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Firstly this is a different sort of review for me, a vacuum cleaner! Your used to seeing me review lipsticks or decor but today its a vacuum. This isn’t a standard product review. This is a review from a mum of 5. Vacuuming is something most of us do every day for me I do it twice a day. If you have a vacuum that doesn’t work properly, tips over every time you pull it along, doesn’t suck properly and has attachments that fall off constantly then you know how frustrating it can be. I wanted to let you know about the new * vacuum. I thought it was also a good time to review a vacuum as its nearly tax time, and I can’t tell you how many tax returns have been spent on vacuums that don’t work properly. So here is one that does.

This Vacuum is AWESOME. It was so easy to put together. It came in this box with all the parts below. SO MANY cool attachments. We (and by “we” I mean “He” ) put it all together it about 2 minutes. Look at how easy the instructions are below.

I love how everything clicks into place so easily. The most used attachments click into place near the handle. This is actually a great update. My parents have a vacuum where the attachments are near the handle but they don’t click into place, so it’s quite annoying as you vacuum they loosen and fall of. With this new  they don’t go anywhere until you click them off.

The main attachments I use its the “Combination Tool” for my blinds and I actually use it to dust across my tv cabinets etc. I used the “Carbon Fibre Turbine Floor Tool” for my carpets and the “Swivel hard floor tool” for my hard floors.

Here are the attachments that came with my vacuum!

1. Carbon Fibre Turbine floor tool – This one is amazing on my carpets!! this is the attachment I had on when the vacuum pulled huge amounts of dust and dirt from my carpets. Mine a little dirty but like i said I vacuum Every day sometimes twice a day!

2. Tangle Free Turbine Attachment – This little Gem Is an attachment that is really great for vacuuming up hair, or places where there may be a lot of hair like the bathroom. The way this works is that the little brushes work counter-clockwise and ball up the hair and suck it into the vacuum instead of hair getting stuck around a rotating brush (Which is so annoying)

3. Swivel Hard Floor Tool  – This is a simple attachment. It swivels for day use and getting into hard to reach places (or between chairs etc) it is what I use on my Lino. It combines the great suction with the broom like brush bristles.

4. Reach Under Tool – This tool is great for when you need to vacuum under something. This is the attachment that I have used the least. It’s actually really nice for cleaning the dust away from my beauty blogging space as it’s quite thin and soft. So it fits into small spaces and gently removes dust etc. It’s also great for getting in under cabinets etc.

5. Carbon Fibre Soft Dusting Brush – This is the Attachment that I like to chuck on and use to dust over my TVs, cabinets and especially the head of my bed and bed side tables. Its soft and has theat great suction.

6 & 7 – Combination Tool Brushes – These are different size brushes that can be used with the combination tool depending on the area you need them for. Number 7 is great for the window tracks. If you don’t want to change heads to much you can use 7 for almost everything, the blinds and listing etc it’s just not going to do as good of a job as the dusting tools can do.

8. Stair Tool – I haven’t used this one as I don’t have stairs or any steps in my house. This attachment is exactly what you need to get right into the corners of your stairs.

I just keep all of these attachments say to grab in a drawers of my TV Cabinet, that way you don’t loose them and they are easy to grab, the only problem I have is my baby and her little cousin like to steal them out haha!

I have spent up to $1200 on a vacuum. I bought that vacuum as my kids had asthma and I just needed something that would actually get the dust out of the carpets. That vacuum worked well expect it had filters to replace and it had to get a $150 service every year. So that was expensive and annoying. The next vacuum we got was supposed to be awesome but for much cheaper. This one had to have bags replaced and tipped over everywhere it went. And then came the . This vacuum is $999 and it has literally answered ever single vacuum cleaner problem.

– SELF RIGHTING- if it rolls over it self corrects back into position if it rolls over
– EXTRA LONG CORD (6.6m with over 10m total reach)
– QUICK RELEASE TOOLS (They click in and out-of-place easily and stay in place securely)
– LONGER REACH WAND (extends up to 1250cm)
– ARTICULATED HANDLE – The handle moves in 3 directions allowing 360 Degree of movement
– BALL TECHNOLOGY – Basically the design is around the ball shape, meaning the vacuum moves easier and smoother.

I am so happy with this vacuum. It’s so easy to use, its smooth and it’s just easy.

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is the suction. And my god, i have been so impressed. Prior to the  i vacuumed EVERY SINGLE DAY the surface of the carpet looked good but that vacuum just must not have been getting anything below the surface. I vacuumed 1 large lounge room which already looked cleaned (having been vacuumed the night before) and the Big ball vacuum was nearly full of dust and dirt. Dust and dirt that had probably been under the surface of my carpet for the last year I had been using my other vacuum. In the carpet that my kids lie on. I was disturbed. The suction is 250AW (Air Watts) Now I don’t understand Air Watts but from my research this is a good number. Over all I can not fault this vacuum AT ALL. I love it. It just works and it works well. It gets the job done without any fuss. It not only does the job but it does it well, my carpets have never felt so clean.  If you are on the hunt for a vacuum I am totally recommending this one. I have had mine and used it every day for 3 weeks now and I just can’t fault it.

I would love to know if this review was helpful. I know I google reviews continuously before making a purchase! I would love to hear your thoughts!!

thankyou for reading!

  • This is not a sponsored post, product was provided for review, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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