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Helllewww! you might have seen on my  I finally bought into the craze. If you watch youtube for follow any beauty bloggers you’ve definitely heard about Morphe brushes. This company is known for their brushes and their eyeshadows. I first heard about them from Jaclyn Hill. I just take so long to buy into a new makeup crazes because I’m so sceptical. I get scared a lot of the reviews we see or read are not genuine. I think Jaclyn hill is really honest but I just wasn’t sold on the eye shadow palettes. Even when the Jaclyn Hill collab palette came out I just was not at all interested. And then I thought dammit ive got to give it a go! Now I’m no eyeshadow expert but this palette seems to have eyeshadows with 5 different finishes there is shimmer, satin (not mate and not shimmery but have a slight sheen), matte, foiled (completely amazing opaque pigmented metallic foil looking shades) and there is 2 or 3 that have a little glitter. This palette is mainly warm neutral shades with the bottom row being all cool tones (greys, charcoal colours, silvers and blue based greys).

PACKAGING I have to admit I’m a total sucker for pretty packaging. The packaging of these eyeshadow palettes is pretty basic. It’s that cheap looking black packaging that you’d probably see on a random cheap target palette or in a makeup set you got from an aunty. It has not mirror and just doesn’t look like it would have anything special inside of it, BUT IT CERTAINLY DOES. I will have a full review at the end but these are Insanely gorgeous shadows, I like these better than my Lorac Pro Palette or any of my Urban Decay Palettes.

 PRICE These are $22.99 USD and have 35 eyeshadows. that works out to be around .65c PER EYESHADOW!!!! that’s insane! basically if spent money on pretty gorgeous packaging then they would have to charge us more. so we would probably be looking at another $40-$60 palette. When you look at it that way I actually now love the packaging haha. Id rather get 35 shadows for $22.99 with out some glamorous packaging. The fact is these are really great quality eyeshadows, so don’t be as sceptical as me and let the basic packaging put you off!



This row is really pretty. (bear with my while I try to explain each shade) From left to right 1 – a smooth shimmery white, 2 – light peach nude satin sheen, 3- frosty shimmery off white, 4- light Matte cashmere taupe sort of shade, 5 – metallic foiled sort of champagne highlight shade, 6 – light dusty rose matte mauve (my favourite) and 7 – a matte chocolate brown with a slight red undertone

These swatches are in order and are taken in complete natural light, as you can see the 4th shade doesn’t show up really dark but on the eyes it’s a gorgoues transition colour for your crease or before the 6th shade

Here is those same swatches in direct sunlight, you can see the shadows are smooth and not at all chalky or patchy, and you can really see how gorgeous those metallic and shimmery shades are!!!


This is another great row full of warm shades.  1 – Metallic copper, 2 – mate caramel brown, 3 – matte chocolate brown, 4- metallic foiled coppery brown, 5- matte red based brown, 6 – metallic redish copper brown, 7- dark matte caramel drown

This picture is taken in natural lighting

The same swatches in direct sunlight, I mean look at that first shade you can just see how gorgeous and creamy that is it’s so soft and buttery it almost feels like a cream!!!!


This row is warm colours and neutrals. 1- Foiled metallic smooth gold, 2- metallic foiled bronze, 3- Matte Chocolate brown, 4- matte cocoa taupe brown, 5 – dark matte grey based chocolate brown, 6 – really dark matte grey based brown, 7 – Dark metallic foiled chrome bronze

these swatches are in day light

These are in direct sunlight I’m mean look at those first two colours like DAAAAAYYUMMM haha sooo nice!!!


This row is where the cool tones started to come in, I know I’m not going to use this row as much but still gorgeous colours 1 – metallic ice blue (think frozen), 2- metallic pastel periwinkle blue, 3 – matte taupe brown, 4 – metallic taupe bronze, 5- metallic foiled copper bronze, 6 – matte dark grey and 7 – dark matte brown with a grey/purple undertone

this picture gain is in natural lighting

And again this picture is in direct sunlight


This row is all cool toned, these are colours Id never go for but I may just have to push my self to try them 1 – satin light icey blue, 2 – matte denim blue, 3 – Metallic denim blue, 4 – dark matte denim blue , 5 – dark denim blue with small flecks of silver glitter, 6 – dark soft metallic midnight blue and 7 – Smooth matte jet black

Sorry I have skipped a colour in my swatch so I will redo this picture!! I was running out of time and must have just forgot, I also forgot to take one in the sunlight so ill add that in to!!

SO there you have it! my opinion is that YES DO IT totally buy a Morphe Palette!!! the shadows are better than my high-end palettes they are so so soft and cream and buttery and pigmented and blendable hha, I mean every typical word that a blogger would ever use to describe the best eyeshadows this is them!!! they are awesome!!! I really want the 35O palette but of course it’s always sold out, you can buy these straight from the MORPHE website  they are currently sold out unfortunately but will be back soon! or I just ordered the 35W and the 35P from an online store in Australia !

Do you have any MORPHE palettes? are you wanting to try them?

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Thankyou for reading xx

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