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Buy it or Leave it? Find out! 

WELLL HIIII! If you saw on my I just got my new palette in the mail! I just had to get this review up ASAP! if you are a Manny Mua fan then you’ve been waiting for this for a while then you will be so excited about this NEW PALETTE. I do really like Manny but I wouldn’t say I am a devoted fan or anything like that. I find him extremely funny to watch and I like how he is unapologetically himself. I was excited to get this palette for a few reasons. It’s a gorgeous selection or shades, I am a huge makeup geek fan and I love when a blogger gets such amazing opportunities. I mean Manny is a boy who wears makeup so I think it’s a really great sign of the times that he can be truly loved and supported for completely being himself. This palettes shade names and packaging is largely influenced by Manny’s Love of Sailor Moon.

I think its awesome. If you want to see swatches and hear my thoughts on the shades then keep reading

(FIRST this palette is currently out of stock but definitely sign up your name on the website to be notified as soon as it available!!)

This palette contains 9 shades. There are 5 mattes, 2 shimmers and 2 foiled shadows. The Palette goes for $45 USD shipping international was just $9.99 so for me in Australia it was $66.57. Thats actually a pretty good price. I did have someone tell me that the paid $91 on Beauty Bay for it and I find that the be so mean that they had the price that high. One thing for sure is the palette won’t be a disappointment.

OK So I have a complaint. The packaging is just so gorgeous I love the Box and I love the Actual palette they are both just gorgeous. Now the complaint is that The cute MannyMUA  cover is on the box. Overtime you reach for the palette you aren’t going to see the box you will only see the Makeup Geek cover (which is so pretty) but I really wish it had of been the opposite, Manny’s cool cover on the actual palette and the pretty makeup geek one on the box. Ya know? Because yes its limited edition so most people will keep the box but I will probably be tucked away. this is the smallest complaint ever.

This is the back of the box, so cute. I mean look at Manny!! why is he prettier than me?? haha.

Now for the gorgeous palette its self. I mean its MY perfect selection of shades. If I could create a palette I am not sure I would do much different except for Swap one of the third row for a Mauve or dusty rose shade. It’s just beautiful. I think Manny has done an Amazing job. There is everything you need in here. You can do so many different looks with just 9 shades. Plus I think every shade can serve its purpose for all skin tones. Such a beautiful palette.

The quality of the shadows, I mean COME ON its MAKEUP GEEK they are beautiful!! They are just so soft and blendable. Makeup Geek makes beautiful shadows. Manny had 5 shadows custom-made, 3 were already Shades that you can buy form Makeup Geek and One “insomnia” was a Pigment that Manny wanted pressed (best idea he ever had BTW). The Pigmentation is great and the Bleandability is awesome in every shade.


Left to Right – Artemis (NEW), Beaches & Cream, Luna (NEW)

“Muted Champagne Yellow with a shimmery finish” This shade to me is the most pale yellow gold. It’s so so pretty. It’s really pigmented. I love it because you can pack it on or sheer it out completely. this is so buttery that all you need is a small definer brush and this glides onto the inner corner with ease. Some inner corner highlights  get fall out into your eyes or you really have to build them up. You don’t with this shade. It’s so nice.

“Soft Peachy Beige with a Matte Finish” This is one of the Existing Makeup geek shades. This shade is everyone’s favourite transition shade. I think this shade is really boring but its nice to have. I can put this all over my life or it nice to lay down as a transition shade as it make other shades blend even nicer.

“Medium Rose Gold with a Foiled Finish” My swatch is crap for this shade it doesn’t do it any justice. Luna looks like a light copper brown in the pan but when swatched it’s a true rose gold foil shade. Just pure pigment. This colour just goes on effortlessly with a brush. and you can wet your brush to get and even more intense metallic finish but it’s not necessary. As I’ve said before cheaper shadows such as Morphe shadows that are fold swatch nicely but are really hard to get that colour payoff onto the lid.these shadows just go on with so much ease.

