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Well hello! I’ve got another  palette review for you! Again before we start I am not affiliated with Morphe Brushes I have just jumped on the bandwagon and want to let you know whether you should to! Today I am reviewing the NEW 12S – Soul Of Summer 12 Color Palette.

This New palette has 12 Metallic foiled shadows. The palette is for $14.99 USD so that’s $21.63 AUD making it around $1.80 AUD per shadow! great value! There is not one matte shadow at all. If you have ever tried any of MORPHE 35 color palettes and really appreciate the beautiful opaque metallic foiled shades, you will love this palette because it’s basically a palette full of those shadows. Because there are no mattes in this palette I wouldn’t say its “all you need” or that you can do an entire look with it just because the shades are so insanely pigmented and metallic. This is a palette you would use as a go to for when you want something that just really pops. I think it’s a great little palette to add to your collection. The lighter shades give the most intense inner corner highlight. the other shades are gorgeous for packing onto the lid. These are so so dam creamy and smooth that if you pick them up with a detailer brush or even a liner brush they literally glide on like a crew would. These are so easy to apply under the lash line too. all of these shades blend out beautifully so you can sheer them out for a subtle shimmer or pack them on for a full opaque metallic look. I am so glad that I bought this.

Left to Right – 1 – Metallic Foiled coral based light gold, 2- Metallic Foiled Gold, 3- Metallic Foiled light Rose gold with a slight silver shimmer, 4 – Metallic Foiled Brown based rose gold

These swatches were taken inside with no direct light. As you can see they look pretty similar but once one the eye they do have a little difference

This is the same colours in Direct sunlight, you can see how pigmented and metallic they are, this is with just one swipe

Left to Right – 1 – Metallic Foiled Bright Copper, 2 – Metallic Foiled Medium warm brown with a gold shimmer, 3 – Metallic Foiled Bronze brown, 4- Metallic Foiled Duo Chrome Gun Metal Grey with light pink shimmer and purple undertone

These swatches were taken inside, as you can see the middle browns are very similar, the first one has a warmer more orange undertone and the second has a golden undertone. The last colour is really unique I own NOTHING like it. At first glimpse its a gun-metal grey but one swatches or on the eye its  a really multi dementional shade. It’s a dark silver-grey with a light blue and baby pink duo chrome shimmer and there seems to be some sort or dark pink purple base to the colour its gorgeous!

These swatches are taken in the sun. You can see the gorgeous grey colour in the end is very unique and also very random in this palette but I really love it. Again two of these shades are very similar.

Left to Right – 1 – Metallic Foiled Bright Rose Gold with a silver shimmer, 2- Metallic Foiled Bright coral with a gold duo chrome shimmer, 3 – Metallic Foiled burnt copper orange, 4 – Foiled Plum Brow with a silver shimmer

This picture is taken inside. The same as the other colours these are insanely pigmented. The second colour is a very similar shade to Nars Orgasm blush it’s just more coral and obviously more pigmented. The last colour seems to be a different formula, its a little harder to blend  and a little less pigmented. Its Sort of a Matte shimmer if that makes sense.

The are taken in direct sunlight, the colours really come to life in direct light, the second colour is my favourite!


This palette has alot of similar shades, they are all warm toned so perfect for summer and Autumn (i never stick to seasons with my makeup looks though). The shades are all great quality and I think for the price its such great value! If you want a palette with some matte shades though I suggest you go for the  It has matte and shimmer shades and is said to be a Mini Version of the most popular 35O palette. I think these little palettes are a great way to try morphe if you aren’t sure whether you want the large palette or not.

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