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Oh heyyyyyy! Now I have been promising for at least 2 months on my d this review of the latest ABH palette “Modern Renaissance” of course I have a whole bunch of pros and cons. I want to mention a few things that no one else is really talking about with this palette. You know I adore ABH and Norvina. They are Self Made and a total generous company. The one thing with ABH is that Anastasia and Norvina have reached celebrity status which is awesome but It also means that people can get star struck and can tend to show off and brag about products because they love the people behind it or they are just caught up in the hype so it can be hard to know if people really love ht actual product or not. I love ABH and I know most of you do too as my ABH reviews are my most viewed. Keep reading to see if I like this.

I bought this palette straight from the for $42 USD. That converts to $55.84 AUD. Shipping to Australia was $17.95 so my order total was $59.95 USD Which is $79.72 AUD. So a very expensive palette. This palette im pretty sure is the biggest palette Anastasia has made. It contains 14 shadows. So with paying a total $79.92 AUD including shipping you could say it cost me $5.70 per shadow. Something I have also noticed is that though this palette include more shades the actual weight of each shadow is less than usual so you might he getting more variety but you are actually getting less shadow.

I love the soft lilac mauve shade of the packaging its beautiful. A lot of people love that its velvet but I can’t stand it. Sure its cute but it takes one day to get a print on it and its all down hill from there. You can wipe the prints of to some extend but it will never be as clean as its original form. If im being REALLY annoyingly picky I would also say that the big blocky white text really doesn’t fit. I have no idea what the hell Modern Renaissance is and im sure most of you are the same. I’m pretty sure Renaissance is an art and This palette must be modern take on it or the colour used in it. I’m not sure if that just made me look smarter or stupider but whatever (haha) All i know is I saw the warm tones and the Mauve shade and HAD TO HAVE IT.

As you can see in the swatches I used a brush. Usually for my reviews I use my finger for swatches and you know finger swatches pack MUCH more pigment. I decided to use a brush with this palette to show you how amazing the pigment is even when using a brush. I used the brush that came with the palette, the flat shader end. It’s important to note that the brush that comes with the palette (above) is actually amazing, most palettes from other brands come with crap brushes. The formula is EXTREMELY soft. Which is kind of annoying it’s very creamy yet powdery at the same time, though not dry. I do experience alot of fall out with these shadows and I find it can be a little wasteful because when you dip your brush in, even gently it kicks up a bit of powder. I found that these blend SO beautifully. I did find though that these shadows didn’t stay to well on my lids you have to wear a primer. This palette is NOT limited edition it is a permanent product. There are 11 matte shades and 3 satin shimmers. I like that ratio and I feel like alot of you guys will too. Now for swatches!


Again I just want to quickly note, my swatches for this post were done using the brush that came with the palette to demonstrate how pigmented these shadows are.


TEMPERA – Velvetty Beige with an ultra matte finish, You can’t really see shades like this my swatches I just like to use this all over the lid to prep and give a nice clean base.
GOLDEN OCHRE – Earthy yellow with an Ultra Matte finsih, you can probably already tell this shade is an awesome transition colour
VERMEER – Iridescent Shell with a Metallic Finish, This shade is a must have, perfect for your brow bone, inner corner, lid and it’s just the most pretty white pink champagne highlight.
BUON FRESCO – Antique lavender with an Ultra Matte finish, this is the shade I bought this palette for. ABH do amazing dusty rose and mauve shades. For me this is the perfect mauve.
ANTIQUE BRONZE – Metallic Sable with a Satin Finish, This is just a really pretty metallic warm brown, you can do anything with this, its PERFECT fora brown smokey eye.
LOVE LETTER – Raspberry with a ultra Matte finish, This is probably the dryest shade, but ANY shade form any company like this is, this still blends very nicely, but go in lightly or it can go patchy.
CYPRUS UMBER – Dark Coffee With an Ultra Matte finish, This si a really dark cool toned brown, I love this to use as a shadow eyeliner or to deepen the outer v!


RAW SIENNA – Neutral Amber with an Ultra Matte finish, this is another beautiful transition colour
BURNT ORANGE – Deep Orange with an Ultra Matte Finish, this is a great shade to use to deepen up the crease or for the bottom lash line.
PRIMAVERA – Shimmery Gold Dust with a Metallic Finish, I love this shade its my satin finish, ABH is also amazing at doing gold powders, so pretty.
RED OCHRE – Sienna With an Ultra Matte finish, This shade is a really cool brick-red brown. I know lots of you guys will love this shade.
VENETIAN RED – Crimson with an Ultra Matte finish, again this is a dryer shade (but that tends to be the case with these types of shades) it’s probably the least pigmented shade also even though it’s the deepest, still very nice.
WARM TAUPE – Earthy Grey with an Ultra Matte Finish, This is like the perfect face contour shade! I love shades like this for the eyes when a brown might be to warm, just blend this through it and it will neutralise it!
REALGAR – Brick With an Ultra Matte finish, this is the total orange brick shade, another cult favourite.


I like this palette. the shade range is amazing, the overall blendability and pigmentation of these shades is impressive. I also appreciate the brush that it’s totally functional. Do you need this? no, will you regret buying it? No. This is a palette that I will be so happy to use. I thin you only need this if you love pinks and reds and warm tones. I will probably only use the neutral and typical colours from this so I can really use any palette (that’s because I am an eyeshadow wimp). The things about this palette to consider are that even though you are getting more shadows than usual you are also getting less product than usual. This palette is quite soft and powdery. I also Really do not like the packaging, its to easy to get dirty, so really whats the point of pretty packaging that is really easy to ruin.

I hope this was helpful, I really do try to thoroughly research and test all my products. I try to give the pros and cons to help you decide whether you should spend your money. 

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