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Hi! Straight into it as per usual! Today Im here with a post I’ve promised on my  with a review on the new  I Purchased 4 out of the 7 new brushes. I really wish I had of got the other 3 but hey I’ve got a budget that I keep going over haha. Speaking of money thats one of the reasons I love to do reviews because I really want to let you know whether you should or shouldn’t spend your money on their products; The Brushes that I have are the ACCENTUATE HIGHLIGHTER F56, CHISEL AND TRIM CONTOUR F77, SOFT ANGLED CONTOUR F23 & the EMPHASISED CONTOUR F57. You will find the names of the actual brushes really do explain what the brushes are meant to be used for.

I loved the look and the feel of this brush when I got it but I just thought what the hell will I use it on. It’s so soft but REALLY dense, the bristles are really short to so it places product exactly where you want it. this is perfectly cut to fit your cheekbone and jaw line I wouldn’t recommend it for contouring your nose though. This brush is PERFECT for cream contour. I love it. I use it every day since I got it. I don’t like it for powder it’s just to dense, unless u want to use it to sort of stamp the contour in place and then use a different brush to blend it out. I press this into my cream contour and then sort of stamp it onto my face where I want contour and then I use it to blend out the colour out. It is perfect for cream contour. it buffs the colour out effortlessly and so so perfectly. You need this brush if you want something PERFECT for cream contour. I used to use one brush to place the cream contour where I wanted it, another brush to buff it out and then a beauty blender to make sure it was flawless. This brush takes the place of all of those tools as it can do it all.

This brush is made to perfectly fit the tops of your cheekbones. It is very dense with short bristles. This brush would be for anyone who want EXTREME highlight. Because of the density of this brush I find it good for being precise and packing highlight on. This brush I don’t need. I really like a small tapered highlighting brush. I wish I had of got the  instead. This brush totally has its place just not for someone like me.

This brush I love, this brush I can use every day, I find it really great for a “Relaxed” yet structured contour. Its fluffy and the bristles are longer than the others so it applies more softly. I find this great for sweeping contour powder really quickly around my face for days where i don’t want it overly defined or when I don’t  wear a lot of makeup. It thought Id like this for bronzer but I don’t, I like a more larger fluffy tapered brush for bronzing.

This brush is meant for more precise contouring. I love the name of this, it really does explain what the brush is for. I love that the bristles on this one are the same are the kabuki brushes. So basically this brush is for chiseling and timing. By Chiseling its meant that it can do a really defined line, perfect for contouring your nose of just for when your want that really sharp line. This can also trim, that means that it’s a great brush to use the clean up under your contour. So if you take a lighter powder or a baking powder and run this under the contour of your cheek bones its going to make it really easy to clean up any powder that may have gone to low. I really like this brush also!


If I had to choose I would say that for me the F23 and the F57 are the two brushes that i will use the most. I will definitely use the other brushes but i just won’t reach for them on a daily basis. I really wish I had of chosen a few of the other brushes, you never know a review of them may be to come in the future. I think that if you don’t own any contouring brushes you definitely should check these out. Some of them do require a higher skill level such as the F57 and the F26. For a beginner definitely check out the F23 and the F77.


If you are buying from Australia like me you NEED to be aware that this order will take a really long time. My order took nearly 2 months. I contacted customer service because I was so worried, they promptly replied and reminded me that it can take unto 10 weeks. I’m not sure why but thats their shipping times. So if you’re in a rush and used to international orders that take a few days, you aren’t going to get your order that quick. It’s always worth the wait but definitely be aware that you’ll be in for a long wait.


If you’re in America these brushes range from around $19 – $26 for Australians that works out to be about $27 – $38 so these aren’t cheap. The quality is great though, I have sigma brushes that I’ve been using for at least 4 years and they are still in great condition.

I hope this post was helpful to you if you weren’t sure how to best use these brushes or if you were considering buying these! hopefully I can review the other brushes from the collection very soon!

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thankyou for reading xx

*these products were purchased with my own money as always all thoughts are my own, this post does however contain affiliate links

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