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HELLO! This post was highly highly requested on my this is all you need to know about the AUTHENTIC REAL TECHNIQUES BOLD METALS BRUSHES AND THE FAKE EBAY VERSIONS OF THE BRUSHES. I am in two minds about rip offs brushes from eBay. My first thought is what a shitty thing to happen to a brand, you put your heart and soul into designing something you think your customers will love and then some cheap company rips of your design, your idea and sells it for a tiny fraction of the price. My second thought is sometimes when a product is so expensive most of the population can not afford the original and the Authentic version so when there is something similar on ebay for a fraction of the price it seems logical to give that version a try. I really sit on the fence with this one. Another thing about fake eBay items is that you really don’t know how or what they are made with so that is also a risk. With that being said, I have fully reviewed the AUTHENTIC Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes and I have fully tested and tried the Fake brushes. Keep something in mind, There are many different sellers of these fake brushes, some are plain like mine and some have the RT stamp and the brush number stamped on them, I have also seen that there are different version of the fakes for different prices. Remember I am a mum of 5, I don’t have money to throw around on expensive brushes. A cheaper alternative is always awesome, ONLY if its worth it. I was lucky enough to be sent the Real brushes to use, this doesn’t in any way sway my opinions. I also want you too keep in mind that these brushes aren’t to expensive in America, they are around $20. However in Australia most of them average around $60. Keep reading to see if you should splash out on the original brushes or jump on eBay and grab the fakes!


Here are the fake brushes I bought on eBay. As you can see they were just $8.78 and $3.78 for shipping. The brushes at first glance look quite nice. They look like the Authentic versions. When you put them next to the real brushes the differences really stand out. The first thing you notice is the weight difference. The real brushes are made
Of metal and are weighted to help with precision and perfect application. The fake brushes are hollow plastic. The bristles on both brushes are synthetic and feel quite similar. The silver fake brushes are the worst looking and the worst replicas. They have different tones on the handles also so they aren’t as nice to look at. The Fake Rose gold Brushes the bristles have much more pink in them than the authentic version. These are a pretty crappy replica also. The gold fake brushes are a little more yellow than the originals. The actual brush heads are probably the closest rip off. Both wash nicely and both don’t shed. I have no idea how long the rip off would last, I’m guessing not to long as the handles are assembled quite poorly. Keep reading below to hear how they actually apply product and if you are better of buying the fake or splurging on the luxurious Authentic Brushes. I have been doing half my face with the real and half my face with the fake.

Now Below is the fake brush it looks quite similar to the original. It is a little shorter and a little less dense. This one is crap.

Compared to the real brush it just absorbs most of the product even when using a thicker cream foundation. Below is the real brush. they do look almost identical upon close inspection you can see the fake is poorly made.

The Real brush paints foundation onto your face really evenly and smoothly. The fake brush lays barely any product on your face. I always go over with a beauty blender but the side I used the fake brush on had much less product on. The real brush is really well designed and nice to use. For the price though, especially if you’re in Australia I think you can give this one a miss. I have cheaper foundation brushes that work just as well. But deff don’t bother with the fake.

Now this is the best rip of that they made. The fake is actually a really nice brush. The only thing is that it doesn’t pick up much product and alot gets lost in the bristles. I think the fake would be good for blending your entire face after all powders are applied or for dusting away excess bake. the fake is obviously a cheap looking yellow gold. Below is the fake.

Now the real brush I would actually splurge and buy this one. It’s so nice. The extra weight in the handle really does help with how the product applies, the brush is soft and fluffy yet the way its tapered allows just the right amount of powder to be applied, I love it. Below is the Real brush.

I would get both these brushes. Now don’t confuse this Real Techniques brush for the one in the trio pack on I herb. That is a completely different powder brush its an “angled powder” . The Real Brush wins this one. It’s a really nice brush and applies bronzersooo well.

