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Hi There, Firstly I wanted to address my absence, if you want to jump straight into my monthly favourites skip this paragraph! Its been almost 6 weeks since my last blog post. I felt like I wanted to address this because it felt weird not say something. I’ve been gone for so long because I lost my mum. I’m heart-broken beyond what words can explain. My mum was my biggest supporter and Just loved my blog. Without my mum’s support and encouragement I would never have had a blog at all. I am pushing my self to get back on here and do a post because my mum was my biggest inspiration and I know she would be saddened if I stopped blogging. I still love blogging but at this time its hard to feel a passion for any thing because everything is clouded by sadness.

My favourites are a little random, as you can imagine my daily routine came to a complete halt but there was occasions where I have had to put on a little makeup or pushed my self to care for my skin here and there. These favourites are simple little things that I have found easy to use with no fuss.


Pay $14.99 for spray water in a can? YEH NA!!! I was thinking the same thing. Until I tried it. On a hot day or when you just feel like you would like a refresher, a little water sprayed on your face feels so nice, around the house you can totally put some water into a spray bottle but if you want to put it in your handbag it’s not practical. I really like this, it would be great for long hours in the heat or in air conditioning. If your stuck in a hospital or on a plane this would be perfect. The spray is the perfect gentle amount. I’ve sprayed this over makeup and my makeup hasn’t moved!


These are really good!!! they are available in America but as far as I know not YET in Australia. I DO NOT like the smell, it totally smells like the skin care version of a green vegetable haha (der these are Kale) but the smell goes in seconds. These wipes are really wet, they completely take of all my makeup, including eye makeup and NEVER sting my eyes, lately my night-time routine has gone completely out the window, all I’ve done is wipe my face over with these and go to bed, when I wakeup my face is so soft and clean.

Now Firstly this is SO EXPENSIVE nearly $112. I only got this because I had NO Hourglass ambient lighting powders. Only after I had ordered it did I hear about complaints of how small each individual powder was in this palette. The actually powders are gorgeous but the small pan sizes make it a little impractical. I ONLY have this in my favourites because it was so nice having blush, highlight and bronzer all in one palette and they are such beautiful powders. THey all leave such a beautiful glow!


This month I’ve loved mixing these two together. This first one is the original formula and the second is the Illuminating formula. It cosmetics are known for brining skin care and makeup together in one product. These CC+ Creams are not only full coverage blendable natural looking makeup (your skin but better) but they are SPF 50+ and full of anti aging serum. I love these. the reason I mix them together is the Illuminating one is to shimmery alone, when its mixed equally with the original one its perfect and dewy with out leaving your face to shimmery, I just rub this on my face and then blend out with a beauty blender, they are really expensive ($38 USD) but so so worth it!!


I love these little blushes. They are really simple, quite small, bigger than an eyeshadow but smaller than a Makeup geek or Tarte blush. They are just a nice powder, nice blendability and staying power. This shade is a favourite this month because it was pretty natural looking and jut nice and easy to use! the above link is an affiliate link.

This highlighter is the best highlighter everrrrr! it’s so pretty I have a full review HERE I now have all the shades and this is just the best for my medium skin tone. Its sooo gorgeous! check out my review for swatches!

This is the best bronzer ive ever owned. you just cant over do it, it’s never orange or grey its looks like your skin, it just goes on so nicely and blends perfectly with your skin there is nothing powdery about it!!


THE BEST SERUM EVER!! In the picture is the PM Serum (night serum) which is awesome but my absolute favourite Is the AM Serum (day time serum) I have never ever used a serum that has made that sort of difference on my skin. I use these every day. They are definitely expensive but they are 100% WORTH IT!!! Definitely check them out!!

I love Matte lips but had to see what all the hype was about surrounding the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses. They are great, the are fully pigmented, they smell so nice and they are not sticky at all. If you are looking for some new lip glosses defiantely check these out! I have used on of these most days of this month!


This is my daily moisturizer, the best moisturizer ive ever used, ive been using this for maybe 2 years. First I used the original formula and then swapped to the New Super greens version. it smells like fruit tingles and its so so rich and creamy and not at all oily, I can lather this up on my face and within minutes its fully absorbed so  I can put makeup on, it leaves no oily residue (my skin is normal)

This is such a great concealer, I used to love my mac pro longwear concealer but it did seem to get dry sometimes, this has the best coverage, its blends so easy but is never drying. I really recommend this for everyone!


I actually really love Nick Minaj Perfumes. I love sweet scents and she just makes the prettiest smelling perfumes. My tastes aren’t really that sophisticated when it comes to perfume, I don’t like florals so this perfume is perfect!

That is all the thing that I love at the moment! If this post is interesting to everyone maybe ill keep up the favourites posts, I just thought I would be something easy and fun to get me back into blogging! leave your requests for reviews in the comments, I have so much stuff to review so let me know what you want to see!!




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