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Heeeyyyyy friends! I have decided to put together my 6 top things to buy from ! I always get asked “what should i buy with my birthday voucher for Mecca” or “I feel like doing some online shopping whats your favourite things from Mecca” well I have them for you! Some are newer favourites and some have been favourites for a long time. If you are interest keep reading! Plus I would love to know what your must haves are!!

I love this foundation I have been using this foundation for around 4 years. Its my Ride of die. This foundation is just good. It doesn’t sink into fine lines and pores it lasts well it doesn’t oxidize its got medium to full coverage and A satin matte finish. I’m obsessed. If you would like a full review let me know, but do your self a favour and get a sample.

I got these lipsticks gifted from Mecca so lucky. I love that there are so many different shades and formulas. I also love the price, these are a really nice lipstick and they are just $28 which is actually awesome because a MAC lipstick is $36. 1993 is my fav it is a comfort matte and the formula is just that. The shade “1993” though is BEAUTIFUL. I love it its a medium neutral brown that does throw a little more warm than cool. there are 100 shades you need to go into store and check them out or read my post HERE to check out 20 of the shades!


I have quite a few NARS blushes. I love the shades and i love the pigmentation. They are smooth and pigmented but not to pigmented that you have to be super careful to apply lightly.

My absolutle favourite is the shade “Orgasm” its a pinky coral with a gold sheen, at the moment Mecca has a Jumbo limited edition Orgasm Blush and I need it haha. I also love Amour, Sin and Gaiety also pictured here.

I have been using this concealer for around 18 months and It’s really Good. It’s The best concealer I have it never creases its sort of a thin consistency but its full coverage and sort of forms a veil under your eye and never creases. I love the applicator on it also its flat so it just gets into the places you need it to.

I like urban decay shadows they are nice but they don’t wow me. This palette though is like it was made for me. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know I love Mauve and Rose Gold shadows this palette is FULL of them. The shadows blend easily and i don’t experience any fall out.  Now this is probably totally random recommendation because I am about to say I like this palette but I don’t love it and if you want to spend this sorta money on a palette then I have much better recommendations BUT this is in here if you are wanting to try one of the urban decay Naked Palettes.

This palette has a mix of mediocre kinda crappy shadows and some awesome ones. I love this palette because  I am obsessed with mauve eyeshadow. This palette is a mauve eyeshadow lovers dream. The thing that annoys me is that the most prefect mauve shade “LIMIT” really has to be packed on to achieve a good colour payoff.

It’s still smooth and easy to blend though. I did find that the shimmery shades are inconsistent to some are a little chunky and some are a little smoother. The thing that’s random about this palette is that they have nailed the darker shades, they are really pigmented and nice. So I dunno hahaha this is fully strange because I don’t love this palette though I am glad I have it.


This is another newish purchase. I just love the colour it just looks so nice it’s not to orange and   red but still not to cool toned its more of a warmer neutral LOVE IT! Plus its quite pigmented! Its now my fav bronzer!

DONT FORGET go to and watch my video using all of these products!

So there you have it! If you want full reviews on any of these or if you maybe want a dupe list (if i cant find one) then please let me know! I’m kind of Obsessed with Mecca lately!!!

Thankyou for reading and please give me any post suggestions in the comments!


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