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OH HEEYYYY! I’ve got swatches and review today of the  I have been so curious about the sleek Highlighter palettes for the longest time but never got around to buying one. I found my self watching Beauty Life Michelle’s 2016 Best In Beauty Video a few months back (HERE) and the first product she mentioned was this palette. I HAD TO HAVE IT. Its online at but My Target just started selling Sleek so I ran in and got it. I paid $24.95 AUD for mine and its $14.99 USD on the sleek website (they ship internationally). You really must keep reading and check pout my swatches.


This palette is BEAUTIFUL! its insane! Sleek is considered a “Drug store” brand in the UK they pay $12.49 EUR. This palette is .9g or .32 OZ which is exactly the same as an Anastasia Beverly hills Individual illuminators for $28. This palette has one cream highlighter, one silky shimmer powder and two baked highlighters. The cream highlight is the most vibrant cream highlight I have ever used, the shimmer powder is BEAUTIFUL and I would compare its vibrancy to Mac Soft n gentle and then the two baked highlighters are the most pigmented highlighters ever! the colour payoff on the skin is intense. I would compare them to the feel and the pigmentation of Becca Highlighters but I have to say they may have just a touch more pigmentation. These powders are so damn soft they feel like a cream. I 100% recommend this palette. There are 4 individual shades. All very unique but all quite light. I am not sure how this particular palette would go on very dark skin, I would love to hear if you have tried it and you have darker skin. There are two other options but this is the only one that has the gold packaging and this is the only one with this type of combination of different highlights.

The names are listed on the back of the package but I am not sure which shade is which. I know for sure the first shade (the cream) is Ecliptic and the last shade is “Equinox” but depending on whether they went across or down I don’t know which way the middle names go.

Here are the Swatches. First is the Cream is a sort of rose-pink highlight, very pretty! Secondly (next to it) is the Lavender Highlight I own nothing like this at all. It’s very vibrant and quite light. The next in my swatch is the one that ISNT baked its a very light gold shimmer, this one I know would be a little hard to wear on darker skin, I am a medium skin tone and this is very vibrant on me, This would be the perfect gold for really fair skin girls. The last highlight is a beautiful baked Peach Champagne.

Here I wanted to compare some of my other highlights to that last shade ‘Equinox” I though it was going to be very similar to Becca Champagne pop. But you can see in this picture that Champagne pop throws more orange where Equinox is a more peach pink next to it. So instead of watching ABH “Peach Nectar” I decided to swatch the ABH shade “Riviera” as it has more of a rose undertone. But again you can see they are very different.

I have The Lavender shade on here, My camera is a JERK I can take my picture under any lighting and it will not pic up my highlight EVER. If I want it to show I a picture I have to really lay it on thick. NOT TODAY my friends haha I just gently applied the Lavender shade with a fan brush and BOOM even my Jerk of a camera picks it up! So happy! but it really does show the pigmentation, such a nice glow!

My advice is Buy it, don’t walk, run, go and get it! I am so glad I got my hands on this, I know once everyone discovers it its going to completely sell out so be quick!

Thankyou for reading! TELL ME TELL ME what would you like reviewed next?

Also you may have noticed my instagram name changed! so exciting I went from @youngmumstufff to I am so happy with the change! This blog will soon be completely as of now you can type in or and get the same blog! if you love those decor and mum related posts then I have set up a new instagram dedicated to that and surprise su[prise it’s called hehe thanlkyou xxx


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