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Hi Guys!

So last Thursday I went to  and got an XY Dermafrac!

Now for the scientific part..

What is Dermafrac? 

Dermafrac is an 4 in 1 Advanced Skin Treatment that combines Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling, LED Light therapy and Product Infusion.

The Nitty Gritty…

MICRODERMABRASION is a treatment that removes the outermost layer of dry dead skin cells.

MICRO NEEDLING is the use of a device with small needles that penetrates the skin creating thousands of microscopic channels through the skin to increase the formation of new tissue and collagen production by activating the skin’s healing process. This picture explains it better than me!

LED LIGHT THERAPY is great for acne, wrinkles, rosacea and pigmentation as it stimulates collagen production and increases the rate of skin cell renewal.

PRODUCT INFUSION is a treatment that, once the Micro Needling has opened up thousands of little pathways through your skin it infuses a serum in your skin that best suit your skin concern.

Now for my experience..

As some of you know I have had 5 kids and Im 28. I have pretty good skin I don’t have any wrinkles but I do have enlarged pores on my cheeks especially and Some acne scaring and now I’m getting suns pots!! I didn’t really know my skin type, having 5 kids in 9 years means my skin has been on a hormonal roller coaster and its still acting as if I were a teenager. I wear makeup 3-4 times a week, I have a great skin care routine and even though I exfoliate 3 Times a week my skin was feeling congested.

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into any kind of Skin Clinic I feel a little nervous!

I mean these people you don’t know will be touching your face and are up quite close and personal and for me that can be a little daunting for some reason. I went to  in my hoody and tights and was greeted by the nicest most welcoming women. NOT NERVOUS ANYMORE. Customer service is a HUGE part of where I take my business. First I just filled out a form and then it was off for my treatment.

The Skin Specialist who did my treatment made me feel so comfortable, she was friendly and really informative. I didn’t really have to ask many questions because she had already answered them.

First she diagnosed my skin and it turns out I have combination skin with an oily t-zone.

The Microdermabrasion felt really nice. It felt like a little sand paper machine going over my skin. If you have sensitive skin it might feel a little sensitive but I personally loved it.

Next was the Micro Needling. I was nervous about this! Hundreds of little needles poking me in the face? Greaaat. The Device  use sort of gently sucks your skin up so as they move it along your face it is sucking your skin up and needles at the same time, meaning there is no pressure on your skin, meaning less pain and for me it was completely PAINLESS.

The LED Light Therapy is completely pain-free and very quick.

 Finally, Product Infusion. Your Skin Specialist will pick a serum suited to your needs. My therapist was really great at finding a product that was good for my skin and was ok to use it while breast-feeding.

The whole process probably took only 30 minutes; it was really relaxing (was so worried I’d fall asleep haha) When leaving  my face was a little red but nothing major (it wasn’t embarrassing to walk through the mall) that means the treatment was made properly and my skin was feeling it!

Later that night my face felt a little sensitive sort of like the feel of a sunburn and was still a little rosey in colour. I didn’t wear makeup for the rest of the day or the day after.

Here is a before and after picture really clear and up close of my skin before and after, I actually had no idea my skin was that bad, you can see its much clearer and smoother after the treatment.


This is just one treatment and you can already see results which is exciting.

DAY 2: I woke up and my face was still a little sensitive so I used really natural and gentle skin care, when I put on my moisturiser it stung momentarily.

DAY 3: My skin started to break out but only a few blemishes. My skin also felt a little strange to me like thin or something. It looked perfectly fine but felt weird. By the end of the night I had started to peel mainly between my brows and a tiny bit on my nose and cheeks, no one noticed but me. Here is a picture of my skin on day 3. even though up close I could see minor peeling, you can see its very clear (besides my dark circles…remember 5 kids haha)

DAY 4: I used a gentle exfoliator to get away the rest of the dry skin and my skin was starting to feel great. I could tell my pores were less noticeable.

DAY 5: My skin is BETTER than ever. Today my face is so smooth. I wouldn’t say my pores have shrunk but they are DEFINITELY less noticeable. My blemishes are gone and my face is so smooth. I am so happy I had this treatment! My makeup went on smoother than ever today also!

Overall this was a great experience, my skin feels and looks better, the procedure was nice and so were the staff. Dermafrac costs $195, it is such a treat.

Im at the point where I am 2 years off from being 30 and I want to keep my skin looking as good as possible. Dermafrac is designed to do that!

Have you heard of Dermafrac? Do you want to try it?

You can find XY Clinics all around Australia with 7 in WA alone including Perth, Rockingham, Joondalup and Eaton!

To Book at an XY Skin & Body Clinic near you click 



*this post is not sponsored however treatment were provided. As always all words and thoughts are my own, my honesty will never change, I will only talk about things I love! xx

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