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Hi guys! So over on my instagram  I held a little vote of what foundation to review next and this is the one that won (closely followed by the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation which will be coming next). This foundation has been around for a while now and has been a favourite for many. On first try I was obsessed with this but as I continued to test it I have found a few flaws. That is another reason why I don’t really like first impressions because almost ALWAYS something seems great at first but things change through using different primers, different application techniques and even different times of the month depending on what your skin is doing. Keep reading to see if you should check this out!

This foundation is on the Tarte Cosmetics website for $39 USD or $49 AUD (AS THEY NOW SHIP TO AUSTRALIA) and is available on  for $54. This foundation has 1.7 fl oz. Which is almost double of what every other foundation has. Most foundations have a standard 1 oz which is 30 mls. 1.7 fl oz is 50ml. Which is AWESOME value for money. This foundation is oil free and claims to have 12 hr wear. it is also vegan, paraben free, has SPF 15 and is made with Amazonian Clay (as the name would suggest). I have the Shade Light Medium Sand which is perfect for me in the winter but as you will see in the pictures its just a little light for me in the spring/summer time. This foundation comes in 25 different shade which is awesome. This foundation is thick.

you can see here just how thick this is. This amount is all you need to cover your entire face.


As suggested on the Tarte Website this foundation needs to be buffed into the skin using a brush. I have found that when you use a beauty blender it applies nicely but it doesn’t stay for as long and it will break up and makeup on your face.

I like to really buff this foundation is using a brush like this. Now I found something like my Sigma flat top kabuki brush was a little to dense and instead of buffing this thick foundation it moved it around a little too much. I prefer a medium dense kind of soft fluffy flat top kabuki brush. these two above are perfect examples. you really want to work this foundation in circular motions into your skin. even when it might look like you are sheering it out too much it does set as full coverage. I do like to then gently go over with a beauty blender.

This foundation does not oxidize which is a god send because there is nothing worse than applying a foundation and then once you’ve left the house its a different colour.

I have found with this foundation the primer does matter. I find that the more balmy the primer the quicker this will wear off. I have found that silicone or whipped primers don’t help the longevity of this product. The best primer for me has been something thin and light weight thats creates nice thin barrier between your skin and the foundation.

Here you can see that it has completely covered my acne scaring and looks extremely even. the last picture is once I have added concealer and cream contour. This is not and easy foundation, it isn’t something that you can chuck on with anything and it will work. With this foundation you really have to have the right application, primer and concealer to make it work. once you find that though you will be really happy.


Above is right after I have finished my makeup. You also have to be careful to only set with a small amount of translucent powder or again it will cake up. I find that I get 6hrs of perfect wear out of this foundation which for me is typical of even my best foundations. After about 6 hours I find that this starts to wear of the end of my nose and breaks up ONLY where I applied concealer (no matter what concealer I use) though I have noticed the thicker the concealer the worse it is.

This picture is after 6 hours. As you can see if has broken up on the side of my nose near my under eye and has gone from my chin. The texture on my face is also now more visible, in person it still looks ok. as I have mentioned in the pasty my skin is normal sometimes combination. I have been speaking to a few beauty bloggers with oily skin who are struggling to make it work. They have all mentioned that after a few hours it starts to separate on them.


I love this foundation. I think that If you need something that looks flawless and only for a few hours (like an event or going to the movies etc) this may be what you want. Because of how full coverage this is I am not comfortable to wear it daily, even if it did last the full 12hrs. I think that this is a really great foundation but it’s not a simple one. I wouldn’t recommend this for a full day at work I think by the end of the day you might look really blotchy and cakey. This is perfect for a short special event.

I think the down sides of this foundation is that you have to figure out how to make it work, it’s not one that you can be care free with and it can definitely break up and go patchy which is never a good look. I have found that it doesn’t transfer though, I can be pretty rough and it won’t come of onto my hands and it feels nice on the skin.

I know this review is a little confusing because the foundation has some major pros and cons but Like I said if you need something that feels and looks nice that’s full coverage for a short amount of time this is the one.

I hope this was helpful, If you have tried this I would love to hear your thoughts and how you find it best to apply etc.

Thankyou for reading!

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