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Today I wanted to review and do a quick little tutorial with the new Rimmel London “Brow This Way” products. Now I use Anastasia Beverly Hills on my brows every day. the products are great and they are worth the money but the price tag is quite high for us here in Australia, so I was happy to try a cheaper option, and be able to share whether I think its goo enough for you guys to use! Today I use the “Brow this way Eyebrow Powder Kit” and the “Brow this way Eyebrow Gel” . This is the look I would use for “every day makeup” I might take more time and define them more if I’m doing a heavier eye look or going somewhere special.


This little duo is great, one side is wax and the other powder. For me I just use the wax, the powder is to warm toned for me I prefer more neutral or cool toned shades for my eyebrows as the match my natural colour the best. The wax is great it’s not completely opaque which is nice because it allows you to build the colour up but still has enough pigmentation that a little goes a long way.


This brow gel is quite pigmented, Start at the arch of your brow and work it towards the tail and then lightly use a little at the front of your brows. I Found that If I Went straight into the front of my brows it was a little to dark and harder to control where the colour went. This does gently hold your brows in place but it definitely doesn’t have a strong hold so if you have long brow hairs it wont hold them in place. I definitely lasts all day though I rubbed my brows with my hands a lot during the day and my brow products hadn’t moved at all. The consistency is pretty moussey I really like this.


BEFORE – As you can see my brows are dark and thick but the actual hairs are quite spars. Because my brows are so dark you can really see the gaps. So what I like to do is naturally fill and define my brows. For Me I find it really important to leave the from 1/4 of my brows really natural, I find when people fill this in it looks really “Blocky” and un natural. Even with my camera that is really clear, the third picture looks really natural. Before filling your brows be sure to brush them through with a spooly 🙂 I’m starting with absolutely no makeup on.

STEP 1. Using a small angled brush (the one that comes in the kit is great, I lost mine so I was using an Anastasia Beverly hills brush, ANY small angled brush will work) Dip it into the wax and then define the under your brow starting where I’ve put the little pink line all the way to the tip. Do the same thing along the top, define your arch all the way to the tip. I take mine slightly higher because I done really have a natural arch. Once I’ve done those two lines I then take a little more wax and using small strokes to mimic hair I fill in where ever needs to be filled in that portion of my brow. When it comes to the front 1/4 of my brow that I’ve left natural, I just use what ever is left on the brush and going from the bottom to the top of the brow I just flick the brush upwards, gently sort of shading the brow and blending it to the last 3/4 of my brow.

STEP 2; (not pictured) NOW This is an important step, Using a spooly gently brush through your brows from the front to the tip. This gently and naturally blends the brow wax a little

STEP 3: If you need just take a little extra wax and sharpen the tip and arch if you need.

Now I do my foundation and concealer, set my undereye area and my face and its time to clean up around your brows. when doing your foundation don’t take it over your brows or to close to them.


STEP 4:  Taking what ever concealer I Highlight under my brow and above it. Using the pointy end of a beauty blender I gently blend the concealer leaving no harsh lines. This just ties everything together and makes everything look more clean. If you don’t have time you can totally skip this step!

Now I finish of the rest of my makeup, eyes, contour, blush & Highlight then lips and then the last eyebrow step!

STEP 5: I now take the brow gel and lightly set my brows in place! I find this is best to do at the end as if you get any powders in your brow hairs using the gel just gets rid of that!

These are the products I used today, I was trying out the Designer Brands “CC Concealer Pen” in Light Medium. This was good for under my brows but not above them or on my nose it went sort of patchy and tacky, I’m only just trialing this so I will have more thoughts soon. The Brush is Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12 I really love it, It’s a great brush you can really precisely angle your brows with this.

I hope this was helpful! I genuinely like these products especially the wax! there are quite a few different colour brow gels but only 2 different colour brow kits! check them out at your local priceline!

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