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Hello! For this post I wanted to show you my favourite products and top tips for getting that “Luminous base” that every one talks about whether you have oily skin or dry skin and at any age! I have 3 different techniques to get a luminous base using all liquid products. Keep reading to see what will work best for you!


Now the first technique to get a luminous base is to use a luminous primer. I have my 3 favourite glow primers here. Now this is my LEAST favourite way to get a luminous base ESPECIALLY if you have oily skin. I do not try out a lot of primers, for me I use a primer for only 2 reasons, to hold my makeup in place and to hide pores. I will sometimes use a luminous primer over a pore primer. I think Luminous primers are really good for when you want to have low to medium cover foundation over the top, if you naturally have really nice skin and have no problem with make up staying on OR if you want a little extra sheen on your face and you wear one of these ALONE. These are my favs.

This is the one for you guys with dry skin. Its moisturising but not oily and it leaves a really subtle sheen. this is really nice alone with no makeup also. The colour of this as you can see is an opal shade so it has that sort of white, pink, purple reflect like an opal. I love it! this has 35ml which is the most product out of the three.

I love this primer, this is the BEST one to use over a pore primer because it’s a really thin consistency and i find it sets in place nicely but never clings to dry patches. if i was to use a glowing primer this would be the one, By the way I have normal-oily skin! this has 20mls and is a white pearly reflect but doesn’t leave a white cast on your face at all.

This is the most expensive of the three and has 30ml of product. This is a whipped formula so it’s a little chunkier than the other formulas. It’s supposed to fill in your forces. I think it does a great job at that but it is a more slippery sort of formula, if I’m using this as a primer i like to let it set for a few minutes before going over with foundation, I really like this on skin of all ages, it works really nicely on mature skin also. This is probably my least favourite for really oily skin.


My second way to achieve a luminous base is to do your normal primer routine and then go in with a foundation or cc cream that is already luminous. There are a lot of different products on the market but these are my favourite 3.

This foundation is a really good all rounder. it has a subtle hint of luminosity, but no noticible shimmer or glitter, just a nice sheen. For me its light-medium coverage. This thing I most like about this foundation is it DOES NOT settle into fine lines or pores and its sets on your face really nicely and is quite long wearing. I think most skin types can wear this, even oily skin. This would be a great choice for mature skin also. There is a HUGE shade range and Laura Mercier claims to be Cruelty free.

I LOVE It Cosmetics. You know that my regular CC+ cream is a favourite. I mean its makeup with amazing skin care built into it, you can’t go wrong! This is the one with the most shimmer, I actually only wear this one if I’m mixing it into something else or mixing it into the original CC+ cream. This is really great for dry skin and skin of all ages. I find that these cc Creams can be a little to slippery when my skin is oily but they are definitely worth having just to chuck on for a day outside etc.

I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION. This is such a high end formula. Its medium-full coverage and provides a really nice sheen without being shimmery. This is good for all skin types, if you are oily you will just end up with that extra “dewy” look so just powder your face half way through the day and keep going! this is a really great option for a subtle dewy look if your wanting full coverage and a decent wearing time.


Aaaah I love me a liquid highlighter. everyone should own one! they serve such a multi purpose. You can add them into your foundation, on top of your foundation or under it. These are my favourites! That is my Third way, by adding a liquid Illuminator into your foundation.

I LOVE THIS STUFF!! I have no idea why it isn’t raved about more often. It’s the most beautiful shade of bronzey gold. I love to add this to the high points of my face after or before foundation or just straight into my foundation. It’s quite thick and pigmented but really bendable. It’s not slippery at all so this is my absolute favourite for oily skin. It’s a MUST try especially if you have medium or dark skin.

This one is a beautiful product. I find it to be the same whipped sort of consistency as the backlight primer. It sheers out more than the gerard one and I find it to be slightly less pigmented. This is a really nice one to add into your foundation.

This is a really great product for the price. I just love nyx! This shade is the “Sun Beam” she which is really great for lighter skin, there is also a peach glow shade which the deeper skin tones would enjoy. This one is really pigmented and looks beautiful patted onto the cheek bones over foundation. I actually choose this one over the more expensive options quite often.

This is the most subtle of the bunch, this one smells SO GOOD it has a slight hint of raspberry. This one works well as a primer or for a really subtle sheen pack it onto the cheek bones, I really think people with mature skin would love this for how subtle it is and that it’s not packed full of shimmer.

This shade is very similar to the gerard bb. The pigment is much less though. this one sets really nicely as a primer or for again the cheek bones. It’s good for this as it’s not slippery. So if you put this down before your powder illuminator you’ll have the best glow!!


I know alot of girls with oily skin are nervous of illuminating products and anything that may make them shinier. This is my best tip for you. Use your favourite primer and foundation that usually works for your oily skin. Just add some illuminator into your foundation. That way you can still trust the foundation will work, the illuminator shouldn’t change the constancy and you can control how much sheen you add to it. Here is an example below. This is Estee Lauder Double wear foundation, a great one for oily skin. I have added half foundation and half the pigmented gerard BB illuminator. You can see the difference.

The top is the regular foundation and the bottom is mixed.

I hope this has been helpful. as you can see there are so many different options in getting that luminous base. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money, NYX is a great company with quality inexpensive products, Or spoil your self with something luxurious 😀 Try what works for you, I would definitely recommend starting with a liquid illuminator, that way you can try it before your foundation, in with your foundation or over your foundation and you can customise the glow depending on how much you add. As always, its makeup, its fun so play around until you find what works for you! I hope this guide gave you a bit better of an idea on what might work for you! xx

thanks for reading! next i will have watched and a review of the new Makeup geek Blushes!! 

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