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Ive been wanting to do this post FOREVER! Over the last 2 years contouring has gone from being something we had no idea about to something we all do or want to do! First Ill have a breif description about contouring, then a small review and of EVERY single contour kit I have (nearly all of the most popular ones) then I will tell you which you SHOULD and SHOULDNT buy. I will also tell you the brushes I use in my next post and then will then finish up with a quick step by step on how to powder contour, if you want in-depth tutorials on how to cream contour, powder contour and layering powder contour on top of cream contour be sure to let me know. This post is MASSIVE so grab a snack and a drink and relax!

OK Contour I LOVE IT! as Nikki tutorials said “got a double chin? Contour that shit” haha. Contouring wont make your chubby head look skinny but it will help to give it definition and to disguise how chubby it really is. It’s not just for chubby faces like mine, it’s for anyone who wants to make their cheek bones looks more defined, shape their face more or try to disguise problem areas (double chins, large nose, what ever you want)
I have a really chubby face, you can NOT see my cheekbones because of dem cheeks haha. When I contour it looks like I actually have cheek bones.
Most of us including your favourite beauty gurus just used our bronzers to contour, the most popular were Nars Laguna and too faced chocolate soleil bronzer. As we learnt more and more about contouring, we learnt that we use the warmer bronzey shades for bronzing and grey toned browns for creating contours on your face.
The shadows of our cheek bones arent bronze, a shadow on our skin would look kind of greyish so that’s why when trying to create natural looking contours we use a grey based brown product!
Just think you place your contour product in the places of your face that you want to hide or sink back. So  Cheekbones, forhead, temples, nose, under your bottom lip, jaw line and chin. Below is a cool chart for reference depending on your face shade. I have a literal circle head. My forhead isn’t large so I just contour my temples to sort of make sure it ties in with the rest of my face. I basically apply my contour in a number 3 on each side of my face. Because When i put on weight the first dam place it goes is my neck I start my contour right on my jaw bone under my ear. Some people may just want to use it right under their chin. I dont contour my nose as I like it the way it is and i feel to structured when my nose is contoured.
This is a very sort of Un specific contour diagram, people with different faces and issues may place their contour in other places, and I never contour my lower neck and chest. that’s totally another step. I also don’t contour my nose. this diagram does show though where most people want to place the lighter shades and where you want to place the dark. (I think this picture belongs to IT Cosmetics)
You can do your contour 3 ways
– Cream contour
– Powder contour
– Layering powder contour on top of cream contour
For me my every day is powder contour, its quick and easy and fairly natural looking. Cream contour is sooo natural looking but it takes a little more time so I use that for maybe a weekend when I’m out side or have that extra time, cream contouring is great for dry skin but alone probably isn’t something you’d want to do with oily skin. Layering powder contour on top of cream contour is something I do when I’m going somewhere special or I really want to look done up and flawless.
These 3 are the only affordable kits that I would recommend.
This is my absolute favourite affordable contour kit. I did watch a few american youtube reviews where I know a lot of girls weren’t happy about the price for a “Drug Store” Contour Kit even for us here in Australia this is nearly $40 Australian dollars and then we have to think about shipping so it’s not that “Affordable” but compared to the higher end kits it is. Now I love this because the powders are so soft and beautiful. they blend nicely and when you run out of 1 colour you can just buy a refill for $5 and as far a I know this is the only “Drug store” contour kit that has this option. Plus there is 8 different shades where most contour kits only have 6.
This is in the shade Medium there is also Light and Dark. I adore this. I went on Holiday home to NZ for a month and only took this. The bronzer is very comparable to Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer it can be used to bronze all over the face and the using a different brush you can contour with it. The blush in this kit is and EXACT dupe for NARS “Orgasm” the highlight is a gorgeous champagne colour. This is a must have!!
3. MODELS PREFER – Contour/Collection – (under $15 I think I can’t remember)
I recommend this kit if your here is Australia and you have light/medium skin. I have medium skin tone and i love the highlighting shades but You really have to work up the contour shade. Its a good option, I would only buy this if I wanted something cheap that was ok quality, otherwise save your money and get something else 🙂


These are my most recommended Higher End Options. I will add a pic of my Anastasia palette soon.

