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Oh heeyyyyyy! I’ve been saying on my Instagram for weeks that I was testing the NEW The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops. Finally I am ready to review!! If you have troubles finding the correct foundation shade (don’t we all) then you need to read about these. There is a few things you need to know about these before purchasing them and a few things I want to share with you that came on the Media Release. Keep Reading for my full review and some swatches.

Now foundation shade changing products aren’t a new concept. There are many products on the market that lighten or add pigmentation to foundations. These are NOT like the Cover Fx custom colour drops, those are more suited for adding pigmentation to a foundation without changing the formula. These drops are specifically designed to lighten or darken a foundation without changing the formula of the foundation at all. Now the Main thing you need to know is the lightening drops are only designed for Light To medium skin tones and the Darkening Drops are ONLY designed for medium to dark skin tones. You can not add the Darkening drops to a light foundation and you can not add the lightening drops to a dark foundation. Here is why.

These lightening drops are “concentrated in white and pink pigments to neutralize yellow tones” these are recommended for mixing with Fair to Medium Foundations. I am usually a MAC NC 25 or Nars “Punjab” so I’m a “Medium, Medium/Light” skin tone. Most of our skin tones vary throughout the different seasons or if you fake tan etc. I have mentioned before I am part Maori so between winter and Summer my skin varies between 4-6 different foundation shades depending on how much sun ive seen. I have found I can add these Lightening drops to any of my medium tone foundations and it perfectly lightens them with out making the colour stark white. You add one drop to lighten a foundation 1/2 a shade.

Now the DARKENING Drops are supposed to be added too darken medium to dark foundations. My information says “Concentrated In Red pigments for darker skin tones. these drops are definitely not warm toned they are quite Neutral leaning towards cool toned slightly. I really wouldn’t recommend adding these to a light foundation as It seems to make them go quite ashy. I can Use these in My Medium toned foundations to darken. Below I have a  picture as an example of what happens when added to a fair foundation and what happens when added to my NC 25 foundation.

The top swatch is the fairest shade in the Urban Decay Naked Foundation Range below I have added one drop of the darkening drops and you can see its made it quite ashy  and not very wearable. Below that is my NC25 foundation with one drop of the darkening drops and you can see it looks quite nice and not at all ashy when added to a medium foundation. The bottom picture is the NC 25 by its self.


I love these drops. But I do not recommend the darkening ones for fair foundations. The dropper isn’t very functional. It doesn’t easily drop out product. I think the product may be to thick for it. You have to leave it in the bottle and squeeze the top and then slowly release it so that it has time to suck it up. That’s the only thing I don’t like about these. I love the formula and they are just really handy! I think as a medium skin tone you can use both so that’s quite handy. You get 15ml of product that’s Half the amount of a normal foundation and depending on your skin tone will depend how much product you use. I really recommend these especially for a MUA they would be really helpful!!

You can see in this picture how great they mix with a medium foundation. Both swatches are with just one drop added, you can add as many drops as you find necessary.

I constantly go between these shades!

I really hope this answered all of your questions. I’m really pleased with these and will continue to use them. I will be buying these if I run out for sure!

Thankyou for reading, you can find me on Instagram


*Products were sent for consideration as always all opinions are my own!

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