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Hey guys!

Sorry for the long absence guys its been over a month! My longest break ever! A few weeks ago was the one year anniversary of my mums death. It’s just a hard time of year, well every day has been hard but the last few weeks I have just lost motivation. Another thing that’s drained my motivation lately is the pressures of perfection with social media. I have to remember why I started though and that was to be the go to person for an honest, no bullshit review. No amount of money, affiliations or gifts in the mail will NEVER sway my reviews, there is only a small handful of bloggers I trust as I see SO MANY others mislead their readers continuously. It really gets to me and I had to step back and have a break. I could go on forever but I am back and I am here with a skin care review. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on professional grade skincare brand Medik8. I have included a shop this post bar for Australia and America if you wish to purchase any of these!

I was gifted quite a big range of Medik8 skincare to try out. I first saw Medik8 in my Mums wardrobe after she had been seeing a skincare specialist. I never knew about the brand but I did know my mum ONLY ever used the best skin care. A few months later I received an email from the brand to see if I would like to try some things and I jumped at the chance. The first thing I ever tried was the Retinol 10TR which made my skin insanely soft but also made my skin a little itchy, now at the time all I knew was Retinol was amazing for your skin but I didn’t know you needed to take it slow when introducing retinol to your skin. So when I was sent the next batch of goodies I switched to using the Retinol 3TR which is the same goodness but not as strong. And OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I can not go on with skincare without incorporating RETINOL 3TR. I wish i had a before and after shot but I don’t. I have been using retinol 3TR for maybe 3 months now and my skin is BABY SMOOTH. If you are 25+ and you are looking to slow the aging process you need this, you need it now.

Above is a pic of my bare skin I am 29, I have 5 little kids, I have had some extremely stressful and traumatic times in my life (which we know contributes to aging) I NEVER wear sunglasses and I have not one single wrinkle. I do have little redness and some uneven texture (tiny bumps and stuff but over all I have pretty good skin for my age and situation.

Before I started with this product I had started to notice my skin changing and I was starting to freak out, I felt like I was totally loosing my youth. When I was 24 my 3rd child nearly died at 10 months old, I spend months next to his bed and then a year of him having fortnightly surgeries. When your child is sick you just don’t leave them, my skin care routine was NON existent. I barely showered for the two weeks he was in ICU. When I finally returned to my home town from the ronald mcdonald house my mum treated me to a facial and the lady scolded me about my lack of skin care and told me the damage was irreversible. 4 years later now using Retinol 3TR my skin is BETTER than before my little one got sick. You need to try it. It has completely changed my skin and how I feel about my skin. It sounds like a miracle cure and it kind of is. This is the Hero product in my opinion and if you needed anything its this.



This is the cleanser. It’s a beautiful cleanser its gentle and does the job, its foams up just enough but not to much.  This will last SO LONG. You only need half a pea sized amount to properly cleanse your entire face. This cleanser is best for combination and oily skin. It contains AHA and BHA acids which we know are awesome for anti ageing. It also contains salicylic Acid which is great for treating acne and exfoliating! I really enjoy using this and can definitely feel more results using this than just a standard cleanser.

My next MUST HAVE is this Hydra8 B5. I use this in the morning after toning and before moisturizer. This is a really light weight gel feeling serum, the smallest bit goes a really long way so this has lasted me ages. This serum contains all the ingredients you need to lock moisture into your skin including Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin B5. This basically is the best base to put down before moisturiser as hydrated skin is plump skin so you can imagine how smooth makeup goes on after this.

This day Cream is AMAZING. This is not a must have for me though ONLY because once the Hydra8 B5 serum is down a good moisturiser is needed but you don’t need to splurge on this one. IF you want to or CAN splurge then this is an AWESOME cream and this is the day cream you would splurge on, It its thick and rich yet completely oil free and melts into your skin instantly. I REALLY enjoy using this it has all the amazing skincare benefits of Vitamin C & E. I lather this on and it just absorbs so quickly.

Now for another fav this is my ONE and ONLY night eye cream!! Its beautiful! You don’t ever want to use this in the day but at night its awesome for slowing that ageing process .It also contains retinol. We all know hydration is the key! This is the second tub ive gone through. it’s so thick and creamy, I just love it!

Another favourite is this toner. Its soo gentle but after a week or two you can definitely feel the difference in your skin! this toner is Alcohol free which is so important. Its is really good at soothing skin and contains witch hazel which is a great replacement for alcohol.

This moisturiser is THE ONE for you oily skin girls. It is a mattifying moisturiser and it is amazing! I am combination skin so I only use this rarely but when my skin is oily this is the one I go to!!! Did I mention that it has probiotics in it? Among other awesome skin ingredients!

Aaaah I love this oil!!!! It has vitamin C which we know is a power antioxidant that skin just loves and this is a blend of 12 essential omega 3 and omega 6 oils. This oil is 98.5% natural which we also know is good. I love the thickness and the luxurious feel of this oil but I have to say I do have other oils that feel just as good for much cheaper, as I have said though I am not a professional and although the cheaper oils feel just as good they may not be in the long run.

My last Medik8 product to share is the pore refining scrub. It is an awesome scrub, some scrubs don’t have enough exfoliating beads and some have too many, this scrub has just the right amount. It’s not to scratchy but it’s just right

Overall guys if you are looking to spend money investing in your skin and getting top professional grade skincare that is paraben free you need to look no further than Medik8. They have everything you need. This brand has changed my skin so much. If you dont have the budget to revamp your whole skin care regime but want to buy a few things that will give you noticeable change my Must haves are the Retinol 3TR, Hydra8 B5 and the HYDR8 Night Eye cream. I want to hear if you try this brand and what you think. These products are available on and they have afterpay (if that helps you buy the skin care you want)

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*the items in this post were sent to me for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. this post also contains affiliate links

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