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Oh Heyyyyy! Just a quick little post to share MY FAVOURITE 4 primers and Liquid Illuminators for a glowing base! I love using these especially in winter when my skins a little drier! Another quick tip is that if you have really matte foundation (like Estee Lauder Double Wear) you can use a luminous primer to get that satin finish without changing the formula of the foundation! Keep reading to see which one is for you!

I love these SO MUCH!!!!! This is my most favourite (as mentioned in my BEST OF BEAUTY 2016) This product is the best liquid illuminator ever! I like to mix these in with my primer or foundation for a really pretty glow. I recommend these because they are versatile, instead of mixing them in you can use them in the place of your powder highlighter also!

The best “drug store” luminous primer. I like this one for medium to fair skin tones. Because it’s a white pearl shade its going to put a slight white cast on darker skin. This isnt slippery at all, I don’t think it helps the long gevity of your makeup either, it just give a pretty pearl sheen to your skin

This primer is a new-found love of mine. I just LOVE pixi beauty and this primer makes me love Pixi even more. ANY skin tone could this primer. It has a slight rose shade to it but doesn’t leave any colour to your skin. The flawless beauty primer just  leaves a really pretty sheen that shows through your foundation. This primer also blurs pores nicely!

I love this primer SO MUCH! As you can you from the swatches below it’s the least pigmented of the 4. I love the sheen it leaves but it also moisturises your skin. I really love this as a primer your foundation just goes on so much smoother.

LEFT TO RIGHT – Cover Fx “Sunlight”, L’Oreal “Lumi Magique”, PIXI Beauty “Flawless Beauty Primer” and Bobbi Brown “Illuminating Moisture Balm”


I love all of these products. If you want something that Does EVERYTHING you need to grab the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. There are a few different shades and 3 more being released soon! The Pixi Beauty Flawless primer is for someone who wants a primer that gives a glow and blurs pores. For a little luxury and a primer that also moisturises go for the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Moisture Balm. Lastly for something easily available that leaves a pearly glow grab the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer. If you want to know more about HOW to get a luminous base check out THIS POST!

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