Shangai Suzy Autumn Winter Wardrobe Lipstick Review

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Hi! So have you heard of  I have seen a lot about them on social media and jumped at the chance to review them for you guys! Now as always this is my full honest opinions and I definitely have mixed feelings on these lipsticks!Firstly they completely smell like grape Hubba Bubba Chewing gum. they smell so good I could eat them!!! The packaging isn’t my favourite, it’s not bad, but these are $12.95 so id prefer the formula was better than the packaging anyways. is an Australian company and they do not test on animals! I’m stoked that they are $12.95 I mean we pay $36 for a MAC Lipstick here in Australia. Now some of the formulas weren’t what I expected and some definitely exceeded my expectations! Heres a review on each colour.


This colour is really on trend at the moment. it’s definitely a coffee brown, I really love it! and depending on your skin tone will defend how this colour comes off. It’s definitely not long-lasting, you can smear this off with ease. It’s so creamy and I’m not sure it would call it a matte lipstick as it has a slight sheen. to make this last a little longer use a lip pencil under it (Nyx nude truffle would be great) If you like creamy easy to apple lipsticks this formula would really suit you


This shade is really pretty its similar formula the cappuccino shade but a little sheerer. really easy to apply, creamy, smooth and really pretty blush colour.


such a beautiful colour!! this is a bright fuchsia pink! again not really a matte formula but it’s really pretty and creamy! I love this shade for anyone but especially looks great on dark hair!


This colour is really on trend it’s that dusty rose – mauve shade everyone is after. Again definitely not matte, you can see there is even a slight shimmer to it. I love this colour i would buy this one! if you want to slowly get into the 90’s lip trend or you’re a lipstick wimp like me then this is a great one



Now this is hard to write because I really like this company but I’ve got to keep it honest this one is a big HELL NO from me. Orange for a start isn’t for me. the actual colour is beautifully nearly neon orange its gorgeous BUT not a colour I would want on my lips, this is not a shimmer is totally chunky glitter. No body else said anything about this shade so I wasn’t prepared but I really don’t like it. I mean you could nearly exfoliate your lips with this. you can see in the picture that its chunky. If you like chunky glitter lipsticks this ones for you but for me No way.


Now this is what I expect from a shimmer formula. and the name is perfect, it’s literally a sparkling plum colour. probably one of the most longer wearing ones as darker colours tend to stain  the lips. It’s also a sheerer formula than the matte colours. I wouldn’t wear this are I avoid sparkle, but it’s exactly what the name says and the formula is really nice. to me is similar shade to MAC REBEL just a little sheerer with shimmer.


This is a beautiful colour. Such a nice perfect red. the most matte of the matte formulas. A beautiful deep classy red and for $12.95 this is a steel!!


This colour is gorgeous and very similar to L’OREAL’s new shade DOUTZEN’s RED it does apply pretty patchy, so you do need to go over it, but its longer lasting than the others, and is a more matte formula. Very nice colour, still creamy



OVERALL, I really like these lipsticks, they are a great price and smell like HEAVEN. There is a lot of shades to choose from and they are really on trend shades. $12.95 is a really great price also! some of the lipsticks I feel aren’t really what the name says they are, some of the matte shades are really not matte at all. these are very creamy lipsticks, not long wearing though as most creamy lipsticks aren’t. My favourite shades are definitely Cappuccino and Dessert Rose. There was only that 1 shade that it literally HATED but out of a collection of 12 that’s really not to bad. I am impressed I was scared that because of the price range that they wouldn’t be very nice quality or they wouldn’t smell nice but these are really good for the price!


These are definitely worth checking out! I can’t wait to see what the spring/summer shades bring!

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