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Heeeeeeeyyy! So I know you’ve seen these on my  BUT STOP FIRST If you don’t already know me, If I don’t like something I WILL NOT review it or I will say I don’t like it. I don’t want you to think that because these are all over social media that I am just buying into a fad. I have been using these products every day and I want to tell you about what I think!! Now that we have that out-of-the-way, who is ready to hear about the These are releasing at  on the 22nd of July!!! now! Keep reading!!

Heres me in the morning rocking the mum bun and the frizziest baby hairs from hell (hahaha) I have thick put patchy eyebrows. The shape is not good and I just can’t control them. they do not  look the same at all. I HAVE to do something with my brows every morning. for 2 years I used the ABH Brow wiz. I don’t like the ABH dip brow and the new Brow definer is a pain to have to sharpen on paper which waists product. I have been SEARCHING for new brow products. When I found out I was getting sent the new Benefit Brow products I was so excited, mainly because of the cute packaging!

I mean look at it!!! Even the popular got a makeover. I love it, they could not have done better on this packaging! I had Never tried Benefit Brow products so I wasn’t actually sure what to expect. You guys know I’m such critic with makeup, If we have to pay the high price in Australia its just got to be worth it. I love Primers and Blushes, I love this brand, they are generous and quirky. So here is my review of each product!

 The Gimme Brow Comes in 3 colours, 1,3 and 5. I use shade 5 which is the darkest, it’s basically light medium and dark. Gimme Brow is a brush on gel that contains tiny micro fibres that stick to your brows creating THE ILLUSION OF FULLER LOOKING BROWS NATURALLY.. I love this stuff as it also does a quite good job of holding my long brow hairs in place.

I mean how cute is this tiny little spooly! it really does ensure that you place the product where you want it!! love it!

 The new Goof Proof Brow Pencil is MY FAVOURITE THING. As I said above I used the ABH Brow wiz for years and then my last 2 snapped at the spooly end some how. I kept searching for new brow products  I found a few that I liked quite a lot but nothing I loved. I tried the ABH Brow definer and the dip Brow pomade and did not like either of them. This thing has answered my prayers!!!!!

The GOOF PROOF BROW PENCIL is double ended, it has the spooly on one end and the pencil on the other. The formula is water proof, light weight, build able and promises to give you 12 hours of wear. the shape of the pencil end is kind of like the triangular shape on the ABH Brow definer but this one is kind of like a little tear drop diamond shape. It is slimmer than the brow definer meaning when it gets blunt it isn’t a big deal it still can fill in small spaces precisely without making your brows look blocky. Its like the perfect hybrid between a brow pencil and a brow definer.

 This is one of those little luxury extra products. It’s not something that’s 100% necessary but its does definitely do its job. The  is a double purpose product. You can use it as an over night conditioner for your brows to help them get fuller and thicker (I haven’t tried this yet) or the main purpose is that you canopy it to your brows before doing your brow routine. I like to apply it sparingly and pat it in. I then go ahead with my usual brow routine. As a primer this sort of enhances the colour of the actual brow products you use, making it so you don’t have to use as much but it also extends how long they stay.

This is one of those wind up products, so when you first get it you have to wind, wind, wind, wind for what seems like forever! but once the product comes to the surface it’s easily available the next times you go to use it.

 I love this stuff! This is the product I would choose for when I am going out, an event etc. Just because it’s not as quick as the Goof proof brow pencil. This comes in 6 shades from the lightest to the very darkest. I have heard a few people saying they really hope that benefit extends the line and adds an auburn shade. This product gives 24 hour wear and is also water proof, It can achieve a natural look but also a really dramatic brow. It is a Cream Gel product.

On my I did a comparison between the ABH Dip Brow and the Benefit Ka-Brow and the Ka-Brow just blew ABH out of the water. Here are the points I made. The ABH dip brow is $32 on , it has 4 grams of product making it $8 per gram. The Benefit Ka-Brow is $42 and it has 3 grams making it $14 per gram, that is nearly double the price of the ABH per gram, but wait. The Ka-Brow comes with a fully functional awesome little brush, the dip brow does not. So if you have to then purchase a brush the dip brow, it’s going to end up costing you more. As for the formula, the Ka-Brow is much better. The ABH dip brow no matter what you do you pic up to much product, you then have the wipe the brush of on the back of your hand or the lid, again meaning you waist product. once you have desired amount of product and try to brush it out with a spouley, it smudges, i then have to take concealer and clean up where the product has smudged. the Ka-Brow is just easy and fool-proof and I will never go back to the dip brow.

I think this post speaks for its self! I’m so happy with everything! And if you know me you know I’m such a critic and I’m hard to please!! If you aren’t sure which of the products to get then I definitely recommend getting the and the  Honestly these are apart of my every day brow routine now, I just haven’t found anything else that makes my terrible brows look so nice, so quick and easily!!


Please let me know if you have tried these or if you are waiting for the Australian Launch which is the 22nd of July! these will be here really soon at so follow me on Instagram to be notified when they go live on the website!!! thank you for reading!!

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*these products were sent to me for review, all opinion are my own and not swayed by these gifts. Thank you so much Benefit for your continued support and encouragement xx

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