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Heyyyyy! FINALLY as promised on my here are my thoughts, swatches and full review of the . Guys I will tell you right now I LOVE IT AND I saw yesterday that it is available at SEPHORA AUSTRALIA and Tarte Cosmetics Right now as I type this. Dont miss this one, find out why I love it and keep reading for the swatches!!!

The NEW Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist PRO palette is AMAZING. For us in Australia you can currently get this for $83 on . There are 16 Matte shades and 4 iridescent luster shades. That’s a total of 20 shades for $83 making them just $4.15 per shadow.

I LOVE TARTE EYESHADOWS. This is a good natural formula, Tarte have gotten rid of nasties and not sacrificed ANY quality. These are my favourite shadows ever. Full pigment, consistent quality, No fall out, long wear, made from naturally derived amazonian clay, no parabens or talc. LITERALLY i could go on. These blend well and basically its a dream eyeshadow. I can’t go on about this enough.

Now for the colour selection. I’m so happy with the shades Tarte included. Literally this palette is full of my favourite nuetrals, cool tones and warm tones. The perfect Balance. You have purples and reds, warm oranges, browns, golds just everything you need. This palette completely blows the ABH Modern Renaissance away.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. I had to include this. As you can see my palette has a few broken shades. To be honest this was bought from the American Website and sent to me in Australia. There was NO protective wrapping, no bubble wrap it was literally the two New Tarte Pro palettes chucked in a box with a little tiny bit of tissue paper. I’m surprised they weren’t more broken to be honest.

If I had anything that Tarte needed to work on it would be the packaging. HOW Tarte responded to my  email is what mattered. I immediately emailed Tarte Customer service and sent pics of the broken shadows, the replied pretty quickly and with no fuss at all they explained the palette had sold out so they couldn’t send me a new one but they could refund me. I chose a refund and Within a few days my money was back in my account. HONESTLY the best customer service I have ever dealt with.

Stuff happens, things break and when a company is that friendly and easy to deal with as well as helpful it just makes you want to keep buying from them. I have had to fight with companies to try to get an order right or help you with an order and it’s really stressful. I totally appreciate how amazing they were!


TOP ROW – Classic (Cream), Innocent (Soft peach), Whimsy (Brick), Smoked (Dark Brown), Ethereal (Bronze)

SECOND ROW – Vintage (Ivory), Fierce (Cool Plum), No Filter (Purple Mauve), Vamp (Deep Plum), Glam (Champagne)

THIRD ROW – Chic (Pale Pink), Profesh (Taupe), Mod (Deep Cherry), Drama (Maroon), Mix (Shimmering Mauve)

FOURTH ROW – Indie (Greige), Bold (Light Brown), Edgy (chocolate), punk (Black), Trendy (Prismatic Teal)


if you are still with me after ALL OF THAT JABBERING then you already know you NEED to buy this. Go get it now or put it on your Christmas list. The black is so pigmented yet still soft (hard to find ones like it) the shimmers are so beautiful and smooth, the cream colours are so pigmented they make the best canvas, you’ve got your crease colours in every shade and everything in between.

Seriously I love it, I was not sent this,  I am not sponsored. I LOVE THIS. I feel like this will sell out quick from Sephora Australia like it has over and over again from the Tarte Website. This a beautiful palette, from the packaging to the shade selection. I just love it. There is NOTHING I don’t like about this and you know Im SO PICKY. Honestly this is the Palette you would splurge on. I can’t fault it!

What do you think? 

Will you try this?

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