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Well Helloooo!  recently released a new “Nood” collection. The collection included 4 “Nude” Lipstick shades Sext, Nood, Laced and CatSuit. The whole set goes for $69 USD or individually $19 USD. I chose to try Nood and Laced. I wish I had of got Laced and Catsuit I have no idea why I changed my mind.Now there isn’t a lot of information on the website about these lipsticks and their formula except  that they are Ultra Matte and Vegan.

These are really quite opaque. The formula is very different from other matte lipsticks I’ve tired. It’s very matte but not at all drying for me. These slide on easily but seemed to stay on the lips quite well. They feel really nice sort of velvety but are definitely matte.

I don’t like this colour for me, I think the model in the picture is quite light skinned and I’m guessing that’s why it looked so much darker on her, I am not dark but I’m a medium skin tone. I thought this colour was going to be different. In the swatch on the website it’s definitely a nude lipstick but it looks to have like a mauve sort of beige tone. On me this is full on pale peach based nude which is not how it looked to me in the picture on the website I will never wear this alone its just to light for my taste. It will be beautiful to mix over other colours or I you love a light peach based nude lip. I do like this formula, It’s really nice and opaque but not thick at all.

Laced is a really nice colour, it’s that grungy greige shade everyone loves at the moment. This is very similar to Anastasia Beverly hills Sepia but its lighter. It’s a greige with more brown in it, which make it more wearable. I really love this colour.

I just wanted to show the comparison between Anastasia Beverly Hills “Pure Hollywood” and Melt Cosmetics “Nood” Pure Hollywood has a touch more beige and is a few shades darker, for my skin tone Pure Hollywood is definitely the more flattering nude. Then I have Melt Cosmetics “Laced” Above Anastasia Beverly Hills Sepia. As you can see Sepia is a few shades darker and deeper in colour.

If you like Matte Lipsticks but don’t like liquid lipsticks then give these a go, they are really matte but not at all drying at the same time they have no slip but are so comfortable to wear. These are the first Melt Cosmetics products I’ve tried I am sooo curious to try their Eye Shadows!

Have you tried Melt cosmetics?


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