Left to right – Cosmopolitan, Sora (NEW), Frappe

“Gold flecked medium rose with a shimmery finish” This is another the existing Makeup Geek Shades. Its really pretty so of the same concept as Nars blush “Orgasm but a lot more peachy toned. Really pretty and really great choice for this Palette.

“Medium Earthy terracotta With a Matte Finish” This is a really warm transition shade. For some reason it’s not very flattering on me. I think this would be the shade I would swap out for a Mauve. It’s a gorgeous shade there are going to be so many people who love it.

“Medium Maple Brown with a Matte Finish” Now this is my sort of transition shade for the crease. I love this shade. I love this for under the lash line too. Really Nice shade. Great Choice for this palette.

Left to Right – Insomnia (NEW as a shadow), Mars (NEW), Aphrodite (NEW)

“Warm Red Brown with Blue reflects and a foiled finish” THIS COLOUR. THIS COLOUR. THIS COLOUR. Oh man it literally takes my breath away it’s so PRETTY. if you like MAC Blue Brown pigment then you will love this. This was an Existing Makeup Geek Pigment and its been pressed into the Best eyeshadow that ever existed. This is so easy to apply. with this I will never need to go to my mac pigment. ever again. This is just beautiful. Makeup geek and Manny have done so well with this.

Here I wanted to show you what Insomnia looked Like next to MAC Blue Brown Pigment and Makeup Geeks “Havoc” Duo Chrome shadow. As you can see Havoc is quite different and less pigmented (though still pigmented in its own right). Insomnia sort of has a more Blue Teal reflect next to BLUE BROWN. Blue Brown seems to have a much more blue reflect. Only the lid they look identical. Either way I am going with Insomnia!!

“Deep Cherry Red with a Mate Finish” I have a lot to say about this shade. I have Literally been searching YEARS for this shade. YEARS. I love this shade. Its everything I have every wanted. BUT this is so so pigmented, It’s scarily pigmented. I am Actually scared of this shade. When you swatch it with your finger it kinda feels gritty like a really cheap eyeshadow. But it has the quality of a high-end shadow. I am no makeup scientist but as far as I am aware colours of this shade or any with this much red are apparently harder to make. This is just so pigmented. It will literally stain your lids pigmented. I put my brush into this the first time ever so gently and then tapped the excess away and when it swiped that brush through my crease its was complete pigment. I was shocked. It blended out so effortlessly but it’s as if this shade is pure pigment it just kept going and going. I am on the fence about this shade. It’s the perfect colour but I just haven’t learnt how to use it. I Used it again by SO LGIHTLY tapping my brush in and then on the same brush picking up the smallest amount of SORA and still the pigment is strong. I have a picture that I will add below where I did this. Either way its gorgeous!!!

“Deep Plum Brown with a matte finish” this is exactly what the name suggests. I love this colour. I use this with a detailer  Brush as eyeliner. Or you can use it for a gorgeous smokey eye. basically what ever. I don’t think I own anything like this in my collection, so again another great addition to this palette.

Here I did a really toned down easy look. I have Mars and Sora in my Crease, Artemis on my inner corner and brow bone, Luna on my lid and Frappe on the bottom lash line. I also have Makeup Geek Cool Medium  for my contour. So Good (I have a review of the NEW contour powders HERE)


So basically I love this palette. The only things I could Pick about it were very small and quick insignificant. The palette is a great addition to your collection and its something you could probably use everyday. I think the Price Point is good. ITs $45, if you were to buy the shadows separately It would be more money plus you wouldn’t get the cute palette so it’s a great deal. Again definitely sign up with your email also you can be notified when its back i stock as it is limited edition!

Thankyou for reading!!!

I hope this helps you on whether to purchase it or not. I think if you have the money and you like the look of the shades that you should try to get your hands on it!


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*All thoughts are my own and are written with complete honesty. this post does contain affiliate links

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