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Hello! So this is a random blog post for me I usually review full collections or new releases but I’ve decided that I am going to start doing reviews on my lipsticks so you guys will have a lipstick dictionary. So today I wanted to swatch my two Nars Audacious Lipsticks. I have swatches and dupes, these are a high end lipstick so if they aren’t in your budget and you want something similar or maybe a similar shade but different formula then Keep reading!


These lipsticks are creamy yet long wearing for a creamy lipstick. They don’t just slide off. They are extremely pigmented and you don’t need to use a lot of product to cover your top and bottom lips. If you only like matte lipsticks or liquid lipsticks these probably aren’t for you. If you love glosses and creamy smooth lipsticks then you will love these. I love Anna the most. It’s that perfect mauve shade.

Anna is described as a “Dusty mauve” and it totally is. It’s the most perfect mauve you will find. I love this colour. I have HEAPS of dupes for all budgets.

So here are ALL the dupes in my collection. I will link every single one of them below. The absolute closest in colour are and . Lumiere is also probably the closest in formula but literally one 5th of the price.

 You NEED this lip pencil! it is only $2 and it is one of the best mauve shades I have ever seen! it’s a tiny bit more purple toned than Anna. It’s so beautiful, definitely buy it if you can!

 This is such a gorgeous product. It’s a matte colour with no shimmer but it’s also a lustre meaning it has a sheen. Its kind of like the matte ABH lip glosses. SO pigmented, you need to try fig it’s the best mauve lip gloss around.


 This colour is described as a “Muted Plum” these matte lipsticks are very similar to a mac matte lipstick. I highly recommend these. Definitely check out this shade!

 These lipsticks are very similar in formula to the matte lipsticks but just more creamy and not as long wearing. Thalia is almost Identical to whipped caviar!

 This formula is AWESOME the colour “patina” is a cult favourite. Its described as a dusty rose. Two of the colours I am going to list are Identical dupes for patina, they are Sephoras “Marvellous Mauve” and ABH “Dusty Rose”

 ABH describes this as a “Nude Mauve” its an Identical colour to Patina, I do like Patina Better. If you are going for a liquid lipstick version of Anna then Patina is the go!

 This is a good option as a cheaper liquid lipstick alternative to Patina. it is smaller.

 THis is the best price point. I love the formula of my Lumber 2, but colour pop liquid lipsticks can be hit and miss. You will love this shade, very similar to anna it just dries a tiny bit more purple.

 This is described as a “Vintage Rose”. ABH glosses are awesome, full coverage and absolutely not sticky at all. Vintage has a hint more rose to it than mauve like ANNA.

 Brave is described to be a pink beige with white pearl. this one is a little lighter than the others but a really good starting point if you want the mauve lipstick but you are a little nervous of the deeper more opaque colours like ANNA.

 Stone is my fav mauve lipstick it’s so perfect. its the same shade range as ANNA just a little more muted, not so deep. SO pretty. Here is a pic of Stone on. FULL REVIEW HERE

I havent added the prices here as gerard cosmetics always has a deal so check out their insta. I LOVE their hydra mattes. I have a full review HERE This is a really nice colour as an alternative to ANNA. Here is a pic of me wearing

 Oh you need this. it’s so pretty, so cheap and the most perfect dupe for ANNA!

This shade is a Nars online exclusive. such a highly sought after colour and for good reason, it’s quite unique, I could only find 3 dupes opposed to Anna which has a million. It’s a beautiful Lilac Mauve, a must have!!!! I have 3 very close dupes, one for the Matte lipstick lovers and 2 for the liquid lipstick overs!

 Goddess is described as “mauve” it’s nearly the exact shade as dominique. Dominique is Creamy and Goddess is completely a matte lipstick. so you can basically get this shade is either formula.

 L’staj have a really nice mousey soft liquid lipstick formula, they do take around 5 minutes to dry.  Lady cheeky is a lighter lilac shade but its in the same shade range

  These are $20 individually but don’t pay that, go onto the Gerard cosmetics instagram and find a coupon code sometimes you can get 3 for $48. As i said above these are an awesome formula. Ecstasy is a beautiful matte liquid lipstick! FULL REVIEW HERE and here is a pic of me wearing it

There you have it! a whole bunch of lipsticks to choose from, if you like mauve these shades are mauve heaven!

Please let me know if you liked this sort of post and ill do more!

Thankyou for reading xx

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