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31st May 2015

HI!! Just a quick random fashion Post here! I wanted to share my favourite things at the moment for Autumn/winter. Before you continue my style is basically tomboy with a girly edge. Anything I buy must be on special haha or something that I no I sill use over and over again! I love clothes that are dark pretty much black, grey, khaki and maroon with a little bit of white. I also need my clothes to be pretty comfortable and look effortlessly good, meaning I can just throw it on and not have to bother! Heaps of things that I’ve listed are on special RIGHT NOW so that’s why I wanted to get this up today! Click on the names of the clothing to go straight to the website!

 ON SALE for $49.95 (was $69.95) I have one of these! it’s so comfy but also looks nice and feminine because it sinches in at the waist!

 $34.96 down from $49.95 Oh man I’m 5’11 so I just can not wear these but if I was shorter This would be the ONLY high hells I would wear I just love these!!!

 $59 I just love the way these look definitely not something for every day for me. Pretty much just a way for me to still wear leggings when I go out haha!

 $69 I just bought this! I found a discount code online so I got $10 off but I also used this new system they have where you can try before you buy! which is great! go to  to read about it! its great because you get 16 days from when it’s posted to return it if it doesn’t fit you! then you don’t have to pay! SO EXCITED!

 $11.87 down from $16.96 This scarf is HUGE I use it as a throw rug, but definitely a warm scarf for a cold night where you might be outside!

$20.96 Down from $29.95 I love wrap front shirts! Especially great for hiding that belly after having a baby or too many chocolates haha! these look great and are so comfy! I have a post coming up on  very soon with all of my favourite shirts!

 $15 or 2 for $25 I love beanies! I forget to wear them but they look cute, keep your head warm and hide oily hair!!

 Black $70 I love this especially with a white top underneath!! Looks cosy to!

 $29.95 these are new! I love Denim shirts I’m wearing one most of the time!

 $10 can’t go wrong with a $10 beanie!

 $20 or 2 for $30 I like to have a few basics like this to wear with every thing!

 $34.96 down from $49.95!!!!! I have these! so comfortable! I love them, perfect if you want Timberlands but don’t want to fork out over $200

 $25 for two! I will be honest 99% of the time this is what I’m wearing! I’m 5’11 and don’t need the tall size, but there’s petite, regular and tall!

 $11.96 down from $14.95 I think these are so cool! but anyone who knows me thats reading this knows I can’t wear sunglasses! I can not concentrate with them on!!

Cotton On has like 30% off most stuff at the moment so it’s a good time to grab anything from there that you’re wanting!

Are you pregnant or just had a baby?  is my most recent post for  with my top affordable and comfy pregnancy basics!

Hope you enjoyed this! if anyone wants more posts like this let me no in the comments!


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