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Hello!! I’m so glad to finally be sharing with you my thoughts about the NEW Makeup Geek ! I was so lucky to be sent 4 of the new shades. If the shades I’m reviewing aren’t your shade you can still read about the formula and extra details. I’ve been promising this review for a couple of weeks on my instagram but I really wanted to thoroughly try these first! Keep Reading for swatches, review and similar shades I have in my collection!


. 4 warm shades and 4 cool toned shades ranging from Fair to Deep. Its supposed top be that no matter you skin tone they have the contour shade for you. We all believe that we need a cool toned contour powder. That’s what I have been believing anyways. Marlena From makeup geek explains that if you have a cool undertone you need a cool contour powder and if you have a warm undertone you need a warm contour powder and if you are Neutral you can use both. This is where It may get confusing for most of us. How the hell do you know if you have a cool undertone or a warm undertone?. Basically look at your skin, especially on your face. Do you think that your skin looks like there is a pink undertone? then you would be cool toned. If you look in the mirror and your skin has a yellow undertone then you are warm toned. If you really can’t seem to see your skin throwing either way then you are Neutral. I hope that helps. I think that’s something with these powders being divided into cool and warm. People who understand what their skin tone is are going to love this because they can purchase the perfect shade and people who don’t really get it (me until recently) aren’t going to know which to buy so deff do your research or watch Makeup Geeks video  for more tips!


These contour Powders are HUGE! they are the same size as the Makeup Geek Blushes. These are 4.25g Which is MASSIVE! They are $10 USD each which is $13.99 AUD. As a comparison Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour powders are $14 USD Each and are Just 3g, Nyx contour singles are 2.7g and $5. So these are Big and they are a great price. Again I fully Recommend buying a Z Palette if you don’t have one so that you can put your contour powder in it and not loose it or mess it up.

I love the names of these. The Makeup Geek Blushes are all lovey dovey names like “Honeymoon” and “Romance” and the contour shades are all named after the dark side of love such as “Complicated” and “Infidelity” so I love that there is a cute little theme!


Now to the important part! The formula. Well these are unlike any other formula. These all feel soft and powdery. When I put my brush in it always has a bit of fall out and seems quite powdery but when you apply to your skin it weirdly goes on as if it were a cream and not a powder. It glides on so smooth. The formula is so bendable, You could literally use a stiff brush and draw a really sharp line on your face and then you can blend it out as much as you wanted. Most contour powders once you place it so precisely and sharply you need to work a bit to blend it out. You can blend it a little to leave the contour sharp or you can blend it out until its nearly gone. It’s really weird. It’s a long staying formula too. Once you’ve blended it to where you want it stays. These powders a re really buildable too. If you blend it too much then you can add more on top. I love how versatile these are, they are very forgiving, so if you apply to much it’s so easy to make it look nice. I really like this formula.


Here are the Four Shades swatches next to each other. For a better idea of the shades I have some swatches below of them next to other Popular contour shades. I use Half Hearted for a warmer contour and I use Complicated for a nice cool for Shadow like contour. I am warm toned but I really like both the Cool and Warm Medium Shades.

BUY Warm Medium “Half Hearted”  
BUY Cool Medium “Complicated” 
BUY Warm Fair “Bad Habit” 
BUY Cool Fair “Infidelity” 


As you can see Makeup Geek “Infidelity” is a close shade to Anastasia Beverly Hill Popular shade “Fawn”. Infidelity is a little cooler though.

Here I have Compared NYX “Tan” which is the first contour shade in the NYX palette with MUG ” Bad Habit”  these are very similar in person though tan is a little deeper in colour. The Makeup Geek shade applies much smoother and blends a bit better.

Here I wanted to show WARM Medium again NYX “hollow” which is the darkest contour in the nyx palette and Kat Von D’s “Sombre” which is the darkest colour in the Kat Von D palette. You can see that “Half Hearted” is its own unique shade. It is very close to the NYX shade and on the same shade range as “Sombre”. Sombre is just much darker.

Here  I have Cool Medium against Kat Von D “Shadow Play” (the first colour in the kit) and NYX “Sculpt”. You can see that its very similar to “Shadow Play” both aren’t very cool toned I find them both to be neutral on me. NYX Scuplt is much more Pink based.

Here I’ve got on WARM Medium “Half Hearted”. I chose it for this look because it looks really nice with the lip colour (DOSE OF COLORS – Cork). Sometimes a warmer contour just works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Excuse my eyebrows BTW I have no excuses, I’ve just been lazy haha.


I am a fan. I love that Makeup Geek has tried to really make it easier to buy a contour powder. I love that they have tried to cover more skin tones than most companies. The only thing that I can pick on is that some people are going to be completely confused as the whether to get cool or warm. All you need to do though is do your research. I love the formula and Im pretty impressed with the Shade range. The cool medium is heaps cool toned but Luckily there are plenty of other shades to choose from. Again make sure you have a Z Palette and keep in mind that if you are in Australia these will be around $13 Shipping. I love the formula of these its super super blendable and soft.

Well I hope this helped! I have had a lot of requests for this post! Next I have my makeup geek eyeshadows to post and Manny Mua’s new palette to review also. Which would you like to see first?

Thankyou for reading!


*I was lucky enough to be sent these products, All opinions are my own and in no way swayed. Links are Affiliate Links. If you don’t want to purchase through my links just jump onto and search the contour powders 🙂 xx

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