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Hello! As I mentioned on my Ive got another  Palette Review! I previously reviewed the 35K Palette HERE Today its the 35W (35 Color Warm Palette). Before I start, I just today received the 35O palette so if anyone wants a review on that one, ask In the comments! Back to the 35W…… This palette is really great for anyone who likes their shadows in a warmer shade. It’s so versatile. There are so many different finishes and colours. This is the Second MORPHE PALETTE i ever purchased. I just checked the site and its current IN STOCK and ON SALE! Keep Reading for swatches and a full review and breakdown on each shade.

I purchased this palette from  For $40 AUD. My palette is a little messy as it arrived with one shadow that was loose (it hadn’t been glued properly or just came loose) so excuse how grubby it looks. I think this palette is a really great palette for smoky eye looks, natural looks and any sort of warm toned eye makeup. As always the shadows are so amazing for the price point. It’s currently $19.99 that’s around .57c USD per shadow. I paid $40 AUD and thats still only $1.14 per shadow. These shadows compare to most high-end shadows, they are pigmented, smooth, blendable and really easy to use with minimal fall out from most shades. Basically I have No complaints. Now quickly I want to dive into the Ingredients, These shadows have a main ingredient of TALC and MICA. A lot of people do not like their products to contain TALC or MICA as its a cheap mineral filler. This is why these shadows are cheaper to purchase, I believe that they are made in China but they are Cruelty Free. Makeup Geek does not use Talc.

As I mentioned in my last Morphe Palette review that even tough these palettes look like a random cheap palette that you would find at target, don’t be discouraged. The fact is that you get 35 amazing shadows for such a small price because if it came with fancy packaging you would probably be paying up to $30-$40 more for it. These are also “PRO Palettes” so they are meant to be flat and easy to take with you if you’re a Makeup artist. A lot of people don’t like that there isn’t a mirror but I honestly am not bothered, The packaging is nothing special but whats inside it is Amazing. Ok now none of the colours have names so bear with me while I try my best to explain each shade!

ROW 1 – Left to Right 1 – Matte Beige (not as pigmented as other shades, 2 – Matte light peach, 3 – Very similar to shade 2 just a shade darker a matte light pastel orange toned peach, 4 – satin light pink toned peach, 5 – Satin brown toned peach, 6 – Matte light warm toned brown, 7 – Shimmery light gold toned beige

As you can see a lot of these shades seem very similar but they are quite different

ROW 2 – Left to Right – 1 – Taupe brown with a golden shimmer, 2 – Light Shimmery Yellow gold, 3 – Matte taupe Brown, 4 – Matte pumpkin Orange, 5 – Barbie pink with a subtle gold shimmer, 6- Matte medium warm brown, 7 – Foiled Metallic Copper Orange

Shade No. 7 is comparable to Makeup geek foiled shadow formula, so so smooth like it almost feels like a cream!!

ROW 3 – Left to Right – 1 – Satin Coral with a slight shimmer, 2 – Matte pastel Orange, 3 – Coral Pink with a gold shimmer (similar to nars orgasm blush), 4 – Matte warm toned medium purple, 5 – Rose Brown with a gold shimmer, 6 – Foiled Metallic Brown, 7 – Icey silvery blue (totally random for this palette but gorgeous)

I love Shade 7! it’s so chocolatey!!

ROW 4 – Left to Right – 1 – Matte warm bronze colour brown, 2 – Metallic shimmery golden brown, 3 – Metallic ChocolateBrown, 4 – Metallic Foiled Chocolate copper brown, 5 – Matte medium brown with small flecks of gold glitter, 6 – Dark plum purple, 7 – Dark bright pink based purple

My absolute favourite row out of the whole palette!

ROW 5 – Left to Right – 1 – Dark Foiled Metallic golden brown, 2 – Matte Dark Cocoa, 3 – Matte Plum toned brown, 4 – Dark brown toned charcoal, 5 – dark matte black purple, matte charcoal with silver glitter, 7- Matte Black

I love shade No. 1 is so dame creamy and opaque!!!

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So there you have it! the MORPHE 35W palette! Next I planned to review the 35P Paleete

Which is the palette to the right, but today I had the 35O palette and the new 12S palette arrive so let me know what you would like next!

I hope this was helpful, I Really love this palette and the palettes are great!!!

thankyou for reading!

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