L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation Review

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NEW! This is the new  Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation And Primer, These will be released in Australia in July for $29.95

First the Foundation, this is L’Oreal’s Claim “No more cakey complexions. Matte enters a new dimension with a liquid formula that provides perfect  skin coverage, without hiding the contours of the face. New L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation withstands everything, Including sebum, water and sweat. Your complexion remains impeccable all day long..no touchups required”

Huge claims. yep. Do I agree? yep. So I was lucky enough to be sent this foundation to try. No strings attached. I’ve been using this for about 10 days and I’ve tried all different ways to apply it. It’s recommended that a beauty sponge will give the best results. My skin is normal, no major breakouts, dry patches or oiliness. First I used my Sigma flat top Kabuki brush, it applied beautifully and i was really impressed. This is the first time I wore it I felt so good wearing it, flawless. It was also the perfect shade. It felt so soft and applied really quickly. The second time I applied it was with my beauty blender. Again it was beautiful. I can’t pick anything wrong with  this foundation yet. I think this is mum friendly or Rush friendly makeup. One day I applied with my hands like a moisturizer (basically just slapped it one and rubbed it around) and it was no fuss, blends like a dream! I would compare this to Estee Lauder Double wear foundation (my prior favourite) This is BETTER. Estee Lauder double wear gives you coverage and stays all day but can feel dry and heavy sometimes. L’oreal Infallible Matte foundation stays all day but does not feel heavy or dry. If you have oily skin you will love this. If you have dry skin I would recommend a moisturising primer before And your going to love this too. I can not keep makeup on my face. It just does not stay. I could have a full face of makeup at 8am and it all be gone by 12, NOT WITH THIS. Below is a picture of the foundation 3 hours after applying it and then 8 hours laterThe Lighting is pretty crap but I didn’t want to adjust anything I wanted it to show exactly what it looked like. In the first pic it’s basically the same as when I applied it. In the second pic you can see my blush and concealer is nearly gone but my foundation is pretty much in place. These might not look like flawless pictures but before makeup my skin is patchy, acne scaring, DARK circles and heaps of redness near my nose. This foundation looks natural, like I have nice skin and I’m not caked up with makeup. I could have built this up to a fuller coverage but I like a little of my natural skin to come through. Remember I have 5 kids so I am on the go all day. I roll around and play, lots of hugs, steam from cooking etc and this foundation stayed PUT. This is better than my high-end foundations. As far as I know it comes in 7 shades, my shade at the moment (light for winter) is 22 Radiant Beige. If you are looking for a full coverage foundation that feels soft, looks natural and stays all day THIS IS THE ONE. I most recommend applying with you fingers and then finishing with a beauty blender. I use about a pea size amount and with this foundation you can build it up easily and add more and more depending on how much coverage you want.

INFALLIBLE MATTIFYING BASE: This is one of those silicone feeling clear gel like primers. you only need the tiniest amount like 1/4 of a pea size. When I apply this is mainly put it on my nose, chin, forehead and cheeks, pretty much ignoring the edges of my face and just rub it around then pat it in. I feel like it gives a light to medium coverage of pores but nothing drastic. It does definitely mattify and goes perfectly with the foundation. You don’t definitely need to get this. It is a great primer though. I really like it. If i ran out I wouldn’t be running out straight away to get a new one, I could use another, The foundation though I will be getting a backup when it’s released as I know I’m going to use it fast!This Little combination here has been my little combo for a really flawless natural looking matte base!

If you have any more question’s go ahead and ask :)


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