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MY TOP 10 favourites! Here are my most used, most favourite products for each type of makeup! Ive included a few dupes and true Sorren style I couldnt stick to the plan and theres maybe 11 things possibly 12. This post is a with my beautiful friend Daniela from (you gotta check out her too) Weve both picked out favourite things to share!! So be sure to check out after mine, if you love my style you’ll love hers too!!

This is technically 2 products but Its my favourite combo. The  $32 is the best primer you will ever find keep that makeup on your face. I need to hide my crater pores so I put l $31 right over the top just on my nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. Together they are magic! STAY ALL DAY and NO CRATER PORES!! These are Both from Benefit cosmetics! Ive owned them for maybe 2 years and only just needed to get a new porefessional and the 15hr primer is still going strong!
L’OREAL PARIS 24 Hr Matte Foundation If you follow me you already KNOW this right here is my jam! Its the best foundation ever! Click HERE for my full review. Its so great for photos to because it just makes your skin flawless! If you want a little glow you just add in a liquid illuminater and you have the same beautiful finish with a little youthful glow!
 I originally got this because it was raved about and it was like $3! My old fav was mac pro long wear or nars radiant creamy concealer but this just suits me better!! I still love the other two but this is NATURAL full coverage, no creasing just basically perfect!
* I love this. Ive never loved a setting powder its
Such a boring but necessary makeup step but THIS just really makes my face look so smooth. It doesn’t cake up and its just well yep SMOOTH and so affordable also (like $13 or $14 YES PLEASE)
I sneakily added this in, It needed a quick mention,  (the one in the palette), smooth easy to blend soft and brightening! I will buy this again and again. I use this to set and brighten my concealer. A cheaper option is the  (one in the pan on top), very similar and quite nice quality!
 contour shade in ‘Earth’ I have a lot of pretty bronzers. This has been all Ive used lately. Its like a yellow toned brown. No orange or red more yellow. Im a medium skin tone and when I use this to bronze it just looks so natural. Plus Anastasia’s powders blend so easily I can take it down onto my neck and just look like I actually see the sun once in awhile!!
 Contour Palette! This is a palette that I custom made. Really easy to do on the website! The contour shade I most like is the shade FAWN! Contour contour contour! Its all about contour lately!! This shade is perfect for me when im at my lightest! Its grey toned so it looks so natural and its hard to over do it with this. When Im darker I use the Kat Von D shade and darkest colours mixed together! I love that these are refillable the refills are $14 USD but if you buy 6 its $40 with a free palette.
 By now you no I love mauve and magenta! Im so glad that it’s finally cool to wear mauve because ive been rocking it solo for awhile. Mauve shades suit alot of people but on medium to dark skin tones with dark hair this is just your perfect shade for lips, eyes or cheeks. Actually anywhere haha. This is Tarte 24hr blush in “flush” its a bright magenta. This stuff is pigments so when you put your brush in TAP OF THE EXCESS! And apply it carefully. It stays all day and looks great. Ive had this for a really long time also and it has barely a dent in it!! Definately worth the money.
Youve probably heard about it but its the . Ive never been really interested in highlighters, mainly because my daughter used My favourite highlighter brush from sigma to paint a picture, not her fault, she asked me first and I was so busy I said “sure” Anyways this Ive had forever and its still going stong. Perfect champaine colour, beautiful to blend and so nice on your eyes too!
My favourite of all time eyeshadow palette is the original . If you like neutral or smokey eyes this is all you will every need. they are the smoothest eyeshadows I have ever felt in my life. they are silky and so pigmented. You only need a tiny bit and they just blend out effortlessly. I use this most days for the past 18 months and haven’t hit pan on any of them! My favourite colours are Nude, gold, light bronze, taupe and Mauve.
THE BEST MASCARA EVER!! is $29 oh my god this is perfect. It looks like i have false eyelashes on when I wear this. Its BLACK it thickens, lengthens, curls EVERYTHING. Some times it can smudge but only if your really rough or cooking etc. It took me 6 months to go through the sample size using it 5 times a week so Im imagining the big size last at least a year! MUST BUY! you will love this!
* $12.95 Ive been using this for over a month and its all I use now! its so black and so easy to apply its really smooth. once its on it stays on and does not smudge at all! its really good, it doesn’t crack or flake it just dries but doesn’t look dry! I just use the little brush it comes with!
 Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Stone” (currently sold out but is returning soon) As you probably no Liquid lipsticks are completely taking over the beauty world. they are just so convenient because they stay on so dam long. Its hard to find one thats not drying. This one pretty great but I also put carmex lip balm on while doing my skin care so matte liquid lipsticks go on nicer. This colour is like it was made for me. its perfect. Click here for my full review!
Here is a few Dupes (also ABSOLUTE FAVOURITES) but you can also go to my review for more!
Top to bottom: Stone, Colour Pop Lumier, Mac Faux, Nyx Thalia round lipstick (the best dupe) and Essence Lip pencil in “Satin Mauve” the best lip pencil ever!!!!!!
Click for Daniel’s Top 10! Im so excited to see what she pics! Like me she knows what she likes and it doesnt matter if its $40 or $3 the quality is whats most important ($40 just means we gotta save longer haha) SHes a really genuine sweet person and one of my favourite bloggers. She’s as new blogger like me so show her some love too 🙂
NOTE: As you will see some of my links are from american stores, If you don’t no how to buy makeup from america, stay tuned I have a post coming next week. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, instagram, bloglovin and definitely subscribe to my blog with your email so you don’t miss an update!!
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