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Aaaaah yes! FINALLY I have these!!!! Oh man I feel like I’ve been waiting foreverrrr! I jumped straight on my to show pics of these when they arrived they are gorgeous!! They were supposed to launch in August I think, Then it was announced that they would be out the next day, Excitement turned to sadness as the days went by and they just didn’t come out. Sadness turned to anger and then by the 8th day I had given up all hope..and then 9 days went by and finally they were on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website! haha I was joking about the sadness anger and dispar. I obviously don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it’s because they were updating their website (which is now mobile friendly). Norvina also mentioned on her snapchat that they were given the all clear by their IT peeps so they let us know they’d be available the next day and then at last-minute their IT people pulled back and just really wanted to make sure the site would go smoothly and not completely mess up with the mass amounts of traffic they were expecting. Basically leaving them with over 6 million Anastasia Beverly Hills fans WAITING and wondering what the hell happened. Enough of my rambling here is 3 of the new Illuminators. WHile on the website I bought Dusty Rose Liquid Lipstick, the Brush that was designed specifically for the illuminators and the new fair and Light Cream contour kits. I will do separate post for them.


I Ordered Riviera, So Hollywood and Peach Nectar. These are gorgeous! the design in the pan is not only really cool but it was designed so that you get more colour payoff without having to use too much product, meaning you use less and they last longer. I have no idea how that works.


Aaaaw ma gawsh!!! haha this is soo pretty I’m really into gold highlights lately. My favourites at the moment are Laura Gellar Gilded Honey and Colour Pop Wisp. Both insanely pigmented and area a gold highlight. NOW So Hollywood is my favourite. It just is better than anything ive ever seen!! Below I’ve swatched these three together to show you the difference. They are all very similar in texture, that creamy powder feeling, WIth So Hollywood when you touch you barely need to press into it at all the softest touch gets heaps of product on your finger.

Top To Bottom is Anastasia Beverly Hills “So Hollywood” the Colourpop “Wisp” and Laura Geller “Gilded Honey” As you can see Wisp is a gold with a slight slight peach undertone, Gilded honey is a little brighter gold and So Hollywood is a “True Gold” which is how it’s described on the Website. So Hollywood definitely goes further and you really barely need to touch it. they are all beautiful, SO Hollywood is my fav but if its out of your price range then maybe pick up Colour Pop wisp!

Sooooo Glad I got this!! It really really pretty! and as the website says it is a ‘Rose Gold” I also own Becca “Rose Gold” and this hands down wins by a MILE.I didn’t swatch this and Becca Rose Gold Next to each other as they are completely different shades so Becca rose gold is swatched with Peach Nectar. I’ve swatched this along side Becca Opal (which is a totally different shade) I’ve done it so you can see the Contrast n colour and then on the end I’ve swatched the Darker colour from the Stila Kitten Duo as it the pan it looks like they would be a similar colour.

These swatches really show that Riviera is A true clean beautiful Rose gold, there isn’t that colour payback it literally goes on as a rose gold shimmer. I’m sure this would be great for a lot of skin tones, I am going to trial it on some friends and family of different skin colours but honestly its really really gorgeous. I Cant find a dupe for it!

On the Website this is described as an “Apricot Gold” And that’s honestly what it is. It’s really gorgeous, this one does have a little colour as well as the shimmer, it’s still that same amazing formula as the rest so velvety smooth, with a sort of cream feeling to it, its like a slippery powder that it almost feels wet but it isn’t. Its really really gorgeous. I’ve swatched this next to Becca “Rose Gold” they are quite similar colours. Rose gold has a lot of that colour pigment to it though so if you had really pale or really dark skin I think it would show that colour on your skin and not just look like a highlight, Peach Nectar on the other hand is packed full of that Peach colour but still is a highlight and not something that would leave a colour stripe on your face.


As you can see Peach Nectar on the top has more of that wet reflect look and Rose gold looks more like a blush or a blush topper. Peach nectar is a much more clean colour and a lot more of an apricot shade.

I’m going to do an update3d full review with pictures of these on the skin in about 2 weeks, I will also let you know the longGevity of these and what I think of the brush! For Now I just so wanted to get these pictures up so you could decide what colours you wanted to get for your self! The way these feel is amazing, so different to anything ive ever felt before! as I said on Instagram once you feel these your favourite highlighter WILL take a back seat and that’s for sure!!

So far I’ve used this brush once, it’s a cute brush its soft (nothing amazing) I can’t really give a review yet, I will give a review when I do the review of these highlighters. Supposedly this brush was made specifically for the illuminators. It’s supposed to pick up the right amount of product and place it onto your face the best way. I will let you know if it works or if you can just use any highlighter brush that you already have!

I hope this was helpful! definitely check out my  or subscribe to my blog with your email to be updated on new posts! I will be doing a full review on the new fair and light contour palettes, Dusty Rose Liquid Lipstick and an update on these Illuminators! If you want to see swatches of the new Liquid Lipsticks click HERE

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