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Hey Friends! Another day another review! I have been DYING to try the  when I saw then pop up on crushcosmetics.com.au for just $12 AUD I knew it was time to try them! Of you are in America you can get these on the  for just $4.99 USD. These were totally hyped up and as per usual I’m here to tell you whether they are a hit or miss! Keep reading to see which high end beauty these are a dupe for!

STRAIGHT UP these are AMAZING. $12 for any beauty product in Australia is a miracle but to them have these be at a high-end standard IM BLOWN AWAY. These Megaglo powders are smooth, pigmented, blendable and just fricken pretty. They aren’t chunky, they arent glittery they leave that beautiful sheen and I just can not complain.



To the left we have “Precious Petals” right is “Crown of my Canopy”

I thought “Precious Petals” was going to be gold. It is actually a rose gold highlighter. Even a tad rosier than Becca Champagne pop. This shade is the one I love. It’s perfect for my Light/Medium skin tone!

“Crown of my Canopy” is a darker peachy copper gold highlight and I’m sure this one would be so pretty on a darker skin tone. I have actually tried it as a Blush topper and its so nice.

We all know Becca Cosmetics just took over the highlighter Market with their amazing smooth pigmented highlighters. But guess what, these two are nearly perfect dupes for two of Becca’s hero shades. If you want the Becca glow but don’t have the Becca Budget then CHECK THESE OUT.

LEFT TO RIGHT – Champagne pop, Precious Petals, Crown of my Canopy & Becca Rose gold.

As you can see, “Precious Petals” is slightly rose rosey than “Champagne Pop” but “Crown of my Canopy” is nearly an exact Match for “Rose Gold”

I actually prefer the WET N WILD formula to the Becca formula and that is saying a lot considering I LOVE MY BECCA HIGHLIGHTERS. 


Honestly I am Impressed and I think this is a bandwagon you should jump on. Makeup is so expensive especially here in Australia so to have a High end quality highlighter for a tiny $12 is a miracle!

TELL ME have you tried these? Do you agree?


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