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Hi guys! I have recently joined the Mophe Me Live Glam subscription service. I have heard mixed reviews about morphe brushes and I had only tried a like 3 brushes so  Thought this was a great way to try more for a more affordable way! If you follow me on you will know that my initial impression was that I wasn’t to happy with these. This review is of the March brushes. March has gone but if you are interested in Buying any of these brushes separately then stay tuned for the review. These 3 brushes are 3 of Jaclyn Hills favourite Morphe Brushes so I had really high hopes for them as she goes on and on about them. SO for a review of the subscription and the Brushes keep reading!

This subscription service is $19.99 per month. Or $239.99 with a free Morphe 35O palette. If you are in the US or Canada you get free Shipping. International subscribers pay a flat rate of $9 per month working out to be $28.99 USD which is $37.67 AUD per month. Each month you are promised to get at least $30 worth of brushes which is $39.02 so either way you are winning. Now you do not get to choose your own brushes, each month there is a new set of brushes sent to you. Im cool with this because it means you get to try brushes that you maybe wouldn’t have selected for your self. So far I am liking the service. It automatically renews every month and you can cancel at any time. If you want to try Morphe brushes this is a really good way.

The March Morphe Me Brushes that were sent are 3 of Jaclyn Hills Favourite brushes. Below I will give you my impression and review of each brush. I will say that Jaclyn hill really loves the brushes but I am slightly disappointed. A lot of people say these brushes are just like high end brushes yet cheaper. I feel like these brushes are definitely cheaper quality and definitely not as soft as my higher end brushes. Thats ok with me because they are a cheaper brush I just don’t like that they are being spoken about like they are Just the same as highness brushes just cheaper.

This brush is a very raved about brush. It’s often compared and called a dupe for the MAC 135 Brush. I haven’t used the MAC 135 brush so I can’t weigh in on that. This brush is Goat hair and the perfect shape for powder. I Prefer it for bronzer as the barrel is pinched making the brush sort of flat so it can sort of apply your bronzer as little more precise. Now I don’t think this brush is very soft. It’s not to scratchy I just expected it to be a little softer. If you use a lighter hand it’s quite nice to use. I wouldn’t re purchase this but now that I have it I will continue to use it, I quite like the way it applies powder I just wish it were softer.

This brush is Jaclyn hills most favourite brush for highlighting. I was really excited about this brush. I hate it. I really do not like this. It’s the worst brush I have ever tried for highlighting. If you use the brush sort of side ways its quite rough. This brush isn’t soft at all. I have way better brushes from Ebay that are softer and do a much better job highlighting, If you use this brush with the point of it directly onto your face, again its quite scratchy and just not a pleasure to use. You know when you use a nice fan brush or a soft small angled brush for your contour and it’s just feels so soft, this is NOT that brush. I will wash this again and keep trying it but I can’t see how it would get any better, I have given it a really great go.

This brush again has been raved about. Its been compared to the  I have heard that it’s exactly the same just cheaper” and I could not disagree more. I have used the sigma F25 for years. I love it for highlighter, I love it especially for setting under the eyes with, It’s a great brush and it’s really soft. This brush YES is similar shape but in no way the same quality. I could be wrong but that’s how I feel. I will definitely use this brush when my favourite brushes are dirty, its nice for setting under the eyes with but again use it on the side and with a very light hand or it can feel quite harsh on the skin.

Honestly I know this is quite a negative review, I am just disappointed because of how much these were hyped up. I have just recevied the and I will jump into reviewing those for you. The good thing about the service is that you can try different brushes for a pretty nice price. The April subscription was 5 eye brushes. So that’s a really nice price. For Australians I think you are better off Jumping on . If you just really want to try Morphe Brushes then definitely give this subscription a try. And don’t get me wrong its always nice to have a cheaper option! While I’m here, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE The Morphe Brushes Gun Metal Range, now those are some soft brushes!!!

Thank you Again for reading, remember these are my opinions, your may differ we all prefer different things.

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