This is my favourite contour kit EVER, I customised this one. The Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit is $40 USD. you can get it in light medium or tan. You can also custom make your own, which is what I did. The contour powders are $14 each but as you add the 6th powder your cart automatically reduces the price to $40 and adds an empty palette for you to put your contour powders into. I use banana for setting under my eyes and occasionally under my contour. I use Earth for bronzing and Fawn for contouring. I find these powders long-lasting, beautiful to blend and not to powdery. The great thing to is if you run out of one you can just buy a refill for $40 instead of having to buy a whole new kit just for one shade. the only thing about this is the packaging scratches up and ends up looking so ugly, They are bringing out new cream contour kits that have plastic cases so maybe they will do the same for the powder contour kits. I recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills to every one the best part is there is a shade for EVERY skin tone and thats the biggest bonus!
My Full review on this kit is HERE This kit is different to other kits. The shades are different. I think this kit is really great, it offers a very natural looking contour plus It Cosmetics always has skin care in their products so thats a bonus.
BEAUTIFUL! this palette is my third favourite. The powders are so so soft but I find the contour shades aren’t as great as Anastasia Beverly Hills or Kat Von D for my skin tone.this is because the light contour is a little to light (awesome for lighter skinned girls) and the deep contour is a little to dark for my medium skin tone, I can still work with it though. the medium contour is the perfect bronzer shade! I would totally also recommend this palette.
Now this palette is BEAUTIFUL second favourite to my Anastasia Contour Palette. Sorry I will add another photo in a couple days. Ive put it side by side with the loran palette so you can see the difference. Now one think people will tell you is the Highlighting shades in this palette are AMAZING they are more pigmented and brigtening than any other powder I’ve used especially the beige and the yellow shades. they NEVER cake up these for me are better than the anastasia banana powder. I haven’t used the peach highlight on the end. this palette doesn’t have a shimmer highlight. It was  announced today that this palette is getting released again with refillable pans. this palette is beautiful and another must have.
NOW I adore this for the highlight shades. This kit is in light where I NEED a medium. A lot of people don’t like how the shades aren’t really creamy but this is what I like about it. They go on easily enough and because they aren’t overly creamy they stay put. The yellow shade banana is BEAUTIFUL i use this or the beige or the pink toned colour under my eyes before concealer and it just sits beautifully. These are the best highlighting shades ever.
Now as you can see in my swatches the contour shades are really warm toned meaning they are orangey. This is not a good look alone. I found i can still use the darkest colour if set with a grey based brown contour powder. But I don’t really like the contour shades.
Today Norvina announced on her instagram that Tomorrow two brand new kits are launching. this is the BEST thing about Anastasia beverly hills they listen to their customers and they alter any faults there is with the product. Now the kits are no longer the paper based packaging they are now plastic (PRAISE THA LAAWD) lol. they have announced a “Fair Kit” which is for very light skin and a new improved “Light kit” the highlighting shades are still the ones I love but the orange contour shades are out the window and now there are these beautiful cool toned contour shades. Im SURe they will red o the medium and darker kits for all of you ladies blessed with dark skin. This is a great improvement!

I reviewed this gorgeous palette HERE . This palette has the best contour shades. the most gorgeous cool toned browns that can be used by a lot of skin tones. Im not a hug fan of the highlight shades, they are ok but nothing special.

You can see there is no orange over here! the only thing comparing these to the Anastasia cream contour creams is that these are beautiful and creamy and so easy to blend, this did also mean they weren’t as long wearing. Still I totally recommend this palette especially for light/medium and medium/tan skin tones. Or for anyone with dry skin!
Quick Mention to this LAURA MERCIER* Bonne Mine Stick Face Colour – $30
this is the most beautiful bronzer in stick form! such a gorgeous colour!!
Now I fee bad making this category but I wanted to share my thoughts on a few products and who I think they could improve, remember these are just my opinions.
AUSTRALIS – AC on TOUR Contour Kit – $16.95
NOW if your in Australia you’ve heard of this kit. Big ups to Australis for being the first brand to bring a contour kit to the “drug store” aka “priceline” this kit sold out so quickly we all searched for it. the colours in this kit are great but the formula is crap unfortunately. The banana powder is quite good but the contour shades are terrible, they go on ashy and blotchy and look totally muddy and dirty. Now I did find if you use the Real Techniques expert face brush that you can get the powders to go on a little better but no one wants to have to try and figure out a product. it should just work. Australia have brought out a medium and a dark palette which is great, but if the powders are like this one I wouldn’t recommend it. I have heard they are better powders but I’m to scared to spend my money to try it.
PONI COSMETICS* – COntouring Kit – $49
Now I love the packaging from this company is so pretty. This product is in here because in my opinion its not a contouring kit. its a blush and highlight kit. I also think its really over priced. The blush shades are gorgeous but they are quite powdery, The white gold highlight is ok but really nothing special. The contour shade is actually nota contour shade at all, it is the most beautiful golden bronze highlight though.
As you can see this shade is gorgeous but you couldn’t use it to contour, It is the most buttery smooth summery bronze highlight though for medium/dark skin tones. I wouldn’t recommend this kit, I would recommend their brow products though especially the brow magic!!

