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Well Hello! Here I am as I promised on my  with a review of the . At the end I will compare the original “Light” Cream contour kit alongside the NEW “Light” Cream contour kit. I have swatches and then my thoughts about the new kits! FIRST if your new to my blog I am a Medium skin tone. In winter im light/medium. I have Normal/combination skin and olive undertones. I am not fair or Light But I wanted to review these products for the lighter skin ladies but also for girls of my colour skin to see if any of these shade are usable for us also. I am SO SURE that the medium and deep kits will also be updated, ANASTASIA BEVRLY HILLS are really great at listening to their customers and are quite well-known for trying to cover a wider range of skin tones, many other companies could totally take advice from ABH that’s for sure. This is where I want to quickly make another point about the Importance of honesty and constructive criticism from customers and bloggers, without people voicing their true thoughts about the original kit maybe we wouldn’t have gotten these new and improved amazing shades!


I am BOMBARDED with questions lately from girls/women with really really fair skin tones. What in hearing most is that if anything is light enough for them it’s usually got a really strong pink undertone. A lot of people are saying they just cant find anything to contour with that isn’t orange and that is light enough. SO I think this kit has answered your prayers.


On a medium skin tone these are WAY TO LIGHT on a fair-skinned girl these are going to highlight and not be pink at all. As Norvina joked in the youtube video, if these weren’t light enough she was going to start sending white out haha, basically they are about as light as you can get without being completely white

Now that Middle white shade “Lustre” is the one I’ve been getting the most questions about. It’s a shimmery luminous shade, I think this is the only kit that has an illuminating cream shade so that’s one of the things I like about this. These are swatched on the underside of my forearm which is a Light tone with sort of yellow undertone and you can see how bright these are on such a light part of my body. FAIR GIRLS PRAYERS ANSWERED.


these contour shades are gorgeous and between the three there is something for all different shades of fair, you can build these up or blend them out to being barely noticeable. In youtube video linked above they used the cream contours BEFORE foundation making it look like it was the real contours of your face coming through the foundation, I use cream contours over foundation though as I just find it much easier. The shade “Fawn” Is totally the Greyest contour shade an in my opinion a totally must have for fair skinned girls wanting to contour. Shadow still isn’t orange at all but has that bronze hint to it so its great for a cream bronzer. Mink Is the Darkest colour and I can use this shade as a subtle contour, fair girls use this sparingly just on those areas closest to your hair line that you really want to define! and of course BLEND THAT SHIT 🙂

This kit is totally different to the first light kit. this is a TOTAL improvement, these contour shades are gorgeous. Again I’m medium skin tone and I can totally use this kit, that doesn’t mean its to dark for “Light Skin” it just means it totally versatile. if your light skinned this is perfect, again you can sheer the contour shades out or build them up if your on the darker side of “Light SKinned”


Now I can comfortably use the shades Neutral and Banana for my skin tone (i mix them) Fair is jut for Fair for me (This shade is also in the fair kit) I think this is good because it means that this kit can cater to my light/medium skin at the moment and it can also cater to fair/light skin as well as just light skin. So these are very versatile and I really like that. These are creamy, quite opaque but not as opaque as the original light kit, this is because they aren’t as thick. I use these for underway eyes before concealer (absolutely no creasing) and under my contour.


Now these are all great to use for my skin tone and for light skin tone. Java in my opinion is the most cool tone but definitely no where near as cool as Fawn in the Fair kit. Light sculpt and Havana are both warmer than java but still not orange at all, they are pretty perfect brown colours, Havana being market than Light Sculpt.


Here is some things to consider, I am medium skin tone and I actually appreciate both kits, I like Mink and Lustre from the Fair kit and I like Neautral, Banana, Java and Havana from the Light Kit.

They’ve done a great job basically if you are fair you NEED that fair kit, its gorgeous. If your light you can totally use either kit (or both) and for medium skin tones you can totally rock the light kit.

For the future I’m really hoping we can some how customise our own kits and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with the medium and dark kits.


Here is a side by side of the LIGHT kits highlighting shades next to the FAIR kits highlighting shades

As you can see there is a huge difference in the shades when they are side by side, you can see the fair shades are greyer and definitely lighter!

NOW! The difference between the OLD LIGHT Kit and the NEW LIGHT KIT

I already had then original light kit, and as Ive mentioned the contouring shades were really orange. If you have the original kit, the highlighting shades are the BOMB they are really pigmented and are just my fav! The only shade I can use from the original out of the contouring shades is “Cinnamon” and thats the last darkest shade, still very orange but can be used are a cream bronzer UNDER powder bronzer and a contour powder, if you don’t use these powders over it then its just really to orange.


