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YESSSS!!! So my order arrived today!

I ordered 6 colours! All the typical mauve, grey, brown and dusty rose colours you would expect me to get! Loving these so far!
Straight Into swatches
*Also While editing realised every pic I had like one eye or half a creepy eye hahaha No Idea why this happened, was trying to get a good shot of the lip colour! excuse the cyclops eye lol!

This colour was lighter than I expected, I expected a Medium Mauve shade. On me it first applys like a milkshake pink colour and then dried to a light dusty pink mauve shade!
Very pretty and very wearable for lipstick wimps like me 🙂
This is that grey beige “greige” shade everyone wants! I have a post all about greige lip colours HERE.
This shade is a little lighter and more wearable than the other greige shades I have. So pretty.
This is the most wearable pink ever. It’s hard to explain but colourpop says it’s a neutral nude pink. It’s very pretty and its a colour anyone could wear.
This was actually the most comfortable on the lips, so nice.
This is described as a dusty warm terracota I don’t have anything like this to compare it to.
I usually don’t like anything with a warm base or any terracotta shade to it but this is so pretty.
This is my favourite shade I absolutely love it. It’s a darker dusty rose with a bit or burgundy in it.
Oh it’s so pretty!
This colour is a true chocolate-brown! It’s so daring and on trend I love it! I’m probably to much of a lipstick wimp to wear this out just yet but at night I might (not that I go anywhere haha)
if you’re wanting to get into that vampy dark brown lip trend try Limbo! MESSIEST APPLICATION EVER forgive me! Baby woke from her nap so I slapped it on and took a picture! I thought It was more important for me to show the colour on the lips and not try to demonstrate skill in a rush haha!
Tulle is just my absolute favourite!!
Now a lot of what I heard was that Midi was going yo be a mauve shade, some even compared it to Dose of Colors Stone  it’s not a dupe for that at all. Its it own Unique shade. It’s on a similar Shade to Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood except Midi is more of a baby pink/mauve shade and Pure Hollywood has that Beige peach undertone.
Trap Could Definitely be a Lime Crime Cashmere dupe. LA Splash Ghoulish is supposed to be an identical colour and you can see Trap next to Ghoulish is very similar its just more wearable and not so grungy. Aroma Beauty’s Dessert Taupe is closer in colour to Trap.
This is a Comparison between Coloured Raine’s Truffle Raine Lip Paint and Colourpop Limbo. You can see Truffle Raine is a brown with an olive undertone and Limbo is a very warm chocolate-brown. Limbo dries to a dark chocolate-brown quite darker than this swatch.
This is Colourpop Tulle compared to Coloured Raine’s Mars. Very similar but it’s slightly darker than Mars. I can add a comparison to Kat Von D lolita if you like, Just ask in the comments!
MY THOUGHTS: I love these!! You can not beat the price!!! I think these are great! The formula is way runnier than what I expected. They dry quite fast but not so fast that I cant complete my whole lip. These are VERY similar to the Aromi Beauty Liquid lipstick formulas. With the shades I have they all needed a second coat but they formula is completely buildable so even if the first coat has dried I can still go over and add another with ease. These arent overly drying they are the same as other long wearing matte liquid lipsticks. These stay put really well I had to scrub even with oil to get them off which is a good think for me because I want my lipsticks to stay. As always use a scrub the night before using one if your lips are overly dry. I have big lips but use a conditioning lip balm every night and every morning during my skin care routine. When applying the liquid lipsticks Remove any balm then apply. I’m really happy with the colours I got. Such beautiful shades.
SHIPPING: God I waited like 2-3 weeks for these! It took colourpop 4 days to ship my order. It then took ONLY 4 days to get to Australia. It then took 8 days for the order to get from where it arrived in Australia (3 hours away from where I live) to my house. How on earth can america get a package all the way to Australia in 4 days but it takes Auspost 8 days to move it three hours away. REDICULOUS. But that’s another story!
PRICE $17.39 USD FOR SHIPPING and with each liquid lipstick being just $6 my order can to $53.39 USD, so that’s $71.85 Australian Dollars. So it worked out to be just under $12 per liquid lipstick. Even with the money conversion and the expensive AS shipping this is still a great price for us in Australia. If you’re in American your WINNING such an amazing price for you and I think its free shipping after you spend $30 in America!
SHOULD YOU BUY THESE? YES! Yes yes yes! i love you can’t beat the quality for the price of their products! Really happy with these!!! These should be back in stock in August I think the first lot sold out in just hours! so keep an eye out for that! UPDATE!!!!
Ok so Ive been trying these now for a few weeks and my opinions have completely changed!!! Click here for an updated review!!
I am hoping to grab so more of these! I’m impressed the colours I had didnt flake or bleed so I don’t actually have any complaints for once! Haha. These do need a few coats especially the light ones!
Just as something Extra! if you’re wondering what Makeup I had on in the photos, even though the natural light washed it out a bit here it is!
I was a little oily this day so I used the new L’Oreal Mattifying base under Loreal Lumi Foundation, just means that I still had the luminous finish but no dewiness. Then as always my LA Girl Pro Conceal, I love this I never use my mac pro long wear any more!
I couldn’t Find my Anastasia Palette this day so I used my second fav the It Cosmetics My Sculpted Face contour kit to contour.
Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion! I use this 99% of the time! The hype is real about this product!
99% of the time I’m wearing a Tarte Blush, this one is in the Shade Natural Beauty! it’s so pretty these blushes stay all day, they are really pigmented to take it slow!
This is *Laura Mercier Indiscretion Highlighter, I use this every day also! gives that pretty wet look highlight!
On my Eyes its ALWAYS Too faced better than sex mascara, today I had *Benefit They’re real Blue liner and the Max factor Liner on my waterline and Tightline!
I’ve been using this *Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder to bake my underage concealer and Under my contour! this just means applying the powder to those areas and leaving it on for around 5 minutes to “Bake” then dusting of the excess. this just ensures that the makeup stays on longer and slightly brightens that area. I only do this extra step for blog photos or I’m going out! (which never happens haha)
I lightly did my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz and set with the Clear brow gel. the brow wiz is AMAZING! I’m still learning every day to get those brows right but the brow wiz is fool-proof!!
I got this at woolworthes this is great its the Diamond Colour Shine Illuminating oil from Schwartzkopf! You put this on wet hair to help seal the broken cuticles or on dry hair to add shine and moisture! its been really great so far!!
Ok wow hugest post ever!! thank you for Reading! comment below if you are going to buy any of these and which colour you like!


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