27th November 2016


Hi Friends! My god it’s so close to Christmas and I have some major gift guides coming for you! I can’t wait! Today as promised on my I have a review and swatches of 20 of the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks exclusive To Mecca. Honestly I could not believe it when the package turned up, I am extremely blessed but It means I get to really give you guys reviews and let you know what to buy and what not to buy. Theres a lot of shades, no Browns which I was a but disappointed in but a lot of Reds, pinks, Berries and Nudes which a lot of us LOVE! Keep reading for swatches!

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24th October 2016

Hi guys! So over on my instagram  I held a little vote of what foundation to review next and this is the one that won (closely followed by the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation which will be coming next). This foundation has been around for a while now and has been a favourite for many. On first try I was obsessed with this but as I continued to test it I have found a few flaws. That is another reason why I don’t really like first impressions because almost ALWAYS something seems great at first but things change through using different primers, different application techniques and even different times of the month depending on what your skin is doing. Keep reading to see if you should check this out!

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18th October 2016

Heeeyyyyy friends! I have decided to put together my 6 top things to buy from ! I always get asked “what should i buy with my birthday voucher for Mecca” or “I feel like doing some online shopping whats your favourite things from Mecca” well I have them for you! Some are newer favourites and some have been favourites for a long time. If you are interest keep reading! Plus I would love to know what your must haves are!!

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16th October 2016

Hello Friends! Another Stick foundation review!! I used this foundation in one of videos and I really wanted to do a blog post also! Today is all about the Clinique Chubby In The Nude foundation stick. Clinique was one of the first brands that I really started to use that wasn’t something random from the chemist as a teenager. I have always loved their products.

I wasn’t not sure what to expect with this foundation as I am usually not a huge fan of stick foundations as you might have seen in my last two stick foundation reviews (hourglass and Anastasia Beverly Hills) they were nice but never quite right. This my friends is the foundation for Busy women. For women who aren’t very confident with makeup and application and different tools. This is the fuss free foundation. Keep reading to see if that is a good or a bad thing!

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15th October 2016

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long absence guys its been over a month! My longest break ever! A few weeks ago was the one year anniversary of my mums death. It’s just a hard time of year, well every day has been hard but the last few weeks I have just lost motivation. Another thing that’s drained my motivation lately is the pressures of perfection with social media. I have to remember why I started though and that was to be the go to person for an honest, no bullshit review. No amount of money, affiliations or gifts in the mail will NEVER sway my reviews, there is only a small handful of bloggers I trust as I see SO MANY others mislead their readers continuously. It really gets to me and I had to step back and have a break. I could go on forever but I am back and I am here with a skin care review. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on professional grade skincare brand Medik8. I have included a shop this post bar for Australia and America if you wish to purchase any of these!

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13th September 2016

Aaah the , what a beauty! I am finally reviewing this palette after promising it for weeks on my I am pretty new to Zoeva shadows. I have seen them EVERYWHERE but never took the plunge and tried them, I am pretty fussy with eyeshadows, you have probably seem me pick and pull apart every eyeshadow that I review, but this is our money, our hard work and our time so I want you guys to spend that money on good stuff! My fav shadows are Makeup Geek, Lorac and Tarte. There are many others that I enjoy too but these are the ones that everything else has to live upto if I am going to recommend it. KEEP reading to see if the Zoeva shadows make the cut or should be left on the shelf!


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11th September 2016


WELL hello! As promised on my instagram todays review is all about the . I purchased 3 foundations and 1 contour stick. I didn’t read ANYTHING about these before buying them so I wasn’t really sure what I was buying all I knew was ABH had been working on them for a while. My skin is Light/medium and I am normal sometimes combination skin. In summer I am kind of oily and sometimes I can go slightly oily on my t-zone but very minimal. These are a really good price and a decent/normalish amount of product for a stick foundation. Keep reading to see if these a keepers or NOT.

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7th September 2016

HEYYYYY! I am pretty excited to share with you the NEW lipstick “Strip me down” from the ! This collection is available NOW. When I think of Taraji it makes me think of the movie Baby Boy, which I have seen at least 20 times. When I saw Taraji and MAC had gone with a Nude lipstick I was so excited. The shade is described as a “deep tone beige”. I LOVE shades like this, they work differently for every skin tone. On Dark skin this is a beautiful beige nude with a slight peach tone to it. The lighter the skin the more brown and cinnamon this shade throws! I love it. Keep reading for my thoughts and swatches!

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4th September 2016

Heeyyyy Guys, another foundation review. A $69 foundation, like that price is CRAZY! But its Hourglass and Hourglass are known for quality and for being luxurious so paying that for a “miracle” foundation is totally worth it right?. Today I am reviewing the New Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. You guys know I just tell it how it is, my skin is normal, sometimes slightly oily on my nose but it’s basically normal. This post is a collab with one of my fav bloggers Daniela over at  she has amazing photos and great honest reviews. I don’t love this foundation, I think I am disappointed again 🙁 But funnily enough I think Daniela is enjoying this foundation and we usually agree. Keep reading for why I don’t like this foundation.
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2nd September 2016

Hello Friends! A Jewellery Post today! The ROSE GOLD OBSESSION continues! I need rose gold makeup, clothing, stationary, homewares and Jewellery I just love it. When I Got and Email from The Peach box I jumped on their site and just automatically found things I loved. I wanted to show you what I picked and I have a 15% off discount code for you guys until the end of september ( It’s not and affiliate code, I won’t make any money from it, The Peach Box just thought my readers might like a discount… um yes, we always like a discount code don’t we!! (haha)

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