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Hi!! this post is all about my Makeup Geek Cosmetics Single eyeshadows. Every time I post a picture of one of my Z Palettes on Instagram () I get so many questions about what the names of the shadows are and what I think of them etc. So I thought I would swatch them all and give a brief review of the colour of each shadow! I have already reviewed my Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows HERE if you wanted to check that out. This post is all of my single eyeshadows including the few Duo Chrome shadows that I own. If your interesting in seeing swatches and hearing all about it them keep reading!!


You can probably tell by now that I love Makeup Geek. Makeup geek was created by Marlena Still one of my fav you tubers. She has nearly 1.3 Million Subscribers on youtube. is her video announcing that she was creating eyeshadows it’s about 4 years old. I bought my first Makeup Geek around 3 years ago. Maybe more I know the company was very new. So I have been testing these shadows literally for years. I COMPLETELY recommend when buying single eyeshadows that you purchase a  . When I first purchased makeup geek I didn’t have enough money to buy a Z Palette so I didn’t. But It was really hard to use the eyeshadows and keep them clean and not break them when I had to keep putting them back into the box. I broke a few and then ended up selling a few because It was such a pain to use them with out the Z palette. Definitely Get a Z Palette if you are purchasing a single shadow from ANY company. Makeup Geek Single shadows (Including Duo – Chrome) sell for $6 USD which is $8.39 Australian dollars. these shadows are considered Affordable as they are $6 USD compared to a MAC single eyeshadow which is $10. These shadows are much better than MAC shadows and they have a much better price. I think the price is Awesome for the quality but for me they still aren’t “Affordable” because it would cost you $30 USD ($41.97 AUD) for just 5 shadows. They are only “Affordable when compared to other shadows close to their quality. I hope that makes sense. Makeup Geek shadows are so pigmented and smooth and the blend out so effortlessly. These shadows do not contain any Talc or Parabens and they are cruelty free. They also contain 1.8g of product where a MAC shadow contains just 1.4g of shadow. I do totally recommend them but I do think that they are still a splurge as you definitely need to buy a Z palette. Once you have a Z Palette its easy to add more shadows. The shipping to Australia is Around $13 USD so if your in Australia I would suggest save a little money or splurge so you can test a few colours, cover shipping and get a Z Palette.

LEFT TO RIGHT – (as you can see I find it really hard to photograph these shades on my skin tone beaches and cream barely shows up on my arm but is great on the eye)

– “Metallic Champagne” – I adore this shade I think this is the ONE that you must have. I use it every day, this colour is so pigmented and shimmery but can be blended out quite sheer, Perfect for your brow bone, inner corner or even used as a cheek bone highlight. Really versatile. Its my Number 1!

“Warm Butter cream with a Satin Matte Finish” – I haven’t really got to play with this colour too much but it’s definitely one of the most buttery smooth eyeshadows in my palette. This would make a great matte highlight or  I would use it to blend out a darker cream colour.

” Creamy Matte Natural Beige with just a hint of Peach”  I am a medium skin tone and this is a shade that I like to use all over the lid if I want a “Blanc canvas” if your quite fair you may want to use this as your transition shade and if your darker this could make a nice matte highlight or a nice colour to blend out a darker crease.

“Has a buff base with Peachy Pink Reflects” This shade is a Duo Chrome. This colour would be great if you were just starting with experimenting with duo chrome colours. Its light and pretty it can be sheered out really nicely too.

“Pastel Melon Pink With a matte finish” This is basically a really light baby pink. I like to use this shade to buff out my crease when using purples or Mauves it works really nicely.

 “Duo Chrome Apricot Base with an Orchid Reflect” This colour is much more bold than “I’m Peaches” But still very wearable and a great one to go for if your just starting out with using duo Chrome eyeshadows.

“A Medium Sand With a soft matte finish”  This is my favourite crease colour. It’s a must have and one that I use really often!

“Dark Sand and Light Taupe Tan with a slight shimmer” This colour is very cool toned. It’s definitely not a must have. But I do really like it. This is one of those colours that I can do a one colour eyelid with. I have used this by packing it on my lid, blending it into my crease and then running it under my lower lash line then all you need is mascara and a brow bone highlight and it looks really nice.

“Medium Brown with Gold Shimmer” I love this shade. It’s so pretty you can use it the same way a Hipster or you can pack it onto the lid for a shimmery brown smokey eye!

 – “Medium Sand shade with a matte finish”. I hear that a lot of fair/light girls can use this area  contour shade if you have a cooler undertone to your skin. I find it to have slight satin sheen to it.

