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Finally the review I have been promising on the LORAC PRO 3 PALETTE. I saw this and HAD TO HAVE IT. I love neutrals especially warm neutrals and mauve shadows. I own the original Lorac Pro palette also. I using a shipping service. It you have been eyeing this off then keep reading for an honest review on whether this is good or not, because you know I will tell you!

The Lorac Pro 3 Palette is $44 USD which is $57.76 AUD. There is 16 shadows making it around $3.60 AUD per shadow. Which I am pretty happy with. The original Lorac PRO palette is famous, it really raised the bar and stood out amongst every other brand at the time it was released. The pigmentation, colour selection and blend ability are amazing. The Lorac PRO 3 Palette has followed tHe example. The formula reminds me of the formula from the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette BUT BETTER. The shadows are quite soft and there is a little kick up when you did your brush in but not as bad at the Modern Renaissance Palette. The shadows are extremely pigmentED and easy to blend. Again if you are wanting the shadows to last all day you should probably use a primer. Overall I am SO HAPPY. If you like neutral shadows you will love this, if you already have a few Neutral palettes that you love then you probably don’t need this. I am basically inlove with this palette my only issue is that because it’s that beautiful light nude shade it stains easy. I really love it though.


Please note that all swatches are done using a flat shades eyeshadow brush, so that you can see the pigmentation when applied to the eyes.

The first 4 shades in the palette are awesome and something that most of us would use most days. I am a medium skin tone and I don’t see the need to have both Blanc and Canvas. For me they look exactly the same on the lid. I use them as the first shade I put down (the blanc canvas haha). Lt. Gold and Almond Pearly are both beautiful and can double as a cheek highlight.

BLANC – Matte Cream
CANVAS – Matte Beige
LT. GOLD – Soft Yellow Shimmer
ALMOND PEARL – Champaigne Shimmer

As you can see my camera found it hard to pic up these light shades, as I said though these are not fingers swatches they are with a brush. I found that the lighter shade applied a subtle wash of colour but they aren’t pigment packed. Light Gold and Almond pearl are quite washed out here for some reason but they do have good pigmentation on the eyes. Lt. Gold delivers the most pigment and is the shade I recommend over Almond pearl.

As you can see this palette is just packed full of neutral shades. Lt. Pewter works extremely well for a rose gold look. I love Pink Nude for a transition colour and Cool taupe works the same.

This is probably my favourite 4 shades, I could do an entire look with just these 4 shades.

COOL TAUPE – Matte Taupe
MEDALION – Bronzey Gold Shimmer
PINK NUDE – Matte Pinky Beige
LT. PEWTER – Silver Pewter Shimmer

I also love this selection of shades. I haven’t worn Amethyst on my lids yet but it does look awesome! I especially love rose bronze and Terracotta.

I love clay its the type of colour that I can just put all over my lid and add some mascara and be done. Rose Bronze is the Perfect shade for a rose gold look and Terracotta is perfect for warming up any eye look.

CLAY – Matte Reddish Brown
AMETHYST –  Plum Shimmer
TERRACOTTA – Matte Orangey Brown
ROSE BRONZE – Peachy Bronze shimmer

The black in this palette is AWESOME I have been using it as eyeliner on my top lash line, it blends awesome but packs a punch in pigment. it isn’t at all dry like other blacks. As you can see in this picture the palette is really messy and this is after me trying to clean it. I love DK. Mock as a bit of sparkle for a brown smokey eye.

Remember these swatches are done with a brush and look how pigmented they are. Its crazy. Dk. Brown is awesome and just look how cool Dk. Mocha is!!

DK. BROWN – Matte dark Brown
JET BLACK – Matte jet black
DK> MOCHA – Bronze Shimmer
TRUFFLE – Dark Brown Black Shimmer


This palette is all round awesome. Lorac Cosmetics Can not go wrong with eyeshadows. they nailed their formula early and keep the good coming. I love the packaging except how easy it is to stain. If you have a few neutral palettes you definitely don’t need this. If you have the original lorac pro palette, you don’t need this either they are EXTREMELY similar. If you don’t have the original Lorac PRO palette I would say just choose one between this and that one. Some of the shades are nearly exactly or on the same shade range or look the same on the eyes. I loved this and I love the quality.

I hope this was helpful! Again for any review requests send me and email or comment on my Instagram!

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