4th April 2016

Hello Again! Another Liquid Lipstick post, I know! But I can’t get enough!! More and more brands keep bringing out these awesome products in the most awesome shades! SO you know I just gotta get in there and tell you my honest opinion on whether it’s just an instagram craze or if it’s a Good Product! These beauties are from  I received these a few days ago and I have applied them and re applied the mover and over a gain and tested them while drinking, eating and just doing day to day things. Mellow Cosmetics Is a New Zealand company, and as you know I am from New Zealand so I really wanted to like these. Mellow cosmetics products are designed and tested In New Zealand and are cruelty free, paraben free and Vegan. These are Made in China under license and FDA regulations.  The Packaging is really nice! I really like it, its simple, sleek and pretty. The lipsticks have had a makeover. They used to be in a cheap looking black packaging and they are now in these really nice creamy beige bullets with the gold trim and print. Really nice. I am not reviewing those in this post but I can do in another if requested as the colours are really nice. I was lucky to receive 4 of the Matte Liquid lipsticks and 2 of the creamy matte lipsticks. The shades are all really on trend at the moment. So if you want to see swatches, possible dupes and my thoughts on the formula then keep reading!

FIRSTLY These are $14 USD each, which is a great price. Shipping is FREE for Australia, USA and New Zealand when you spend over $40 which is also great. These are really nice liquid lipsticks. they are a thin yet mousey sort of formula. I don’t find them to be extremely opaque. In my opinion they need two coats. Which is no big deal they layer nicely and they don’t cake up. 3 of the colours I have applied sort of patchy, not dry patch like they would flake off but just patch enough that you would want to dip back in and add that second layer. These take a good 5 minutes to sort of set. For the first 5 or so minutes they are quite creamy and then they set to a matte finish. But not a dry mate. They aren’t tacky, the don’t move around but they don’t set down like other matte liquid lipsticks. If you have a drink they do transfer to a cup but only very slightly. I would compare the feeling of these to a MAC matte lipstick just longer wearing. These are extremely comfortable to wear. If you don’t like the dry feeling of liquid lipsticks this is the formula you want. If you eat they will wear of in the centre of your mouth but every single lip product i have ever used EVER does this.

This is a really pretty shade! its one of those shades that’s going to suit every skin tone and look different on every skin tone. This is one of the most opaque shades. On me its sort of that same shade range as MAC velvet teddy except its more of a neutral brown nude. this colour looks very similar when swatched next to shanghai but its very different. t’s a really on trend colour and its easy to wear. If you want something to just throw on or you are a little shy of bright or dark lipsticks then this is for you! it’s a warm toned brown nude!

For your comparison here is Tehran Next to some other Popular shades. From top to bottom we have Mellow Cosmetics Tehran, Nyx Sandstorm and Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin. It’s a very similar formula and shade to Sandstorm it’s definitely longer wearing though. Celebrity skin dries with a more cooler mauve tone to it than Tehran.

Budapest. I love this shade. It’s a mauve based nude. This one applied more patchy than the other shades but was completely opaque and smooth after a second coat. This shade is one of my favourite tones. It’s a very easy to wear mauve if you are wanting to try a mauve, go for this one!

Here again for you to compare the shades top to bottom there is Mellow Cosmetics Budapest, Dose of colours stone (which dries with a much propeller tone to it) and at the bottom Gerard Cosmetics Invasion. As you can see invasion is a very very close shade. And you can also see from the swatch that Budapest in a much thinner constancy.

This is Shanghai! this colour is very in trend also its that sort of chestnut 90s brown that is really popular right now. It wasn’t until I swatched it next to other shades in that range that I realised this one has a more pink undertone to it where the others (e.g. Dose of colors cork) have a more yellow base. So again if you love that 90s orange brown lip but you want to do it a little more subtle than go for Shanghai!

Again for your comparison here are some swatches Top to bottom is Mellow Cosmetics Shanghai, Dose of Colors Cork and Colour pop Ultra satin lip Tansy. You can see in this swatch that Shanghai next to cork is completely different where i thought they would be really similar. they are in the same shade range just different undertones. Tansy is much darker and again has the yellow undertone.

AAAAH look at this colour! A dark vampy maroon lip will never go out of style. This one has a very berry undertone. Immediately it reminded me of mac Rebel. I though they were going to be identical. But rebel is much lighter. This is such a pretty colour.

*messy swatch alert hahah

Top to bottom we have Mellow Cosmetics New York, Mac cosmetics Rebel and Then Anastasia Beverly hills Trust Issues. As you can see New York and Rebel are on the exact same shade range but rebel is lighter and has a touch more raspberry pink to it. Anastasia beverly hills trust issues is similar but it has more brown to it where New York has pink.

There it is! My review and swatches! I would definitely recommend these for someone who wants an ultra comfortable matte liquid lipstick. if you like the really long wearing more dry formula then these aren’t that. These are lighter on the lips, they have a good amount of wear time but I wouldn’t class them as long wearing. If you want that pigment thats so opaque you only need one swipe this isn’t these either. These do need two coats to achieve that. Mellow cosmetics is obviously a newer brand. I am really excited to see what they bring in the future. Most companies continuously update and renew their formulas. ABH has done it a tone of times. As far as I am aware this is the first release of these Liquid lipsticks and its a really great formula.

Have you tried Mellow Cosmetics? I would love to know your thoughts!

  • Savannah

    I am in love with the matte liquid lip paint shanghai and have to convince my mom to buy it for me but I can’t find it on there site and your link brings me to there site but says that item does not exist is there anyway u could tell me where u got it from if u could text me that would be great cuz I don’t check my email too much but I completely understand if u don’t wanna give ur number to a stranger tho
    (561) 383-1453