“Matte Redish Brown” This is one of my favourite shades from makeup geek. I think it’s a must have! It’s so nice for a warmer smokey eye or to deepen your crease I love it.

 “Dark brown with subtle purple undertones and a matte finish” this shade is such a gorgeous deep colour it works great with cocoa bear or used with a small brush to use it as an eyeliner, I love it as I don’t often use a black powder for eyeliner.

 – “Medium Caramel Brown with warm yellow undertones and a matte finish”  this shade Is exactly that a yellow based caramel brown. I usually only use this shade if I am using brown shadows and they throw too cool toned, this works perfectly to warm the look back up

 “Pale Shimmery Pink” This shade is exactly that. I love the name for it too. It’s very girly and just a really pretty colour you could use this colour in so many looks.

 “Rose Gold with Gold Flecks and a Shimmery Finish” This shade reminds me of Nars orgasm but much more peach toned. this shade is one of Manny MUA Favourite shades and Made it into his Collab Palette (Review Here). It’s really pretty and definitely a must have for creating a rose gold look.

 “Rosy Burnt Sienna with a silky shimmery finish” This is one of the newer shades released by makeup geek. It’s a really cool colour its a burnt copper shade and has SO MUCH pigment. Its gorgeous.

 “Rich Burnt orange with a matte finish” I love this colour. It’s a muted reddish-orange shade and It’s really cool colour to add to a warm smokey eye!

 “Matte Orange with subtle pink undertones” This colour is quite neon to me. It’s a really nice bright pinky orange. I haven’t had the chance to use this one, I am still figuring out how I will use it!

 “Rosy Pink with Purple undertone and Gold Flecks” this shade is so pretty. It feels rough to touch like “Mars” from the MannyMUA palette, I think its something to do with the sort of red pigments. it’s so smooth and bendable.  would describe it as a bright Matte Fuchsia with Gold flecks. It’s definitely way brighter in person.

 “Bright Medium Orchid with a Matte Finish” I love this shade. It’s so pretty I love this for when I am doing  Mauve eye look it just adds a little bit more purple to it.

 “Blush Pink with very subtle grey undertones and a matte finish” This colour is pretty. On my skin tone (as you can see in the swatch) its hard to get much colour payoff. It’s still soft and totally bendable. I use it as a transition colour for any purple or mauve looks!

 “Medium Rose brown with a matte finish” this shade is my perfect mauve. I love this colour. I use this one a lot.

 “Pale matte pink brown” For me this is a grey toned mauve. Another favourite.

 “Brown with mauve undertones and a matte finish” This is perfect along with petal pusher and Confection for the perfect subtle mauve smokey eye.

 “Deep Brown with strong red undertones and a matte finish” I really like this colour .The description on the site fits perfectly. Again this shade has that chunky feeling to it when touched yet glides on softly.

“Medium Plum Purple with a matte finish” I love this colour. If anyone is looking for a straight up PURPLE this is the one.

 “Electric Purple base with icy blue reflects” this is a duo chrome shade. Really Pretty the blue reflect are so cool!

 “Muted Lavender with grey undertones” This colour is really nice. It’s not overly pigmented but it is evenly pigmented and smooth.

“deep grey with subtle purple undertones and a matte finish” this colour basically is a dark grey. I want to try this colour for a smokey eye i think it would be perfect!

 “Medium Grey with strong brown undertones” To me this is just a medium grey. A few shades lighter than concrete Jungle.

 “Warm red-brown base with teal reflects” This colour reminds me of MAC pigment “Blue Brown” except with is “Teal Brown” and a little softer. This is a Duo Chrome. You would like this if you like “Blue Brown” and you want to try something with a little more green than blue.

OH MY LIFE I am finished!! This post took me FOREVER!! I really wanted to make sure I included links to every single shadow. I have also been struggling to get photos that show the true colours of the shades. I am quite happy with these swatches now though. Overall I love makeup geek, you guys know this. They are a great company, customer service is great, they are cruelty free and their shadows contain no Talc. They are a high quality product at a “Drugstore” price. If you want to just start out and try a few I would Recommend that you go with a small Z-Palette and get Shimma Shimma, Cocoa Bear, Creme Brûlée, In The Spotlight, Homecoming and Americano. Very Neutral shades but very easy to create a few different looks and great shades to start out with!!

Thankyou so Much for reading I hope you enjoyed this post (especially because it took me so long haha)


*All opinions are my honest opinions. This post does contain affiliate links. Thank you to Makeup geek for your support and Encouragement xx




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