR040 is ESSENTIAL for a warm palette. This colour is BEAUTIFUL buffed out into the crease, its a deep orange shade. WR010 is a duo chrome, Very similar to Makeup Geek Havoc, its got a really pretty reddy brown base with an emerald teal shimmer.

WR140, WR110, WR080, WR050 & WR020

WR140 is the shade I said I could do without, It’s a kind of translucent pale beige yellow shade, it actually works well under your eyes to set once,are and it is nice to buff out other colours but its nothing special. WR110 is a Cream satin shimmer shade. this is really nice on the brow bone but its deff not my fave inner corner highlight or brow bone highlight I think they could have amped this colour up a little. now those are the only colours I am not excited by. the rest I love! WR080 IS a beautiful deep plum brown but it’s not to dark like most shades like this are. I really like this and I think a shade like this is essential for a warm palette. WR050 is BEAUTIFUL. i have searched over and over for a metallic cranberry shade but I can never find th right one, they usuallyy are too dark. this is perfect, you need it!!!!! WR020 is such a clever idea to have in this palette. it is a totally cool grey, so it may seem out-of-place in a warm palette but I think it’s so clever to include. If you do an eyelook and you feel that part of it may be to warm all you need to do is buff some of this cool grey through the crease and it will neutralise the colour. really glad they included it!

WR150, WR120, WR090, WR060 & WR030

WR150 is the most beautiful gold shade, really glad this was included in the palette. WR120 is an awesome medium warm brown colour for the crease. WR090 is a really nice deep plum purple. WR060 is a shade that I use overtime I use this palette its gorgeous all over the eye or to deepen the crease. WR030 is a really nice black, as I explained earlier it’s not the most pigmented black ever but it’s not chalky and it blends nicely, basically its not a scary black shadow hehe.


I think this review speaks for its self. I love this palette. Its beautiful and its simple. the pigmentation is nice but not over the top. the shade selection is nearly perfect and I think it’s a palette that you can use everyday for a full glam look or a natural look.

Thankyou for reading


*this palette was gifted to me with no obligation to review. this post also contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own and 100% honest as per usual!



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