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I have been trying to get this post up for weeks! I have been promising it on my but The kids got sick and then some how I hurt my back! Now things are calming down so FINALLY my Urban Decay Vice 4 palette review is here!! I have been excited to get this review up as this palette is such a beauty. I remember first seeing this on you tube last year I couldn’t believe a palette so pretty existed! URBAN DECAY wins for packaging alone! This is so snazzy! I love all shades except for 3 that are not to the standard of every single other shade. Urban Decay have just done amazing the formula on these shadows! For my info and swatches keep reading

Now some people are going to look at this and think HELL NO. If you only like neutral eyeshadows than this wont be for you. This palette in my opinion has the right balance of neutral and brights. This palette contains 4 matte shades with a duo chrome some satins then a lot of shimmery and micro glitter shades. I have found that when swatched there is fall out but when applied the eyes I have noticed quite minimal fallout except for Flame that one seems to have a little, but nothing much at all. The shadows are mostly amazing. There are a couple of shades that don’t perform as well those shades being. Grip, Deadbeat and 1985 I find them to be slightly sheerer, no way near as opaque as the other shades, they still blend really smooth. I love mostly neutral shadows But this palette is great for me as it really offers the opportunity to create so many different looks. This palette is inspired by an oil slick (just like the front of the packaging would suggest) Its full of jewel tones but I feel like it could have had another shade like a black with a duo chrome oil sort of effect thats just me being fussy. Either way there are some awesome shades. The packaging is so beautiful. The palette comes in a box and the inside the box there is a soft case and inside the zip up makeup case is the palette. The palette is quite big and has a HUGE mirror. The palette also comes with a double ended brush. Its a really well made high quality brush but its a little to stiff for my liking. I Don’t like the blender end but I do like the shader end it works well at packing colour onto your lids!

There is 20 shades all up in this palette and they are all original shades that Urban decay does not sell separately. Flame and Robbery Have to be my favourite such beautiful shades! Keep Reading for swatches!


Left to Right –

BONES – Oyster Satin with Pearl
GRIP – Taupe Matte with Iridescent micro Glitter
DEADBEAT – Black Satin with iridescent micro glitter
BEAT DOWN – Deep Metallic Violet with blue micro glitter
PANDEMONIUM – Metallic Plum with iridescent Micro glitter

It’s really hard to get a swatch of bones it barely shows on my skin but its a very beige mushroom shade~


Left to Right –

FRAMED – Light Neutral Matte Satin
FAST BALL – Metallic Peachy Pink With Pink Micro Glitter
1985 – Metallic Fuchsia with Fuchsia Micro glitter
UNDERHAND – Burgundy Brown Satin
HARLOT – Metallic Lavender

I love this Row, Fast Ball Might be my fav! Framed is a great transition shade!!


Left to Right

DISCREET – Soft Dusty Mauve matte
GRASSHOPPER – Metallic Emerald green with Green Micro Glitter
C – NOTE – Frosted Green with Micro Glitter
ARCTIC – Bright teal With Tonal SParkle
ROBBERY – Deep Metallic Brow gun-metal

Aah the green row! This would be the row I would go to least (Except robbery that shade I could Use every day) These shades are so beautiful. Grasshopper is completely metallic is awesome, I would have no idea how to use this colour. Arctic would look awesome on the lash line!!


Left to Right –

BITTER – Reddish Brown Matte
FLAME – Bright Orange with Gold Micro Glitter
LOW – Brown Matte with iridescent micro Glitter
CROWBAR – Black with golden metallic Pearl and Micro Glitter
DELETE – Deep Chestnut brown and matte satin

I love this ROW!!!! Flame is such a cool colour, it’s very similar sort of thing to Nars Orgasm except its much more orange and lot more glitter. I love every shade in this row. Bitter and Delete I could Use every day. And I have NOTHING like CROWBAR!!


Now I love this palette. I love that thanks to that we can get this in Australia. This is a very expensive palette. I think this is a beautiful gift, great for anyone who collects make and limited editions or great for someone who really loves to play with colour and a bit of sparkle! If your on the fence still then keep researching, if you really only stick to neutrals then maybe this isn’t the one for you and you should check out the GWEN STAFANI EYESHADOW PALETTE :)

Have you tried the VICE 4 or any of the VICE palettes by Urban Decay?

LEt me know!
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