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Here I am as promised with another skin care recommendations post! these are my facial scrub recommendations. I have a clear favourite but also others that are wonderful for different reasons! my skin type is normal to combination. I have huge pores and blackheads on my nose and chin D: I love to exfoliate as I wear makeup and I really feel like it gives my skin a good clean. I exfoliate 3 times a week. I feel like every night is a little rough, with some of the rougher scrubs.

* This like all of skins products is sulphate and paragon free. It smells so nice and fresh. As for the exfoliator its self it’s quite creamy and has micro jojoba beads in it to exfoliate. It has the right amount of scratch to it. What i mean is you can feel it scrubbing but it’s not so full of beads that it feels like sand paper. I really like this and will be buying some when this runs out!!

 This is very similar feel to the skin scrub but it has more exfoliating beads. SO it has more scratch to it which I really like. Don get me wrong it’s not sharp or course at all it just really feels like it’s getting the job done. I’ve used this for years! you only need a tiny amount so it lasts months. The downfall is the ps not in more people’s price range, its not even in my price  range anymore. If you can afford it or if you want to splash out then this is my favourite.

* Now this is a nice one for anyone suffering minor breakouts and black heads. It’s definitely less scratch than I usually ike, its quite gentle. It has Tea Tree in it but not an over whelming amount, it’s just right. Id use this if my skin was breaking out a little or even for younger skin, teenager who have minor breakout this would be great.

* I love this! its smells so nice! like a baby or something I don’t no, I can’t explain it, it’s so fresh. Now this has the perfect amount of scratch to it. There is a lot of beads in this but they feel smaller that the skin and clinique ones, it’s really gentle but you can definitely feel it scrubbing. Definitely recommend this as just a straight forward simple cleanser. And its available everywhere (woolworthes, priceline, coles etc)

* I just love this too. I feel like the granules/beads in it are bigger than the others so this is great if you need a really good scrub to feel like your exfoliating really well. I really like this. Looking at the packaging I would never have guessed it was a $39.99 scrub. Again if you want to spend the money you will be pleased with this and a little goes along way.

Overall, Clinique used to be my favourite but with 5 kids I can’t afford to spend nearly $50 on one face product, if you want to shell out then you won’t be unhappy with it. Again if you’re wanting to spend the money the bliss scrub is a great option for a bit more deeper exfoliating than the clinique which in my opinion is the gentler option (though still really great)

For every one like me NEEDING a cheaper option or just looking for a bargain the other three are really amazing quality, for the natural toxin free option Sukin always has you covered. for a fresh gentle scrub your best bet is Aveeno and for a little breakout fighting action try the T-ZOne! I hope this was helpful! any questions just ask! Next is my favourite toners!

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