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Hello everyone!!! I had to share about my new matte mac lipsticks! If you follow me on my you would have seen my pictures of these and known how excited I was!! I also have more affordable dupes! Matte lipsticks are the shiz at the moment! I live them because they stay on way longer than a creamy lipstick! I got these the day (well the hour) they released in America. I used a shipping service, Comgateway (you can read about how to HERE)

With Matte Lipsticks, While you’re doing your skincare before your makeup be sure to apply lip balm, then just wipe of the excess before you apply your lipstick, that way your lips wont be dry. Dry lips and matte lipsticks don’t go!
When I saw mac was releasing new matte colours I was so excited! Especially for whirl and stone, those colours in the lip pencils are my favourite!
WHIRL! Whirl is described as “Dirty Rose” in colour. Whirl was firstly a lip pencil that no one really cared about until Kylie Jenner bring back the 90’s Trend. When everyone heard that whirl lip pencil was what she wore it sold out EVERYWHERE. Now Mac has matte WHIRL a permanent matte lipstick. It’s so pretty, it’s a rose brown colour. This stays on so long. This is beautiful with dark hair. But really anyone can wear it.
I have found a “DUPE” it’s nearly exactly the same! it’s a tiny bit lighter and a more creamy formula, on the lips you can barely tell the difference. its  so affordable.
As you can see in the picture Demure is very close to whirl. definitely worth a look if you don’t want to buy from america or you don’t want to wait until these release in Australia for $36 and only god knows when that will be!!
STONE! this is the one I was waiting for! this is describes as a “muted greyish taupe brown” it’s so nice! it’s definitely different, so if you don’t want to step outside your comfort zone then avoid this but it’s just so pretty!! I love this! Stone is identical to the stone lip pencil that mac already had.
I have also found and EXACT dupe for this. And when I say exact I’m not exaggerating! you no I’m a huge fan of nyx matte lipsticks well one of my favourites is the same as stone, its actually better if I’m honest. its  its like $6 on eBay (from trusted sellers) you can buy it in american using a SHIPPING SERVICE or check if your target has it for around $14 in Australia.
For some reason in the tube and on the swatch Maison looks less grey toned, but on the lips its identical. The perfect dupe!!
ANTIQUE VELVET!! Antique Velvet is a dark intense brown. This is such a beautiful colour! it’s really vampy and if you wanted to try something different for winter that wasn’t a berry colour definitely try this!
I’ve also found a great dupe for Antique Velvet! its $18 and from and Australian Company called  it’s the shade  the colours are almost identical. Lady Mystery is a creamy lipstick though. SO if you don’t like matte lipsticks but love this colour definitely check out 
In the picture you can see Antique Velvet has a tiny bit of berry to it compared to Lady Mystery!
INSTIGATOR! This colour is described to be a Deep blackened plum! it’s really dark! really cool colour! definitely for winter or autumn or basically whenever suits you!
I’ve also got a DUPE for this one! it’s the same colour just a few shades lighter, so if this is too black for you  this ones described as a deep blackened Violet! so pretty!!
As you can see  is slightly lighter and a little more violet!
I HAVE A NEW UPDATED POST HERE With new swatches and dupes! MUST READ!
I hope this was helpful if you are planning on getting any of these shades they are ALL in stock surprisingly!! Again for Advice on how to shop from American click HERE
If you want some more info on MAC lipsticks and swatches etc Just ask in the comments below!
I also have a post coming all about NYX xx
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