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Hi Friends! If you follow me on instagram you would have seen that I ordered some of the NEW Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Collection! I was so excited about this collection. Not only for the beautiful packaging but because there was so many new types of products that Tarte Had not released before. Tarte Cosmetics Is one of my most favourite brands! I love everything I have ever tried from them. I was most excited about the Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette. This post is my Haul, And this was a really really big purchase for me, the four items, currency conversion and postage was quite expensive but I am so glad I saved for this!! If you would like to see more in-depth swatches or reviews of certain products that please feel free to leave a request in the comments!

This is so pretty. First of all the packaging is BEAUTIFUL. This is unlike any other highlighting palette that I own as it has a matte highlight in the centre. The Shimmer highlighting shades are amazing, they are so soft that they actually feel wet and velvety at the same time. I love both shades “Moonlight” is a “Rosey Pearl’ and “Sunlight” is a “Champagne gold” they are both intensly pigmented yet if you over do it they are quite easily blended out. I am so glad I purchased this Item!! the centre shade “filtered Light” is described as a “matte sand” I don’t get a lot of colour payoff from if any at all this it sort of acts like a translucent powder for under the eyes. Really like it also! I would have loved a different highlighting shade instead (like a pearl or a gold) but Im still obsessed with this palette as it is!

These swatches were really hard to photograph. The matte sand shade in the middle totally just melts into my skin so its hard to see. You can see here how luminous and beautiful the highlighter shades are. I love this!!!!


If you read my last post (HERE) then you already know that I love Tarte Cosmetics Eyeshadows! they are luxurious, pigmented and so soft. They have a lot of pigment but not so much that they are hard to work with. This palette has 2 matte shades “Cove” and “Sand” and then 6 shimmer shades. Starfish, reef, wave and seashell are extremely foiled looking, SO PRETTY and wave and mermaid are still completely pigment packed and smooth they just have a less foiled looking finish and aren’t so shimmery. I would love to do a full review on this if anyone is interested. For my skin tone the shade sand is the perfect shade for all over the lid to blanc out your eyelid and cove is the perfect crease shade.They you can basically create any neutral shimmery eyelid you want from there! As you can see the Matte shades aren’t fully pigment packed but they do have a really nice smooth application. I really like this palette.

My swatches don’t quite capture the beautiful foiled finish so I will try to add in a picture in direct sunlight tomorrow.

This foundation I haven’t tried out long enough to give a full extensive review but there is a few things I can tell you. Keep in mind I have only worn this 4 times. This foundation has spf 15 this product is 20% water so its supposed to really hydrate you skin. It claims to be full coverage but I disagree. This foundation is light coverage for me and then I can build it up to a medium coverage comfortably. This only comes in 12 shades. I think that the shade range could definitely be a little bigger. The things I don’t like about this foundation so far it that it doesn’t wear for 12 hours like it claims. It feels like a bb cream and for the price I’m not to sure I am happy with it. This foundation does do some subtle blurring the skin which is nice but it just didn’t have the wow factor for me, except the beautiful packaging. I love the dropper its very well made, a lot of foundations I have with the proper struggle to pick up and dispense enough product this one has no trouble at all. This foundation wears really comfortably. It feels like you have nothing on the skin. I got the shade light Medium Honey and it’s too dark for me and throws quite orange. I wish I had the right shade so that I could test this even longer. Overall the finish on the skin is lovely but I don’t think its the foundation you should go for if you are looking for full coverage, it’s what you would go for when you want something that has decent coverage and a really natural finish.

I am loving this concealer. It claims to be Vegan, contain skin conditioning serum and be 12 hour wear. This concealer also has claims of being medium coverage which I completely agree with intact I have so far agreed with all of the claims made about this product. It does have that sort of mild paint smell that the urban decay creaseless concealer has. It is very liquid-y and has THE HUGEST doe foot applicator i have ever seen! and I love it

I mean look at this! the top wand is a basic sort of standard size its the Nars radiant Creamy concealer wand and below is the Giant Aquacealer wand. Its fricken massive and it amazing. It’s not to big that its hard to get into the corner of your undereye or nose or even your cupid bow. It still fits where it should but makes application so quick. This concealer is the ALL ROUNDER this concealer is for all ages. I would have bought my mum something like this. it doesn’t crease, its moisturising and it stays put. its medium coverage so there is still a little of your skin peeping through. This would be mature for very young skin all the way through to mature skin in my opinion. I am really glad that I bought this. I am terrified to run out!!! haha

I wanted to include this swatch so you could see the visible formulas of the foundation and the concealer. I applied the same amount of product. You can see the foundation is a medium coverage and something I forgot to mention is it sort of dries to a kind of powder finish as you can see.  The Aquacealer you can see if very fluid-y and you can see that a little would stretch long way.

I hope this was helpful, Tarte is one o my most favourite brands. They are so unique, the products are cositantly good and the packaging is the best ever! the pricing is more on the High side of the scale espacially if you are buying from Australia. That is why I just love doing reviews on new releases, I am honest and I will let you know if you should or shouldn’t spend your money! I don’t regret any of these purchases, I do wish I had the correct foundation colour and I so wish that I could have afforded to get some of the brushes from this collection they are so pretty. If you aren’t sure what to buy DEFINATELY get the skin twinkle palette and the concealer. TARTE COSEMETICS NOW SHIPS TO AUSTRALIA and a whole bunch of other countries which is amazing, you don’t know how many years I have waited for this!! Sephora Australia also sells Tarte. I have been speaking with Sephora Australia but there isn’t a confirmed date of when these products will hit our shores!

Again thank you for reading, ask me anything I may have forgotten to answer in the comments or on my Twitter on Instagram


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