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Hi Everyone!! As Ive Promised on my  I have a quick NUDESTIX review for you! I have been testing out this brand for just under month now. Nudestix is easily available from Sephora Australia and many other places (a quick google search will fill you in. I was really excited to try these, I love anything in a Chubby Pencil, you can’t go wrong. I do though have many pros and a few cons to the products that I have tried so keep reading if you want to know whether or not you should spend your money on these!

FIRSTLY I love the gorgeous little Matte Black tins that every pencil comes in. They are so cute and you could reuse them for anything. Every Pencil comes with its own instructions and sharpener which is really handy. Nudestix has quite a few different pencils from Lip Pencils, to concealers to eye pencils and much more. What I have been Trying is the Magnetic Eye Pencils, The concealer and the Double ended sculpting pencil. The pencils can range from $30 – $34 which for me is a little expensive. The thing though is that these are really great quality and they do come with all the extras. Nudestix are not about heavy makeup they are about subtle enhancements to your natural beauty.

I LOVE THESE! These are my favourite out of any of the Nudestix products I have tried, They do everything they claim to. I have the colours GILT and IMMORTAL. They are long wearing, crease proof and smudge proof. They glide on like the softer cream but after a few minutes they completely set in place with absolutely so smudging. You have enough time to place the pencil on both eyes and blend out before it sets. You can go over the top of it once its dried with out it crumbling. Its a really great formula.

I did this eye look using only IMMORTAL (except the inner corner and brow bone highlight). I messily drew it on my lid and then used a dense blending brush to blend it out and up into my crease and then ran it under my bottom lash line and gently blended it out with the same brush. It looked so nice, no eyeliner and nothing fancy but it looked like I had really put time into my eye makeup. These pencils stayed all day. By the end of the day when I was covered in baby food, messy hair and mascara smudged ALL over my face, my Nudestix pencil was still in place even though i have rubbed my eyes. Really impressed with these.

These are the two brushes I most recommend for creating this look or for blending out these pencils


These two are the best, especially the Sigma brush as it’s a little denser so great for the bottom lash line.

Now these come in two shades Light/Medium and Medium/deep. These are not your typical highlight and contour sticks. It even specifically states on the Sephora website NOT to buy these if you are looking for an intense colour. I think these are for an EXTREMELY subtle contour, perhaps how you would use a lighter colour foundation in the centre of your face and one a little darker on the outer perimeters for a light contour (that sort of concept. I can not contour with these so I can’t give you a review on how they are for contours but I can review the formula. I think you could do the subtle contour if you are fair/light skin. The Medium Contour shade is my concealer shade (I am light/medium skin tone L’Oreal W3, MAC NC25, Nars Sheer Glow Punjab etc). SO the darkest bit only works for me for a councillor shade. The way I have been using this pencil is using the darker end for concealer and then the Light end for more of a brighter matte highlight or for cleaning up around my brows etc. the formula of these is great, the stay put all day, yet are not dry and somehow moisturising and the do not smear or crease. The thing with these is that I find them to rough for drawing on your face. I think Fora stick for your face they need to be wider or a bit bigger so they don’t pull your skin at all. IF you wanted to only use this stick for sharpening up under your contour or eyebrows then It would be fine not to rough at all.

These are swatches of the sculpting stick shades. I also have the Medium concealer pencil but I’m pretty sure (could be wrong) that is the exact formula and colour as the medium contour shade.


I really like this brand. I love the fresh Idea behind it and I love that it’s the work of a mother who uses her two daughters as her muses.


– The Formula is standout, all products I tried were great formulas I honestly couldn’t fault them
– The Packaging IS cute
– Comes with Instructions and Sharpener


– The price is a little high
– Some of the wonderful formulas  (eg. the sculpting pencil) could be better in a different form

I especially love the Magnetic Eye Colour Pencils, they are great and I will get a lot of use out of these. The formula of the concealers and sculpting pencil is really great, I just think I would have enjoyed them more if they were in a thicker pencil. I will definitely be using it to clean up around my brows though.

I hope this was helpful. These products were sent to me but as with everything I have only given my honest thoughts. If you want to try anything definitely get one of the magnetic eye pencils.

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