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Hello Lovelies!
I’ve decided to do an update on the new matte lipsticks I got from MAC! My first post HERE I had just received these! Ive had alot of questions when I share pics of these on my That post is my most popular to date! I wanted to re swatch the shades I got and tell you my thoughts on them after having them for a few months!

This shade is my favourite MAC lipstick now. It’s just the perfect colour. It has really good staying power (about 4 hours for me) and when it fades it fades out really nicely. If that makes sense? It wears of evenly until there is nothing there (u less you re-touch it) Other lipsticks can smear and go patchy and cling to dry patches, this colour does not do this.
I have honestly only worn this twice! Beauty blogger PROBLEMS! There is just not enough days in the week to wear the lipsticks I wanna wear! Still really love this colour but no real update on it. This type of colour I feel like I need to have my makeup and hair and clothes looking great. Its kind of grungy colour, so for me to feel like I still look nice and not messy while wearing a grey brown that what I feel like I gotta do! This isn’t a colour you can just throw on and head down to the shops!
This colour is more daring for me. Again I havent worn this one a lot, as you know im a mum of 5 so I don’t really go out! This is the type of colour I would want to wear out to dinner or something like that! With winged liner and lashes and barely anything else on the eyes.
I got this colour for the same reason as Antique velvet, and again I havent been out!
Now be kind, if you’ve been following me for a while you already KNOW my swatches are so fricken messy haha!
Below are dupes or similar shades I’ve found, also side by side comparisons of different shades so you can see the difference!
We have Left – Right Mac “Antique Velvet”, Colourpop “Limbo”, Coloured Raine “Truffle Raine” and L’Staj “Lady Mystery”
We Have Left – Right Mac “Stone”, Coloured Raine “Soul”, Anastasia Beverly Hills “Sepia” and Nyx “Maison”
We Have Left – Right Mac “Whirl” , Anastasia Beverly Hills “veronica”, Coloured Raine “mars” and Nude By Nature “Demure”
We Have Left – Right Mac “Instigator” , Anastasia Beverly Hills “Potion” and Colour pop “Leather
A few years ago I didn’t own any MAC lipsticks, in Australia they are $36 and I was never going to pay $36 just because it was MAC. While going through duty-free I bought my first. When I wore it I realised it was better than the random lipsticks I owned from “drug store” or “priceline” brands. And there the love for MAC grew! Every shade or formula i bought I loved and felt so comfortable in! Now I buy my MAC from America using click HERE to see how. I  really enjoy the formula and the huge colour range and these shades are no different. Whirl will be a favourite for a long time!
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Thankyou for reading!

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