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Welll heyyyyy! Back at it again with a  post featuring some new products that you would have seen all over my Instagram @youngmumstufff. if you have been following me you already know I am obsessed with . From the product to the awesome packaging they can do no wrong! NOW can we first just realise how GOOD it is to finally be able to . For years I’ve waited for this! The price point is actually not to bad either. With currency conversion and shipping they would have to pay it works out quite good good for us. I am just so grateful to finally be able to have access to the brands I love without having to use expensive shipping services. Now to wait for a Sephora to open in WA! Keep reading for my haul and swatches!

Now this palette is now my ABSOLUTE favourite. It’s so beautiful. This is my perfect palette I love browns and mauves so I couldn’t have designed this better my self. Even the packaging is PERFECT! LOOK AT IT!!

Now the foiled/shimmer shades “firecracker” and “Funny Girl” I HAVE to talk about. With cheaper palettes that I have reviewed you CAN NOT pick the foiled shades up with a brush, you have to use your finger. With the two metallic shades in this palette you can use ANY brush. I love that the pigment is so smooth that you can pick it up with a brush and pat it onto your lid and it goes on smoothly, no fall out and doesn’t loose its metallic finish, that is something you don’t see with a cheaper eyeshadow.

This would be the PERFECT present for anyone. Any one of any age could use this palette as you can go pretty minimal or really glam with this. If you would like a full review of this palette with a full break down of every shade please leave a request in the comments of on my and I can have it up within the week.

I have the shades Boho and Latergram (aren’t the names cool) These lip pencils are creamy. So so creamy. They glide on with ease and after about 30 seconds they sort of set and they STAY PUT. These are a perfect match for the Creamy Matte Lip Paints I go, They could be used under any lipstick or liquid lip.

I have the shades Namaste and TBT. These are matte yet not drying, they have a very soft velvet finish and are opaque. These are like a cream to matte finish. I found that its very easy to put a layer that is a little to thick on. These are NOT like most “liquid” lipsticks. I found every time I apply them I am left with a mousey sort of slippery feel. And I don’t like that. It’s just to messy. So I press a tissue between my lips and it sort of collects the excess. Leaving a soft matte lip. I love it. If you don’t like the drying feel of liquid long-lasting lipsticks, so these are for you!

I love this! This is a clay paint eyeliner. I like this product for doing a precise line. definitely awesome for doing a wing. This wasn’t as black as I thought it would be but it layered so nicely. The little bamboo brush that it comes with makes winged liner so effortless. If you don’t like the brush because you’re not used to the shape or the bristles are frayed a little than use a different brush. This liner works with what ever you are used to. Below is a random sad little wing i drew on my hand haha just to showy you the pigmentation and colour of the product.

So there you have it! Some of the cool Tarte Cosmetics Products that came into stock online at Sephora Australia this month! If you can only afford one thing Make it the you wont regret it. You can buy any of these products by Clicking  or on any of the links above. They are all currently in stock.

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*this post is not sponsored. All opinions are mine and are written with complete Honestly. This post does contain Affiliate links. I do not profit from any of your purchases. Thankyou Sephora Australia for the chance to collab with you xxx


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