Now the brush you’ve been wondering about. The contour brush. The fake is very similar but the bristles are longer and not so dense. Unfortunately I appreciate the fake better. Below is the fake.

You can see the bristles have a much more pink appearance than the real brush and that where the Ferrule meets the handle it’s quite as dodgy job. The reason I like the fake is it’s the perfect shape, when the bristles are longer and a little softer it allows the contour to be applied not so harsh. Below is the real brush.

Because of the fake brushes shape it applies exactly where you want it and it buffs out nicer. As you can see the Authentic brush is much denser, it really stamps the product onto the face and can rub away foundation because of its density. The fake brush wins this one.

This fake brush is a nice little brush. Its random because the Real brush is named “tapered blush” but in my opinion the real brush in a little to pointy and a little to dense and small to apply blush. Below is the Fake.

The fake on the other hand isn’t tapered and its fluffier so it’s quite nice to apply blush. Below is the Real brush.

The real brush though, I love. I would splurge and buy the real brush. It’s so nice to use to set your under eye area, it’s not spiky at all its so soft. It’s also perfect for applying highlighter. The real brush wins this one.

This fake is a dud haha. It’s completely nothing like the original. It’s a nice brush though. It’s definately ugly and cheap to look at but its something you wouldn’t mind using if you had it, you just wouldn’t go out of your way to buy it. Below is the fake brush.

Think of it as a fluffy bigger blending brush. It would be nice to go in with no product on it to blend out eyeshadow. Below is the Real Brush.

The original is also a nice brush but unfortunately i don’t think its worth the price, it does a nice job it’s not overly fluffy but it blends nicely, the original wins this one I just think it’s too pricey.

This brush again the fake is a terrible rip off. Below is the Fake.

The original is pointed so nicely to where it’s not spiky but it can apply product very precisely. It’s great for applying an inner corner highlight, highlighting the brow bone and applying shadow precisely into the crease. Below is the real brush.

what I like about the real brush is that alot of cheaper brushes in this shape can be spikey and hurt when using them on your eyelids, this one doesn’t it glides nicely over your skin. The fake is basically a little domed brush. Its ok, nothing special and again ugly two toned silver handle. The real brush wins this one.

Again the rip off is the worst rip off its nothing like the original. The fakes tip is kinda flimsy but it would be ok to sharpen under the brows with concealer. Below is the fake brush.

The original is a really nice angled liner brush. It’s too expensive for what it is. But its a nice brush. Below is the real brush.

I tried it on my brows and for some reason it sucks on the brows. Great little liner brush though. The fake sucks. Its way too long worst eyeliner brush. Again the real brush wins.

Overall. The real brushes are mostly better. My thoughts on the real brushes is that they are luxurious, the are a treat to use but they are so expensive if you are in Australia especially. If i were in america I don’t think I would have an issue with the pricing, the prices are great. In australia though, it’s no wonder people are looking to the fakes. The real ones heres are insanely expensive. The fakes have a handful of brushes that are ok and that contour brush that I really like. If you are a beauty blogger and you want them as photo props totally buy some fakes. If you really want good quality brushes then buy the real ones. If you cant afford the real ones but your still looking for quality, DEFINITELY check out the regular real techniques brushes. They are beautiful. I have had my originals for 4 years and they are still in perfect condition. The blending sponge is as good as the beauty blender for a fraction of the price. They are soo expensive from priceline so I totally recommend ! They are authentic and an amazing price!!! I hope this has helped. Basically I think if you were going to buy the Ebay Fakes because you want good brushes, don’t bother. These really aren’t “the same but cheaper” they are nothing like the originals.

again thank you for reading I hope this was helpful! is a link to a Real Techniques Essentials trio on IHerb for $64.20 AUD the kit includes the 300 Tapered Blush, an exclusive 103 Angled powder brush and the 200 Oval Shadow Brush. So this may be a good way for you in Australia to try the Bold Metals.

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