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HI!!!! So sorry it took me so long to get this post up! I’ve been so busy and as I mentioned on instagram my babies are sick! Sorry if my swatches are messy I hope to do some better ones soon, I rushed of to do this while my bubba napped!

Ok so if you read my blog or follow me on instagram you know I LOVE . Not just for the amazing makeup (the brow wiz changed my life) but because of the women behind it. Anastasia and her Daughter Norvina show nothing but love and support for other women and for their supporters. They are spreading love and loyalty which is something I havent seen so strongly from another company. It’s so nice to know that our hard-earned money is going to a company like this.
Now onto the products! I got my first products about 18 months ago. I have terrible eyebrows naturally, yet when using these products I get so many compliments about my “perfect eyebrows” . I’ve loved everything I’ve tried! When I saw the new liquid lipsticks coming out I put aside money to make sure I could get 5 colours. They launched at 1am my time so I stayed up and waiting til 1 am came around (what a psycho haha thats a wild night for me lol) I was so sad to see Dusty Rose wasnt yet ready. For anyone who is waiting I think Its out on August first. I’m currently trying to save so I can get the new highlighters when they come out and hopefully dusty rose if it’s still in stock oh and midnight oh and Sarafine haha!! So here’s my swatches and thoughts on the colours and the new formula. From the new liquid lips I got Veronica, Trust Issues, Sepia and Paint.
I HAD to get Sepia. When I saw Norvina wearing it (you must follow her on ) I had to have it! It’s that grey Taupe brown colour. It’s different to Mac Stone and other grey brown shades I have, you’ll see in my swatches. Its unique but so on trend.
I’ve done some swatches here of similar colours to Sepia that are really popular, I think they are all really different
ABH Sepia, Colourpop Trap, Coloured Raine Marshmallow, LA Splash Ghoulish, Mac Stone and Nyx Cosmetics Maison.
Next was Veronica. God this is so so beautiful! I love this! I could wear this every day! It’s a perfect colour for lipstick wimps who want to slowly wear more daring colours.
Trust Issues! Arg another cool shade, this is my kind of “vampy” shade it’s not a berry shade but its kind of like a darker vampier version of Veronica. This is daring for me, but I have to wear it!
PAINT! I got the soley because it reminded me of Left Eye on the no scrubs song clip.
 I was like 10 and all i wanted was a metallic blue lipstick!!! Now at 28 I have it! Haha
I’m not too good with colour description but you can see these are really different, I couldn’t find a dupe at all.
The formula of these new fall shades is different. They take longer to dry and they aren’t as “drying” I think I had them on for 20 minutes before they fully dried. They wipe off easier than other liquid lipsticks but they are still long wearing. I do prefer the old formulas staying power but I prefer how comfortable the new formula is. I know alot of people don’t like the dry feeling of most liquid lipstick so you’ll definitely prefer the smooth feeling of these. I still only would have to re apply after eating, they last great. The colours are right on trend but very unique at the same time. As per usual I’m totally impressed.
I also got POTION just because it’s a cool colour. I’m not sure im cool enough to wear it out but its a dark black cherry colour. I love it!
While I was on the website I got a back up if my brow wiz (my other has lasted 18 months), the ABH sharpener because I needed a sharpener and it was cute and $6 haha, a brush and the Shadow couture palette! I havent had a chance to fully play with it yet but it’s really nice! The colours are really pigmented and so far easy to blend, which is what we all want in an eyeshadow right?
I actually really love the brush that comes with Anastasia palettes, one end pats eye shadow on effortlessly and the other buffs out eyeshadow nicely. I still like to get in their with my sigma brushes but if i didn’t have them id be ok with this little brush (which is rare for a brush that comes with a palette)
I definitely recommend checking these out. If you’re wanting to do an order take into consideration the exchange rate and shipping costs. Thats why I saved to get a few things at once so that the shipping was worth it! Oh and THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE!
I’ve had a few insta friends ask about these products, I think some feel the way I used to, that maybe you have to be really good at doing your brows if your buying products made by the brow queen, but no you don’t. I’m just a 28-year-old girl with 5 kids who loves makeup, im not a makeup artist, I havent had training (except watching Jaclyn hill on YouTube ahah) and these products are simple for me to use and I get brow compliments now. It can be scary to shell out money for a product but these are top quality and will last.
Are you an Anastasia Beverly Hills fan? Whats your favourite product?

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