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HI!! Ok so my first post HERE was my first impressions on my first lot of COLOUR POP Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. As you could tell I loved them. The shade Tulle even featured HERE in my current top 5 liquid lipsticks. I decided to buy 8 more, I mean they were $6 USD. I wanted some bright coloured liquid lipsticks and Colour Pop just had so many awesome colours. I absolutely love colour pop, the price point is great their Lippy stix, lip pencils, blush, highlighters and eyeshadows are AWESOME and so cheap, but these shades below of their liquid lipsticks SUCK.

God I feel like im betraying Colour Pop by saying that, I find it quite hard to give a negative review but you know I have to keep it 100% honest with you guys! These really are crappy, it’s a perfect example of you get what you pay for. The brighter colours formula has been the worst out of all the shades. The applicator is quite stiff which is ok but the formula is very runny, usually with a liquid lipstick the runnier it is the quicker and dryer it drys. These are SO DRY. The worst shades are Ouiji, Mars, Zipper, Avenue, LAX, Lychee, Shimmy and Zipper. They go on the most beautiful colour though they all have to be built up as they are so thin. They dry REALLY fast. And once they are fully dry it isn’t long until they flake. I’m really disappointed. The purple ones dry quite patchy and just completely crack. I’ve tried these over lip balm, with lip pencils all kinds of ways and for me they don’t work. The best shade out of the bunch would be creeper, it’s a little thicker in texture and has a more even but VERY dry finish. These leave that really ugly inner rim of your lip contrast, like if you talk or pout there is the DRY liquid lipstick and then the pink part of your lip it’s just not pretty. My other liquid lipsticks don’t have such a huge contrast. Now that I’ve been testing these for a while the only one that I like the actual formula are Trap, bumble, solow and creeper. I know Tulle was in my favourites because the colour is AMAZING ill still wear it, but maybe just to the shops or small outings because you couldn’t trust it to last and look nice. I have 5 of the newest shades coming and I’ll be sure to review them. What do you think of the ? I’m hoping they reformulate them.
I will never wear this colour, I think it’s the only colour I don’t like, for my skin tone and colouring It just looks terrible, I think this would suit pale skin for sure (or if you are darker and like this colour I’m sure it will still look beautiful) But as you can see in the close up of my lips it’s really patchy, I love matte lipsticks but this one looks really dry and patchy,
This Colour is BEAUTIFUL this shade would look perfect on every skin tone I’m so In love with it BUT the formula is so TERRIBLE!! It completely dried and flaked off. Especially in the inner rim of my lips as you can see in the pic on the right it’s that inner ring of DOOM haha aww I’m so disappointed, id never wear this out because after 20 minutes it would look terrible.
Again the most beautiful neon vibrant darker pink. Any skin tone or hair colour could rock this but again TERRIBLE formula, it just flaked of everywhere so annoyed, thank god it was only $6!
This is a gorgeous Bright Red. This is one of the better formulas, I could wear this out shopping or to the movies, a trip that take 2 hours MAYBE with absolutely no eating involved, it’s still not the best formula but a little better than the last 3.
Now I know this isn’t a very good picture and the lipstick is applied SO messy! but this is the only one I took, by this stage i had got lipstick all over my chin and tried to cover it haha I was nearly over swathing!! ANYWAY.. this colour is a deep brick-red. It a great shade, the formula again is crap 🙁
This is kind of darker version of Avenue but with a cherry undertone. Terrible pic again I know but I wanted to show you how much this colour BLED around my lips, it looked terrible. It’s a great colour but the formula is just crap.
Again, different colour same story. SHIT formula. this went on SO patchy, i have a feeling purples might be harder to formulate as my purple like this from coloured raine is the same. But this just looks ugly on, it flakes and dries out and is nearly unwearable.
Ok I know terrible pic, I had watched 8 by this time and all the makeup was gone from around my mouth and it was pretty lipstick stain ed D; Anyways some thing, patchy, flakey and dry 🙁
I love Colour Pop but this order was a total let down. I don’t think Ill even keep these. The formula is not good at all. I thought the $6 price tag would be great for beginners or just anyone who wanted to try out Liquid lipsticks but they aren’t. I seriously recommend spending the extra and getting one from Dose Of Colors or Anastasia Beverly Hills. Colour pop have wicked colours and awesome prices but this time they’ve missed the mark. I still enjoy the neutral shades but not the brights! I have my first Review HERE that you can see some other colours and next week Ill have a third review of the Newest release colours!

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