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HI!!!! This post is all about . If you follow me on  then I’ve been promising this review for quite a while. If you are going out New Years Eve you NEED to use these shadows!!

Makeup geek is a company created by Marlena who is known as Makeup Geek on youtube. If you follow beauty bloggers of you tubers you’ve definitely heard of this brand. EVERY one raves about it. I have never heard a negative review. I wanted to let my readers know what I thought of the products. SO if you want to see if they are worth the hype, what my favourite shades are and see some swatches keep reading!

PRICE: Price is a very important factor so I’ve put this category first.

$9.99 USD Which at the moment is $14.05 AUD each, this is for 1 little individual shadow that comes in the pan with no packaging. this is for the foiled shadows, the normal shadows are $6. Now this may seem like a lot of money especially because they are known as an affordable brand. the quality of these shadows is above and beyond another. A simple MAC shadow in the pan with no packaging is $26 AUD and the quality of these and the foiled formula is way better than mac. So yes is pricey, my recommendations for anyone ESPECIALLY if you’re not in america is to save some money, choose a few goodies that you like and order all at once. I think the Shipping was around $13 USD. You really don’t need every shade so if you pick a couple and some other things it works out quite well.

QUALITY: I can’t explain well enough the amazing high-end quality of makeup geek products. these foiled shadows almost feel wet when you touch them. if you even softly touch your finger on the product and then swipe your finger across your hand the colour payoff and pigmentation is really outstanding. On  these are described as “Intense pigmentation & an opaque, foiled finish in just one swipe” this really is the perfect description. these are so metallic and pigmented that they literally look like foil on your skin. I love them because you can build the shadow up for intense foiled effect or sheer it out for a really nice shimmer or sheen. There are 20 different colours, all beautiful. Each pan is 1.8g of product compared to a MAC eyeshadow which only has !.5g of product.


Whimsical (a light silvery pink) 
In the Spotlight (Soft Pink with Coral undertones) 
Starry Eyed (Light Champagne beige with a soft pink undertone) 
Magic Act (Light gold with yellow undertones) 
Flame Thrower (True brightened warm copper) 

Arrrrrg I can barely deal with how gorgeous these are!! My absolute favourite is “In the spotlight” and “Magic Act” so versatile!!! if I was actually going out this NYE I would be wearing Magic Act!


Mesmerized (Deep Medium taupe with strong purple undertones) 
High Wire (Medium Silver with subtle blue undertones) 
Charmed (Muted Silvery Olive with taupe undertones) 
Pegasus (Light Bright Aqua) 
Showtime (Rusty Brown with warm undertones) 

From this lot I LOVE “Pegasus” I really don’t know how I would wear it, I’m thinking under the bottom lash line, with a detailer brush these glide on really well if you want to use them a little more precisely!


I love  you can’t go wrong with their shadows. My biggest recommendation is to BUY a , if you aren’t sure what a Z Palette is, basically its an empty magnetised palette. that way you can customise your own palette and have somewhere safe to put your shadows. The very first Makeup Geek order I did years ago I never got a z palette, because I didn’t have one I barely reached for my shadows because they were to annoying to get in and out of their boxes and when I left them out of the box they just got ruined and messy. You really need a z palette, they come in heaps for cool colours too. If you only want to try a few  I recommend grabbing a neutral and a bright. Definitely check out Starry Eyed, In the spotlight or Magic act and then something fun like Flame Thrower or Pegasus. Definitely grab a Z Palette and some of the original shadows.

I hope this was helpful if you were deciding whether to try these out of not. If I get enough interest I will do another blog post with my original makeup geek shadows. I really strongly recommend these. If you’re in America the price is AMAZING for the TOP quality that these are, If you’re in Australia or else where these will cost you more and then there’s shipping but I still recommend you invest in these!

Would you like swatches of the other shadows and Blushes I own from Makeup Geek?


Thankyou for reading, I hope your 2016 is Awesome and brings you everything you deserve and more! THANK YOU for your support xx

*this post is not sponsored, these products where gifted to me and this post has affiliate links. I have been a supporter of Makeup Geek and Marlena long before I became a blogger or a Makeup Geek Affiliate. All of the thoughts and opinions are mine. I NEVER post about a product that I don’t LOVE!

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