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Well Hi! I’m back with my Toner recommendations! So sorry these skin care posts are taking me so long to get out I have so so many posts I want to do and this one has fallen behind! I love using toners, I think they are most useful for people with oily skin or breakouts and acne, but its a step I will never skip!

Why use a toner? Using a toner after cleansing Restores the PH balance to our face. Basically when you cleanse your face you disrupt your skins natural PH balance causing your skin to make excess oil etc to try to restore it by its self. Using a Toner can also remove any makeup your cleanser didn’t take off. Depending on the Toner you buy they can also help to matey, shrink pores and fight Acne! these are the three I alternate between!

 250ml – This is my favourite toner ever I would have literally gone through about 20 bottles already! it contains Witch hazel and Salicylic Acid so it is amazing for when you are breaking out! it really does work, I swear by it! the only downfall is that this toner contains Alcohol, meaning it can dry out your skin. I will continue to buy this forever! if you have acne prone skin or oily skin go for this one, if you have dry skin maybe avoid it

* – 150ml – I use this toner when my skin is clear, it’s so gentle and lightly conditions your skin. I would recommend this to anyone who has dry skin or even just normal skin and wants something gentle. I don’t go through these as much as my skin isn’t always clear, definitely great for mature skin too.

* – 200 ml – This is a brand you can get at Target in Australia. This is my inbetweener! when my skin is pretty clear but on the way OUT of a major breakout, its gentle but still have the acne fighting ingredients, it also unclogs pores, and this smells BEAUTIFUL! It has Fig and Wild strawberry extract as well as Licorice and Willow bark extracts that are supposed to keep bacteria at bay! I would recommend this for any skin type!

So there they are we have the one for oily skin, the one for dry skin and the all rounder! these are all inexpensive and overall the Biore has the most product for the cheaper price, these are all under $12

Have you tried these? do you use a toner? if not it may be time to start! next I have Serums!! I’m excited about this category, it’s probably the most expensive category but using serums has helped my skin in a huge way!

Thankyou xxx

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