MAYBELLINE – Master Sculpt Contour Palette – $19.95

Now I dont like this because the product isnt good enough for the price. I would prefer the Australis contour kit over this (and I really dont like that kit) this is nearly 20 dollars and has two average powders and that is it. There is 2 shades to choose from. Nothing fore medium/dark or dark skinned girls. Even when im light/medium the darkest one just works. The actually shade of the contour powder is nice but thw formula of the powder is crap its quite dry and ive really got to build the colour up. Its just nothing special the highlight is ok but pretty blah to. Total waist of money.
SEPHORA – Highlight Lowlight face contour duo – $20
Now this is in here because I got the shade tan. Its horrible the contour end is really yellow toned (tan i guess) and the highlight end is a totally muddy yellow shade. I dont know maybe someone with a dark olive tan could rock this. I know I picked the wrong colour. But the price I think is quite high for what it is also.
MODELS PREFER – Cream Contour stick – $9.95
Basically its just a orange cream contor stick, the colour sucks and it was a waist of money. I dont know any skin tone that could make this work. Really unhappy with this.
You can See here the beautiful shade of the LAURA MERCEIR “Bonne Mine” Contour stick compared to the orange modes prefer and sephora contour sticks.
Just A quite little extra here of some beautiful Contour and Hihglihgt Duos! I love all of these, but if you on a budget I recommend getting a full kit, these are a luxurious extra
This is beautiful, the Lowlight Contouring shade is great especailly for medium skin tones and the highlight is “Opal” one of the highlighters that becca is so famous for. I can’t fault it, it is $42 dollars though, you could get a whole contour kit from Anastasia for $40.
I have this in Mirage Filter. Now these pans of colour are massive your really get a lot. The packaging is Luxurious the powders are so so soft and beautiful I can’t fault the product, but again its $49 you could get the whole Kat Von D beauty Shade and Light palette for $46!
I adore sleep makeup, their products are beautiful quality. I love the sleek packaging to. this is the same bronzer and highlight as in the face form kit, I love this, but your better of spending the extra $5 and getting the face form kit so you can have the gorgeous blush!
The best bet is an Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kits, you can replace the pans that you use up without having to replace a whole kit, the site ships internationally and there is the biggest range of shades. What I would like to see from other companies is more options for the really light skinned girls and for women with darker skin. if you’ve got a medium, light or tanned skin tone there is so manny options but to far out of that area there isn’t a lot, people come in so many different shades so makeup should to right? i know you hear me! As some of you know Im part Maori so Im a medium – Light/medium skin tone and some of these kits are only dark enough to suit my skin tone except for one random dark powder that It feels like has been thrown in for good measure. I really think companies need to not release a product unless it can cover a wide range of skin tones. Thats why i recommend Anastasia Beverly hills because there is the most diverse range of shades, they have actually tried to consider all different skin tones.
Go for the Laura Mercier Cream contour kit
Go for the Models prefer powder contour kit (if your in Australia) Lorac Pro Contour Kit, Anastasia Beverly hills new Cream contour kits. Or the powder contour kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills.
Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit because there are so many more colour options than the standard contour kits
Pretty much every kit, do be cautious with the Laura Mercier Cream Contour Kit you will need to set it will powder
Well most contour kits suit this skin colour so there is a big range to choose from.
Foundation & Concealer
Ok so here I have my eye makeup on, my lip colour (its bumble by Colourpop) and nothing my my face but my foundation, concealed and setting powder, as you can see my face is chubby, look at my chubby chin haha and my face is just generally lacking life and colour
How Much better does this look! I’ve just taken my bronzer on a larger tapered end brush and roughly placed it around the out sides of my face, sides of my forehead, jawline and under my chin sort of a three shape on each side of my face. Now my face looks more alive and sun kissed plus that double chin is slightly hidden (praise that law) haha
Contour, blush and Highlighter
Ive very lightly used peach blush here (NARS Gilda) and my highlight is Laura Mercier “Indiscretion”  As you can see my face now has more structure. Its nothing Fancy nothing to in your face just lightly contoured.
STEP 1, 2 & 3
You can really see the difference here especially around my jaw line and cheek bones.
Now I know this is a really wishwashy sort of explanation of contouring BUT if you would like and in depth tutorial  I can do separate ones for powder contour, cream contour and Layering powder contour over cream contour. Just let me know.
Do you want to know what brushes to use? Let me know I will do a post on that also! I have many to recommend! 🙂
 I Hope this was helpful and informative! Ive linked some of my most favourite contour videos below, every one has a different method. Keep learning every day, keep trying new things. Just be sure to blend the shit out of it! Haha. Check it under natural lighting, i have a dark bathroom so when I go outside I look so different so try to apply in the best natural lighting. Just keep practising 🙂
Would you like a highlighting post next? Xx


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