I mean BIGGEST High five to Norvina and Anastasia just look at that comparison, they’ve totally stepped up and totally made some amazing changes, you can see in the swatches that formula is different and certainly thicker in the original kit


Again HUGE difference, the original shades are totally bright and pastel when swatched where as the new highlighting shades are more neutral and diffused. I still adore the original highlighting shades, the are amazing for under the eyes under foundation they really give a flawless base!


I don’t know, but I’m 100% sure the formula of these new kits is different to the original kits. The first round of contour kits the cream was quite “dry” or “stiff” a lot of people complained about this. I LOVED it though, for me it went on smoothly and still blended great but because it was stiff it stayed all day, this is what I loved. The new kits seem to be much creamier, now I know a lot of people are really happy with this, I’m on the fence. The formula is sooo lovely, its not as slippery as the Laura Mericer Cream contour kit but its very easy to blend. The only thing I don’t like about this is when a product is this creamy it doesn’t stay on as long. I’ve worn a mixture of both kits for and I can tell you the staying power is good but definitely not as good as the last formula. I mean every one has different preferences and I feel like I was very alone in liking that stiff formula, ABH has totally tried to make us all happy.

Now colour of the contour shades. The original contour shades were really warm toned, meaning they totally leaned towards being orange. When I got my first kit I swatched them and was like, shit these are ORANGE. Now if you have the original kits my advice to you is to use the contour shades to contour and keep in mind they leave that warmer base. I found that when set with bronzer and a contour powder they really gave a gorgeous base, I couldn’t wear them alone it was to orange…then came THE NEW KITS. The contour shades are KILLING IT. they are perfect. Anastasia and Norvina have clearly heard us and gone and created contour creams that are just the most amazing shades. They are totally cool toned, meaning NO ORANGE in sight!! the new kits are a total pleasure to use. I purchased the “Fair” Kit for my mum who is light skinned. Mum likes makeup but I was worried she wouldn’t know what to do with the kit, yes poor mum is getting a kit that’s been swatched by me haha. This is where is being creamier is also an advantage, my mum being a contour beginner is going to be able to easily use this kit, where with the originally stiffer formula I think a beginner would have found it a little harder. Even though I am a medium skin tone I can enjoy using the Light Kit and a couple of shades from the fair kit. When the Medium kit is reformulated (I’m guessing that will happen) I will totally have to grab one of those. I’m HOPING that in the future somehow we can customise our own cream contour kits just like we can with the powder kits, again it will just mean these are even more versatile than they are now


I do really basic cream contouring here is a quick step by step of what I do, this is just what works for me, you can totally play around and see what suits you best I have a detailed Contouring post HERE Basically you can change where you place your contour and highlight shades depending on your face shade and what you can’t to define.

  • Apply Primer and Foundation
  • Apply Your Highlighter Shade (I use a mixture of Neutral and Banana from the “LIGHT” Kit) under your eyes, on your cupids bow, the centre of your chin, between your brows up into the centre of your forehead and Under where your contour would go. I apply with a small concealer brush
  • Blend with a damp beauty blender, don’t swipe your blender but press the product into your skin
  • Apply the warmest contour shade (I use Havana from the “LIGHT” kit) shade on the edges of your face your temples (across the top of your forehead if you want to make it look smaller) along your cheek bones under your jaw line and under your bottom lip
  • BEFORE blending that add a darker more grey based Brown (I use either MINK from the “FAIR” kit or JAVA from the “LIGHT” kit)  Add this over the last shade to where you would want the contour to be the darker and more defined, so the very edges of the face, and the first 1/3 of where you’ve contoured along your cheek bones
  • I apply this with a dense flat brush like the loran contour brush or you can use your  fingers or a foundation or eyeshadow brush
  • Using the opposite end or a different Beauty Blender blend out by again pressing the product into your skin
  • Now I just add my concealer over the highlighted area under my eyes, set my under eye area and the rest of my face and then continue to bronze, powder contour, blush, highlight etc.

And thats all! Bare with me, I’m looking into getting some lighting, I also need to sort my camera out, as you may know Im not that great with technology, my camera is putting weird blue contrast on my pictures and its stressing me out haha. Also be kind my makeup is ALWAYS rushed I literally do it while the kids eat lunch in a tiny mirror on the wall so I can watch them at the same time! Oh and Im wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills “Dusty Rose” Liquid Lips and the new “Peach Nectar” Illuminator I have a full review of the new Illuminators HERE

Thankyou SO much for reading! check my Instagram out

Any questions feel free to ask me in the comments! xx



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