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Hi!! So FINALLY after waiting so so long Sephora has opened its first 3 stores in Australia. Unfortunately I’m in WA so I’m sure ill be waiting a lot longer to see a Sephora store for my self. Thankfully Sephora’s new website has just launched  . I really wanted to review the new online store for my self so that I could give you guys my thoughts on the variety, pricing and shipping. I am someone who has always used a shipping service to buy from Sephora in America, so I was keen to see if the Australia store could compare. Keep reading for my review and Haul!

First off, A few of these items where generously gifted to me, I then went on to make my own order as a customer and not as a blogger so that I could really review the site and the service. Skip down a few paragraphs for my haul.


The very first night the site opened as soon as I jumped online my heart sank. The variety was pretty small and NOTHING like the American site. Every day since the site has opened the have more brands and more variety. The thing we need to keep in mind is that even though we now have Sephora and we are still in Australia. Meaning we are not going to have the same stuff at the same time as America. As of this moment I’m pretty happy with the selection. The main brands I’m excited about are Tarte, Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, Becca, Makeup Forever and Sigma. I would like to see It Cosmetics, Too Faced, Urban Decay and Stila Just to name a few but there is every hope of that happening in the future.


This gets 10/10 from me!! I placed my order on the 5/12, my package was sent out 2 days later on the 7th and arrived 2 days later on the 9th. That’s just 4 days between order and delivery, and this is at peak time (christmas). You get free shipping if you spend over $55 (so easy because of the highness pricing on most items) and everything is sent via courier mail so it’s tracked and you sign on delivery. Really impressed with the shipping and the email notifications on order updates.

As far as the prices go I’m pretty happy. I mean I would prefer them just a touch lower but they aren’t bumped up to high. For example KAT VON D – EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK Is $20 USD on (american website), when converted to AUD it would be $27.71 AUD, on (australia website) its $30 so they’ve added on $2.29c I can only imagine this has something to do with shipping and taxes.




I picked out a few things that I had been eyeing off for quite a while. The thing i was most excited about was the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.


I was sent one of these drops but It was to dark for me, since I’ve wanted to try these for so long I went online and bout one to suit my skin tone. These have been raved about for a long time so I really needed to try them! So far I’ve used the one I purchased as my base and have used the darker shade to contour (worked quite nicely). I have used the drops alone, added to organ oil and added to facial sunscreen and they just work beautifully, I’ve used them a few times now and haven’t yet found a flaw!


I have only used this once, but really liked it, it isn’t shimmery at all and doesn’t seem to leave a glow, but it does set your makeup while allowing you to look slightly dewy. Absolutely no caking with the powder either!

This blush is from the new “Night Life” line designed with You Tuber Camila Coelho. The blush is TINY like really small. It’s a beautiful shade and formula but in my opinion your better of buying one of the  for $15 they have way more product and the quality is the same.


I have the shade “Achiote” such a beautiful neon yet soft coral shade. I own a few Tarte Blushes and they are all such beautiful quality, they have really nice pigment to so they seem to last forever. I’ve been using my favourite one for over a year and it looks like it’s never been touched.


I have the shade lucky, This is quite nice, it has that minty hint to it and its a balm at the same time being matte. It’s quite a nice formula.


This is the shade “Blushing Bride” I love these sort of little cream stick blushes. I love these to throw in your bag for a quick refresh or for days where you really need your makeup to stay so you can layer it with powder blush, or to compliment a bb cream for just a natural flush of colour on your cheeks.

I bought this mascara as it’s a cult favourite. I absolutely love my too faced better than sex mascara but it flakes and then smudges so I really needed to find something that would give me the length, curl and thickness that my too faced mascara did. I’ve used this twice and so far I’m pretty happy. The wand is nothing special it just looks like your typical mascara but this applies better than any typical mascara. I think this is a great recommendation


I have seen Nude Stix everywhere on  lately and have been really curious. I love the tin and that it comes with a sharpener. The formula of this eye pencil is really cool. It glides on like any creamy eyeshadow pencil but then it completely sets. Like it does not budge. I have the shade gilt. I wore it on my inner corner and then on my lid. I tried really hard to rub it off with my finger at the end of the night and it would not move at all. I’m really enjoying this pencil and I’m curious to try other products from this line!!


I am really enjoying being able to quickly access brands that were so hard to get our hands on before. The prices are high but they aren’t to far above the american prices once you look at the currency conversion. This site has REALLY FAST shipping and a range that’s growing by the day.


If you are wanting to purchase from this site I have my top 5 recommendations, Id Totally wait just incase there is an awesome boxing day sale or maybe if you have some Christmas gift money, but if you don’t know where to start here are my favs (I own them all and LOVE them)

This is such an amazing contour kit, the most beautiful shades!!

As stated above it’s another cult favourite and for good reason

I love the shade “Flush” totally recommend it!

Turn anything into a foundation with this!! love these

These have a great formula!

I hope this post was helpful and answered any of your questions, this is the first post in a Sephora Australia blog series that I’m planning, next post will be a brand focus on “Becca” to let you know my top Becca Cosmetics Picks from 

I would love to hear about your Sephora experiences and what your Sephora favs are!

Thankyou For reading xx


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